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All vegan shop stocking a variety of products, including faux meats, spreads, herbals, cosmetics, organic, grains and pasta. Previously located at Słomińskiego 15 lok. 502. Open Mon-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-15:00.

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First Review by lovela5


Points +356

03 Jun 2022

A lot of vegan products

The shop is very good equipped.



Points +314

12 Mar 2020

Lots of choices!

Got loads of goodies 😋

Pros: All vegan!


Points +1057

22 Oct 2019

Best, but room 4 improvement

I’m from Sweden so when I enter a full-vegan shop anywhere, I’m very picky. In Sweden, in a common grocery store there is more of a variety than there was at Evergreen... but being Poland and knowing how hard it is to find anything else than Polsoya and Valsoya at Polish grocery stores, this was OK.

At Evergreen, I’m lacking: frozen pizzas, minced meat, faux meat, more Oatly, and even more product ranges that are so popular in Sweden, Finland, Germany and the UK. I would love to see the Beyond Burger here, too. I also love that I found my favourite chips here!

Huge advantage that there were vegan cleaning products, a lot of bottled spreads, Violife blocks (big and small), a nice selection of plantbased milk but WHY is Alpro so damn expensive in Warsaw? How can Alpro cost as much as Sweden, when Sweden has double salaries?

Pros: Violife cheese, Oatly for cooking, Vegan cleaning products

Cons: Expensive, Not enough faux meat, Weird opening hours 11-19, had to run to make it.


Points +2299

01 Dec 2018

Worth the tram trip - amazing store

The store focuses on hard to find vegan items rather than vegetables which you can get anywhere. All vegan and extensive selection of vegan cheeze, meats, milks, candy and dried goods. Plus they have personal care items and house hold clearers. We bright back a big bag of cheeze and snacks to Canada


Points +74

11 Sep 2018

evergreen - everneeded.

I guess this is the number one shopping place for many vegans in Warsaw. And rightfully so. as Evergreen is a lifesaver (forgive the pun) for many of us. The selection of food is broad, especially the cheese section is superb and in some cases addictive - the Original Creamy Sheese is a masterpiece. Although the decor is modest, it's really fun to roam around the shelves in search of something You came for as well as something random You might want to try out for the first time - if in doubt, You can ask the very friendly and competent staff for help.
There is also something to be said about the sweets selection - Evergreen boasts a proper chocolate and ice cream selection just to suit Your weak moment in dieting :)
Another great thing about Evergreen is that it's dog friendly and eco concious (of course!), insted of giving away plastic bags the staff encourage You to bring Your own bags or help Yourself to free tote bags.


Points +18

22 Aug 2018

Lots to Choose From

Great selection of fun vegan foods. Especially dairy substitutes! Prices are low compared to similar products in the US. The store also has hard to find ingredients for cooking, such as agar. The staff are very friendly.

Updated from previous review on 2018-08-22


Points +515

08 Aug 2018

Great shop with Great Staff

This is great place when you can buy many vegan items. They have very good Natumi milk and tempeh I’ve ever tried. Additionally staff is great and friendly. They offer free used material bags for free to avoid using plastic bags :)

Pros: Real great staff, Great assortment


Points +200

21 Mar 2018

The only vegan shop available

Great products, but expensive


Points +46

12 Nov 2017

Good place

Good shop with a lot of vegan stuff but the prices are very high.

Pros: Many products for vegan, Good localization

Cons: High prices, No fresh bread or eco-vegetables


Points +202

16 Aug 2017

It's good to have it in near

A small shop with friendly staff. Such a pity there's so little products from our neighbours like Czech Republic and Germany cause their stuff is amazing. Products are often really overpriced but I think it's typical for vegan stores.


