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Serves vegan burgers, sweet potato fries, tacos, nachos, pancakes and cakes. Located within a foodhall amongst other kitchens, since Nov 2017. Bar is open daily. Open Thu-Sat 16:00-22:00, Sun 14:00-21:00.

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First Review by MoChengFei


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24 Oct 2023

Veel keuze, alles smaakt goed

Leuke gerechten om te delen met vrienden. Lekkere smaken en veel keuze



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08 Oct 2023

Goede smaken!

De kwaliteit, de combi van ingrediënten en daardoor lekkere gerechten van goede kwaliteit.

Pros: Het eten is erg lekker, Foodhallen zijn gezellige omgeving, Dichtbij (op de fiets) bij centrum

Cons: -, -, -


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17 Sep 2023

Vegan in de foodhal!

Super fijn dat er een heel vegan kraampje is in de foodhall. Ik had begrepen dat de dessert kraampje van hrt zelfde eigenaar is en dat alles daar ook vegan is! Super fijn om zo veel verschillende mensen kennis te laten maken met vegan eten.

Pros: Veel vegan, Foodhall dus verschillende keukens

Cons: Je besteld apart dus je betaalt apart, Krijgt dus ook niet tegelijk je eten, Best prijzig


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27 Jul 2023

Favourite vegan spot in Enschede

A very varied menu that allows some customization (i.e. adding bacon to burgers), where everything is vegan. Food is very good, but sometimes a bit bland. The staff is very nice, but the atmosphere is indeed a bit chaotic. If you aren't comfortable with non-vegan food around you, I would suggest you take away your food (not sure if that's an option though haha).

My favourite dish of theirs are the cheezy waffle fries! That "cheese" sauce is very very good.

I think the prices are okay-ish, as the portion sizes are reasonable, and some of the sides are good for sharing.

Pros: Delicious food, All vegan, Vegan fast food

Cons: Noisy environment


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01 Mar 2023

Surpassed expectations

This place was even better than I expected it to be. The foodbar is part of a “foodhal” including more foodbars with different concepts. This also makes it a nice opportunity to let non-vegan friends who refuse to go to a vegan restaurant try some vegan food. They might just try something when they see how good this looks😉The menu has enough good looking choices, so I definitely have to come back to try more and enjoy the nice atmosphere in the foodhal.

Pros: Nice atmosphere , Friendly staff, Good choices

Cons: Not the cheapest option but acceptable


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29 Jan 2023


Just being happy and all that this amazing place is just a few stumbles away from home 🤤
Love everything in the menu and their super friendly!

Pros: Everything is yummy , Friendly staff, Great ambiance

Cons: A bit pricy maybe


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19 Nov 2022

Superleuke plek!

Superleukel concept en omgeving de Twentsche Foodhal,waar je door deze plek en Foodbar de Zoetekauw toch vegan kan eten.

Er zijn 8 keukens waaronder deze waarvan je kan bestellen. Je krijgt een beeper mee na bestellen en wanneer die afgaat kan je je bestelling afhalen om op te eten aan je tafel. Drankjes worden wel naar de tafel gebracht.

Enige wat ik graag nog had willen zien is meer gezondere en glutenvrije opties 😇

Pros: Veel keuze, Leuk concept


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05 Nov 2022

Veel keus in heerlijk vegan

Verrassend uitgebreide menukaart, ik vond het moeilijk kiezen!

Pros: Veel keuzes op het vegan menu, Veel gezonde opties, Erg lekker!

Cons: 20 minuten wachttijd - maar de moeite waard


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28 May 2022

Geen bestellingen?!

Wilden hier eten. Zijn tot twee keer toe weggestuurd met dat ze geen bestellingen aannemen ivm de drukte en we over 10 minuten weer terug moeten komen. Één keer kan dat, maar zeg dan na 10 minuten niet weer hetzelfde. In die tijd hadden we ook een andere plek kunnen vinden om wel rustig wat te kunnen eten voor we in het theater moeten zijn.

Cons: Geen service


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07 May 2022


Gewoon echt lekker!

Pros: Alleen maar VEGA, joehoe..., Het eten is TOP en betaalbaar., De sfeer gezellig en ontspannen


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01 May 2022

Vriendelijke bediening. Super energieke plek. Bloemkool is een echte aanrader :)

Zoals te zien in de titel was iedereen er aardig, was het eten heel lekker en was de ambiance fantastisch. Ik ben samen met mijn vader geweest en we hebben besteld, wat op ons verzoek, aanbevolen was. Zeker een aanrader voor een date, familie etentje of om gewoon gezellig te eten

Edit: Whoops I did it in Dutch. Hope that’s not a problem. I’ll edit it if needed but won’t right now cuz I’m a bit tired rn

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-01

Pros: In een hippe foodhall met voor iedereen wat wils, Een ruime kaart, Gewoon echt lekker


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30 Oct 2021


Super gezellig, het eten was heerlijk en de bediening was meer dan goed


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17 Sep 2021


One of my favorite vegan spots in Enschede. The food tastes good, everything is vegan and there are a lot of options!


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16 Aug 2021

Okish food, bit chaotic atmosphere

Next to the vegan restaurant, there are several other non-vegan restaurants in the Twentsche foodhall, so be prepared to sit dining between sizzling 'meat' dishes.

