A gelato place that serves both ice cream and vegan sorbet. Please ask as flavors change daily. Uses dairy & eggs. Take-out available. Open Mon-Sun 08:00-00:00.

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First Review by revkkah


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Mostly Veg
21 Aug 2023

No plant-based milk

On the menue theres it listed but when i asked for it they said that they dont serve milk alternatives.

Cons: Slow servers, No plant-based milk



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29 Apr 2023

Decent vegan options

I say decent, because compared with other more expensive gelattos the flavour was a bit artificial. But still good vegan ice-cream for the price.

Pros: Good price


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03 Sep 2022

Good ice-cream

Had the vegan chocolate and strawberry in a cup. Super tasty.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Close to the water


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31 Aug 2022

Fruit and chocolate sorbet

I liked the ice cream, the scoops are quite big! Unfortunately they only had vegan chocolate and vegan fruit ice cream (sorbet). Something else would also have been nice


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05 Aug 2022

Tasty & Creamy 🍦

We had two scoops of strawberry and dark chocolate which both tasted very creamy, what we really liked! I would totally recommend going there...

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-05

Pros: creamy, many good choices


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30 Jul 2022

Creamy sorbet ice cream by the sea

Normally I dislike only having sorbet options, these however were so creamy and unique. And as others have mentioned the dark Chocolate was amazing. All fruit options plus that are vegan, the watermelon was my favourite.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Great staff, Great taste

Cons: Only one non-fruit option


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20 Jul 2022


They offer a lot of vegan flavours such as watermelon, orange, blueberry, strawberry (which tasted very much like yoghurt with strawberry - very delicious). As well as chocolate which sadly wasn‘t ready at noon)


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01 Jul 2022

Best chocolate ice cream for vegans in Zadar

The dark chocolate is a must try for vegans and non vegans


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25 Jun 2022

Oh wow

Eva 😍 I dream of the dark chocolate flavour you MUST try it. Also tried raspberry the second time which was also lovely

Pros: Best dark chocolate ever , Lovely staff, Lots of fruit options

Cons: Very sweet


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11 Jun 2022

Cone not vegan

I visit the place yesterday and the waitress told me the pistachio and the cone wasn’t vegan 😢 so I had the blueberry in a cup it was nice but I wanted to try the pistachio


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10 Jun 2022

Got lucky, dark choc was available!

I read a few reviews saying only sorbet was available when other people visited. I checked it out with the server when I arrived and was in luck – there were four fruit flavour sorbets to choose from, and also dark chocolate (made with coconut milk) – and it was in stock tonight. I tried it, and it was good!

I think it really is just luck on the day you visit.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-10


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31 May 2022

I‘ll do it again

Supernice staff, the icecream was BOMB. Had blueberry dark chocolate. Texture, taste and size was amazing.

Pros: Quite a few vegan options, about 5 or 6


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11 Apr 2022

Good ice cream, but only sorbet

As vegan you can get strawberry, lemon and raspberry (where did the others get chocolate from??). We ordered all three in a Fantasia Cup (3 scoops with fruits), because it's also nice to sit there. You can get shaken ice tea, too.

Pros: Vegan sorbets, Nice location, Prices okay

Cons: No more flavours


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28 Mar 2022

Good ice cream, but only 2 sorbe options

There were only 2 vegan options, strawberry and lemon sorbe. The lemon was good, but tast like normal sorbe. The shop is nice, where one can sit inside or outside.

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-28

Pros: Tasty, Indoor and outside seating

Cons: Not many options


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16 Oct 2021

Great Vegan Options

I had Chocolate and others and all super tasty.

Pros: Tasty Vegan Options

Cons: Not all vegan


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05 Oct 2021

Very good ice creams! Nice cafe too.

Lovely cafe and ice cream shop. The staff was very nice and friendly. The place itself is nice with indoor ad outdoor seating and a sea view.

Pros: 4 vegan fruit options (sometimes chocolate too), Very nice staff, Close to the sea shore


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22 Sep 2021

Alleen fruit smaakjes

Wel heel lekker, maar was leuk geweest als er wat meer keus was!


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16 Sep 2021

Only fruit ice cream

No vegan chocolate or hazelnut that day only fruit ice cream


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29 Jul 2021

Super yummy ice cream

Super tasty ice clean. Many vegan options such as pistachio, dark chocolate, rasp, strawberry, pineapple, lemon. Everything was super tasty. My favorite is definitely pine!!

Pros: Many vegan flavor, big portions


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19 Jul 2021

For dark chocolate lovers!

This is a relatively small ice cream parkour just by the seafront but I was happy to see that there were vegan options. They had about 5 fruit sorbets available (pineapple, strawberry, lemon, raspberry and mango) and dark chocolate ice cream. I went for a scoop of raspberry sorbet and another one of the dark chocolate ice cream and they totally hit the spot! Friendly and English-speaking staff was also a plus 😊

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-19

Pros: Only one vegan option of ice cream, Affordable, Great location and friendly staff


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07 Aug 2020

Good icecream with many sorbet options.

Huge choice, very good frappe.

Pros: Many sorbets

Cons: Expensive


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01 Sep 2019

Only sorbet flavors

It was good, nothing fancy. They just had three flavors when I went, all ices rather than creamy flavors--lemon, peach, and apricot. Got the lemon and peach and they were good, but wish there was more variety.

It was a little hard to find, the pin on happy cow is off but we plugged the address in to Google and we're fine.


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25 Apr 2019

Tasty Icecream

They had three flavours when I was there: chocolate, strawberry and lemon. I had the first two and they were amazing!


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04 Oct 2018


Unfortunately they only had 3 options when I was there, but all of them great. It was also a lot in my cup (the waffle cone isn't vegan).

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Friendly staff


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28 Sep 2018

Nice sunny Terrasse

Unfriendly staff. The sorbets ist very sweet and quiet expensive and small in size. Only 3 options.

Pros: Nice Terrasse

Cons: Expensive , Unfriendly staff


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20 Aug 2018

Very good sorbets

They had several fruit flavors that were vegan (peach, lemon, strawberry, blueberry), including a dark chocolate. Had the peach, strawberry and blueberry and they were all very good. Not overly sweet and just water based. Friendly staff as well.

Pros: Good sorbets


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08 Aug 2018

good vegan ice cream and ice tea

Lots of sorbet without milk - they even have vegan dark chocolate ice cream 😍 Also the Ice teams are pretty good :)

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