Points +3075

18 Jul 2017

Necessary "evil"

This one is really hard to rate. Of course, most people are excited about Evergreen due to the fact that it is one of two vegan food stores in Warsaw, a city with two million inhabitants. In this respect, it is a great place, because it is basically unrivaled and if you want to buy certain products, nowhere else you can do it. So yes, your presence here is basically necessary. But there are a lot of cons here: unfriendly staff, very overpriced products of many ranges, not always opening a shop at the time, ridiculously small assortment for people from neighboring countries such as Germany and the Czech Republic, plastic bags not friendly for environment. Still, as I have said before - you don't really have a better choice in Warsaw.

Pros: Best option for a vegan shopping in Warsaw.

Cons: LOTS to improve.


Points +122

05 Feb 2016

Lots of vegan stuff!

Lots of vegan stuff!
Pity thats not located somewhere much convenient in the city centre!


Points +211

28 Jan 2016

Vegan Heaven

Evergreen is great, the staff is wonderful (Hi Weronika!) and they sell the biggest array of vegan products anywhere in Warsaw. It's a bit far away from me but I still go often to pick up CLIF bars and other treats. They even have dog food and cosmetics! A really great pit-stop if you're near Arkadia.

Pros: Best variety, International products

Cons: Weird location (hard to find)


Points +110

22 Aug 2015

Goood stuff

A vegan groceries shop. Tofu, seitan and all the ingredients needed to cook and eat vegan. No fresh vegetables, at least when we were there. Highly recommendable for vegans and vegetarians. Prices quite fair and very good vegan cheeses and hamburgers.


Points +49

19 Jul 2015

Great vegan shop!

Really liked this store. Available is all that is necessary, milk, yogurt, tofu, cereals and so on. Oh yes, the Greek vegan cheese - it's something incredible!

Pros: good prices, nice personal


Points +18

18 May 2015

Great place!

Evergreen is one of my favourite shops here in Warsaw. The staff is very nice and you can ask them anything. The amazing thing is that they have more and more different products. In Evergreen you can find a variety of vegan milks. Also, yoghurts, cheeses, burgers, sweets, cookies. Everything you need! It's like a little heaven for vegans here in Warsaw. The good thing is that prices are also affordable. Definitely recommend this place!

Pros: A huge range of different products, Friendly staff, Good prices


Points +123

12 Apr 2015

Best store

Lots of cheap products that are usually not that cheap. Helpful staff. Wide range of products.
There's also an online store, and it's possible to collect the ordered items and pay for them in the shop.


Points +161

22 Feb 2015

Great vegan shop!

I ordered on-line many times and was very excited when I heard they are opening a stationary shop, because I am thinking about moving to Warsaw. They have a great choice of products and the choice is expanding every month.
I can sincerely recommend this place. Only 100% vegan shop in Warsaw!

Vera Peres

Points +3163

10 Jul 2013

The best vegan supermarket in Warsaw

Evergreen is definitely my favourite supermarket in Warsaw.
One reason is the lovely staff, who immediately reply or call when you submit an order and are kind enough to do it in English.
Other reasons are the great selection of products, always something new to try and occasional promotions. They have a good selection of cereal, flours, beans, tofu, burgers, vegetable cheeses as well as other products that are hard to find in Warsaw. They also sell toiletries, cleaning products, books...
You have the option to buy online and for the products to be delivered, which usually happens very quickly, the same day or the day after.
It might be a bit pricey at times, but it is very worth it.
Cannot imagine my life in Warsaw without them :)

Pros: Good selection, Novelties, Friendly staff

Cons: Pricey, No fresh products (veggies, etc)


Points +232

04 Jun 2012

My favorite store to buy vegan stuff

I always buy there stuff and especially vegan cheeses. They usually always have this one Czech cheese and sometimes they also have in offer CHEESLY which I love. But many times they are out...

Besides that they have a lot more to offer than vegan cheese.

Everything there is vegan. You can order online and usually the package arrives within 1 or 2 days ( i never had any problems). You can also go to their store and do some shopping there. They only take cash.

Pros: Fast delivery, Very kind service, a lot of vegan goods

Cons: A little pricey , Not many vegan cheeses

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