You place your order with the resto of your choice, then get a beeper, and are 'beeped' when your order is ready, and you have to go get it yourself.
We ordered waffle fries with cheeze (6,5€), ceasar salad (6,5€) with extra chickn (2,5€) and a chickn burger (8,5€) with cheeze (1€) and bacon (1€).

The food was ok-ish. I loved the waffle fries with cheeze.
The ceasar salad was disappointing. It didn't contain any chick'n pieces but came with a sort of schnitzel on top. The 'bacon' pieces were far and few between.
The burger contained a little strip of bacon.

All in all, it all felt a bit chaotic and we didn't really have a relaxed time. Also because of the uncomfy high chairs (sitting at a barrel like table).
And it was a very long wait. First, it took a while before someone came (we had to wait at entrance) and we were seated, despite having made a reservation.
After having figured out the electronic ordering system (scan QR code at table), it turned out the system doesn't work with non-Dutch banks, so we had to inquire again - and pay with card (both for drinks - Bar - as for the restaurant - Foodbar Rauw).
Then it took a really long time before our food was ready (when I went to inquire after a while got a rather unfriendly snap back).
Between entering and eating, it was about an hour.

I did not see an accessible entrance (stairs going down to enter the terrace = same level as restaurant).

PS: the waiters of the bar were very friendly though, had a nice virgin moijito, and we had a nice vegan dessert from Zoetekauw: waffles with snickers and chocomousse)

Pros: all vegan

Cons: long wait, bit chaotic, where were the chickn pieces in ceasar salad? , snap!


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05 Sep 2020

Helaas geen eten

Helaas stonden we voor een dichte deur. Niet alleen kloppen de tijden op deze pagina niet. Zelfs eenmaal in de foodhal, bleek ook de tijd op het bord daar niet te kloppen. Het telefoonnummer wordt niet opgenomen. Super jammer dit.


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05 Sep 2020

Different opening times

The time at the entrance is also wrong.
Waste of €3 for parking ticket.


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26 Jun 2020


We were just on our way through when we went tried this place and really glad we did! What a nice place, atmosphere and delicious food. Also no plastic used

Pros: Tasteful , Nice place, Not expensive

Cons: Not much choice


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26 Jun 2020

Simple, easy and VERY TASTY

My boyfriend and I stopped quickly while on the way to the south of Holland. Really good food and fair price. The tacos are AMAZING!


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22 Feb 2020

Nice chocolate cream

The loaded fries are a little fat, but still taste pretty good. The chocolate cream is one of the best I ever had!

Pros: Only vegan

Cons: Little expensive


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19 Jan 2020

Good vegan junk food

The food hall is a good concept. It's open seating with a ton of vendors. A waitress will come take your drinks order whilst you look at the menu (menus for all vendors are together in a newspaper like menu). You go to the place you wanna order, and then do so. We ordered the loaded fries, burger, and sharing plater. Everything was tasty ☺️

Pros: Nice venue , Tasty food


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25 Nov 2019

Great food place in a mixed dining and bar facility

Lovely food and I discovered Garlic Fries, that is a plus in my books, confused by the token thing isn't money a token.

Pros: Nice vegan junk food, Garlic Fries , No badly priced

Cons: Tokens , A little out of town


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14 Nov 2019

Soooo good fast food

The burger is so amazing! Many of my non-vegan friends were absolutely surprised by this one...
(Sometimes the bread is even coloured haha)

Pros: All vegan! That's great already haha..., The Burger is AMAZING, Great desert, that sometimes changes though

Cons: Check opening hours, as it's open Thu-Sun only


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15 Sep 2019

Vegan oasis

It takes some effort to find good vegan food in this area of the country, let alone to find a fully vegan place. Perseverance pays out however because I found this little foodstall located in a foodcourt next to the city center.

I tried the Nacho supreme and it was awesome! Nice and spicy with guacamole, tomato salsa, vegan cashew cheese and Mexican 'meat'-crumbs. The sweet potato fries are also very nice.

They offer a small but varied set of dishes. Very good portion size and quality for a good price. Perfect to eat out in a casual atmosphere!

Pros: Fully vegan , Good price-quality, Friendly staff

Cons: None


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09 Sep 2019

Hidden gem!

It can be tricky finding good vegan food in the part of the Netherlands, which makes this place even more amazing. All the food we had was delicious.
The only minor point is that they don't take visa/mastercard nor cash.


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28 Jun 2019

Filling and tasty!

I like the onionrings and burger very much.

Pros: High in calories., Non-vegans like the food too., You can eat from different restaurants at TFH.

Cons: Quite expensive, to me.


Points +501

09 Jun 2019


Très bon et sans prise de tête, c'est le seul endroit à être 100% vegan. Le cadre est sympathique et le carrot cake est à tomber 😍

Pros: 100% vegan, Bon rapport qualité-prix-quantité, Cadre sympathique


Points +1165

06 Apr 2019

Enschede going vegan.

The only vegan restaurant in Enschede (and Twente?) has a good menu of vegan comfort food from Tex Mex to other American classics like the philly cheese steak.

Pros: Delicious comfort food!, The only fully vegan restaurant in Enschede

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