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Vegan falafel restaurant located in the middle of Leuven's main shopping street with outside seating. Offers a variety of durum falafel wraps and plates. Mainly takeaway but with a few stools for sitting at the counter top. Staff speaks English. Open for take-out and delivery during Covid-19 restrictions. Open Mon-Sat 11:00-15:00, 17:00-20:30.

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First Review by peanutplans


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27 Jul 2023

Best vigan food in leuven

Best best falafel and vegan food in leuven



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15 Jul 2023

Worth the visit!

Super tasty food in gigantic portions for a low price. Lots of durum's and dishes to choose from. Small placewith a few spots to eat. Owner makes you feel like you're home! If doing takeaway you can walk over to library square or main square (oude markt) and sit down at a cafe to eat with a drink. Indoor and outdoor seating.

Updated from previous review on 2020-04-25

Pros: Fully vegan, inexpensive , Falafel TOP with pumpkin & cookies, Friendly owner


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12 Jul 2023


Fresh, tasty, delicious! A must try for everyone!


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28 Jun 2023

Nice customer service and kind owner

We had spicy falafel wrap and got one falafel per person for free.

The guy working there was very nice and accommodating


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20 May 2023

Quick bite!

When we read the previous reviews, we had to try it out! We shared a Falafel sandwich, this was very fulfilling and it tasted perfect! The owner also gave us a free falafel to try, very generous!

Pros: Falafel


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17 Mar 2023


Les falafels sont délicieux. On a du mal à finir son assiette tellement les quantités sont généreuses. 😋

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-27


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07 Feb 2023


This place is small and has just a few places to sit down.

The sandwiches are very huge and the sauces (hummus, taking and baba ganoush) are absolutely delicious. But the falafel are just okay. Mine weren't well done but raw on the inside and they are definitely made with flour what isn't typical for good falafel. That's a big con!

The owner is extremely friendly and talkative.

Does not accept credit cards.

Pros: Prices are okay, portions are big

Cons: does not accept credit cards, my falafel were raw on the inside


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30 Dec 2022

best felafel I had in Europe!

the felafel are just great. everything's fresh and prepared in front of you, and of you're lucky you may even get a freshly-fried felafel to nibble on while waiting. they also sell amazing home-made syrian sweets,

Pros: nice staff, top quality


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30 Dec 2022

Heeel lekker

Normaal ben ik geen fan van falafel maar deze zijn anders en echt lekker en sappig.

Pros: Volledig vegan , Héél lekker en veel , Lekkere vegan deserts


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Mostly Veg
27 Nov 2022

Erg lekker

Lekker grote volle falafelrollen en we kregen er nog extra falafel bij ook.


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Mostly Veg
15 Oct 2022

Filling and delicious

Not a great place to sit unless it's warm, but super tasty food at a cheap price. Also the cookies are amazing

Pros: Cheap, Friendly, Vegan cookies


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04 Oct 2022

Vriendelijke en lekker

Tijdens het wachten krijg je al een voorproefje van de vriendelijke man.

Pros: Verschillende keuzemogelijkheden , Grote porties , Vriendelijke bediening


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02 Sep 2022

Best service & falafel 🧆

The man who made the falafel was incredibly nice - he gave us a free falafel ball to try during the waiting time (which was not long at all). Also what I really appreciated is that he told us that two falafel sandwiches plus extra flat bred with hummus is probably too much for two people so we ordered less. Others would have just taken the order and money but he seemed really to care about throwing nothing away 😇 The portions were as promised really big and delicious and we fully enjoyed our stay 😍

Pros: incredible service , big portions, super delicious falafel


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14 Aug 2022

Extremely good service!

Small shop. The Aramean owner, who came to Belgium 3 years ago, is super nice and tells passionately about Syria and his life in Belgium. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be offered falafel to taste it. The dishes are very fresh and tasty.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-26

Pros: Big portions , Outside seating, Very cheap: €16,50 for 2 dishes & 3 drinks


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05 Aug 2022


One of the best falafel places in Belgium

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-05

Pros: Authentic food , Friendly staff , High quality falafel

Cons: Location


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22 Jun 2022

Falafel hemel!

De beste falafel die ik al heb kunnen eten . Zeer vriendelijk en grote porties

Pros: 100% vegan, Niet duur, Grote porties


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22 Jun 2022

Great falafel and very friendly

Update: also seating places now, terrace in front - see pic

Went in to give a Happy Cow decal. Owner was very friendly. Gave me a falafel!
Tasted really good, not too dry, nice flavours.
Everything is vegan.

It's a very small place, only take-out

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-22


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15 Jun 2022

Huge falafel and fresh baklava

Very cheap food and you really get a lot! Use of fresh vegetables is really appreciated. Also fully vegan baklava in different flavours; hard to come by! Very friendly owner, there was a tray of baklava on the counter which you could taste. It is a bit small though, so not a lot of space to sit inside but definitely delicious food.

Pros: Fully vegan, Very cheap - a lot of fresh food for small price, Friendly owner

Cons: Not a lot of space to sit inside


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22 Mar 2022

The best durum falafel ind Leuven

I was visiting a friend and he showed me Falafel top. What a place! Everything is Vegan - even the cakes🤩🤤 The falafels was amazing and the service from the owner was really good! 10/10

Pros: Best durum falafels in Leuven, Great homemade cakes , Friendly owner


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20 Mar 2022


Delicious freshly made falafel alongside with some hummus or baba ganoush. Very pleasant seating outside.

Pros: Perfect falafel, Not expensive, Fun place to be


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21 Aug 2021


Super lekker, ik heb een "top broodje" genomen, super lekker en zeer groot.
Voor 7 euro kan je hier een hele grote honger stillen, kudos!

Pros: Veel, lekker, goedkoop.


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05 Aug 2021


Several options for falafel sandwiches (houmous / baba ganoush / extra vegetables, etc.) The sandwiches cost around 6-7€ and are very generous! I would have had enough with half of my sandwich, but it was really good so I ate it all. Small clean place with fresh salad and freshly baked falafels.

Pros: Large portion, Great taste, Friendly staff


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01 Aug 2021

Great, quick bite

We got a tasty take-away lunch here. Very big portions (so that's great) and friendly service. Good quality for your money. Recommend!

Pros: Big portions, Very affordable


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01 Aug 2021

Very ok

Ok, it's just a falafel place but one of the best in the game. Sure, the food is great and fresh but imaging the friendly owner just handing out free (superduperfresh) falafelballs in his shop! Whereafter he starts to make a HUGE falafel wrap thingie for you to enjoy. Tasty very much but remember it's HUGE and therefore a messy eat. But face it... We all need a messy eat every now and then.
Oh and it's dirt cheap also.

Pros: Cheap, fresh and good., Friendly owner


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15 May 2021

Excellent falafel!

It is a nice place, a nice location, very nice staff and food made around falafel variants.

Highly recommended for falafel lovers in Leuven.

Pros: Excellent falafel, Lovely staff, Nice location

Cons: None


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08 Feb 2021

Fresh and Good Value

The wraps are so big they can easily be two meals! On top of that the owner is very nice, he feeds you falafels while you wait for your order.

Pros: Good value, Friendly staff, Fresh


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11 Dec 2020

best falafel in the world!!

tastiest ever!! and it's a really big portion you get!

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