Health cafe in Art Eco Hotel offering different vegan menu each day. All the dishes are vegan except ones with honey - ask the staff. Sample dishes such as falafel, buckweed or quinoa patties, zucchini pancakes, cream soups, tofu “fish,” omelette with tofu, kasha, pies, cookies, brownies, gluten-free desserts. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by AntonKim


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04 Dec 2023

Very good vegan/vegetarian food

I recently visited this vegetarian restaurant in Tashkent and was thoroughly impressed. The food was very good and well presented. the staff was nice too. It's a must-visit for anyone looking for delicious vegetarian options in the city.

Pros: Variety of vegan/vegetarian food



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30 Sep 2023

Nice option

They have an extensive menu with various options. I had the non-fishy sticks, a hodgepodge soup and a caramel bar. The soup and the dessert were delicious, the sticks were alright. The staff was very friendly.


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05 Jun 2023


We tasted the vegan pita roll with grilled vegetables IT WAS AMAZING DELICIOUS!! We recommed everyone to try exactly that one. It was so flavorful and perfect. (it is difinently worth a visit because of this one)

We also tried the vegan pita roll with buckwheat cutlet, it was good but the other one is so much better.
The carrotcake is heavy and very sweet.

The cafe is cozy and clean, we liked to sit outside and hang out:)

Pros: Vegan pita roll with grilled vegetables! , Nice place to hang out

Cons: Not all menu is vegan (honey and cheese)


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20 May 2023

Good food, nice vibe

I visited on a Sunday for a late lunch after 1 pm and was surprised that there hardly any other guests. Then I learned, however, that EcoCafé hosts an English-language debate afternoon every Sunday which was to begin soon. Nevertheless, the staff was happy to accommodate me and prepared a table inside where the debate was to happen because I didn't want to sit outside where the only other guests were smoking.

I was a bit surprised that even parts of the menu that had a large "vegan" label contained dishes that listed cheese in its ingredients. I hadn't seen any vegan cheese imitations in Uzbekistan before, so I thought it was real cheese. Also, the veggie smoothies available were all listed as containing honey, which is not strictly vegan.

I ordered the bowl with buckwheat noodles as a base and cashew sauce on the side. It was yummy and great for what you otherwise get as a vegan in Uzbekistan. It was not outstanding, though, and a bit bland. I also didn't find it as large and filling as I had expected it to be as a main. Also, the amount of cashew sauce was far too little for the bowl.

I also ordered a green smoothie without the honey. The sweetish taste made me doubt that they really left out the honey. The smoothie was otherwise quite watery and not as rich as, for example, the fresh carrot juices you get almost everywhere in Uzbekistan. Another disappointment was that the smoothie was not served in a glass jar as depicted on the menu but in a plastic cup with a plastic lid. It didn't really fit into the health- and eco-conscious image that the café tries to paint.

Overall it was still a positive experience and the staff was extremely friendly. I'm not sure, though, if I would take a longer taxi trip across the city just to eat there.

Pros: Many vegan options for Uzbek standards, Ingredients for dishes listed, Friendly staff

Cons: No clear distinction between vegetarian and vegan, Plastic cups used for dine-in smoothies


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14 May 2023

Must become better

One can say a lot about this cafe. I am really happy to have at least one vegetarian place I the whole country but their food should become better. Although I keep coming to eco cafe, half of the time food tastes like it is not well cooked or lackes taste and not worth the money since this is not a cheap place at all.

You will never regret their lunch menus that they offer om some days though (ask if they have one when you come) - the plov is really outstanding and it is one of the two places I know that serves vegan plov in Uzbekistan! Other dishes from the daily offers don't usually disspoint too.

Their breakfast buffet is almost entirely vegetarian which is a shame for a cafe promoting ethical living.

Staff is slowly getting better but still need more training.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-12

Pros: Plov!

Cons: Food is bland at times, 'Cheap' interior


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21 Sep 2022

Fresh, healthy (approved by a Nutritionist 😁)

I ordered a soup, and a bowl and a dessert. The food was fresh, very clean and delicious. The menu is very easy to understand and the staff are amazing. Service was excellent. I would highly recommend.

Pros: Fresh and delicious, Amazing service, Very clean and happy environment


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Mostly Veg
14 Sep 2022

The food was a bit simple but the vibe is nice

The place is very chilled, I liked the outdoor space.
I ordered 2 dishes on the menu (one salad for starter and one meal) but the dishes had the same sauce and some of the ingredients were the same so the taste was kind of similar, I was a bit disappointed.
On the table mats they write “organic food” but I don’t know if all the food is organic.

Pros: Nice outdoor space , Free second hand clothes , All the menu is vegan (I think)

Cons: Simple food, could make the same at home, Not sure if the food is organic


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11 Sep 2022

Delicious & fresh vegan food

This is a great little place with lots of vegan options. The buckwheat noodle bowl was delicious, healthy and wholesome. The staff are very nice and speak English

Pros: Lots of vegan options , English speaking staff, Tasty

Cons: A bit expensive for Tashkent, Cash only , A little out of town


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25 Apr 2022

Светлое легкое вкусное место

Взяла плов - превосходно. МНОГО! Так что берите блюда одно за другим - вы можете просто не справиться, если закажете все сразу, как я. Салат с бананами и руколой очень освежающий. Общение с персоналом душевное. Рекомендую!


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13 Mar 2022

The only vegan place in the entire country

The only vegan place in the entire country as far as I know. Nuff said.

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-13

Pros: great food, friendly atmosphere


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23 Feb 2022

Delicious food and deserts

I was sooooo surprised AND HAPPY to find this place in Tashkent! Everything there is delicious, especially deserts!

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-23


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14 Sep 2021

AMAZING Vegan Cafe in Tashkent!

Strangely enough we arrived in the evening only to find that they were having a party to celebrate their re-opening and for that reason they offered us free dinner! What a nice surprise😄

This is a nice place with many vegan options and excellent desserts. They just redid their menu and have many new things to choose from, and it’s fully vegan!

The staff is incredibly kind and helpful and I could not recommend this place enough to any vegan traveling to Tashkent!

Ps: you have to try out there avocado dessert!

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-14

Pros: Fully vegan , Excellent desserts, Nice energy and vibe


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11 Sep 2021

We lucked out with FREE vegan food!

He happen to come to this cute cafe on the night of their reopening, and they were celebrating by providing a free buffet! The food was delicious, but the the desserts were by far the best part. We will be coming back again before we fly out of Tashkent because it was THAT good.

Pros: Incredible desserts


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20 Apr 2021

A fully vegan place in Tashkent!

It was very nice to find this place and to be immersed in a “vegan health food environment.” (The place is FULLY VEGAN except for honey.) The woman who worked there was very friendly with us. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t the best. The sushi was frankly quite awful. The pesto pasta was good but not great and the tofu and lentil patty sandwich left more to be desired. Likewise, the desserts were good, but not amazing. I definitely recommend going while you’re in Tashkent but the food is sadly not anything to write home about.


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20 Apr 2021

Vegan restaurant!

Vegan except for honey. Not the best vegan food ever, but still a welcome change from asking for vegetarian plov or lagman everywhere. Lots of dishes to choose from, all healthy. Examples include vegan pesto pasta, tofu sandwiches etc.

Pros: Friendly staff, Vegan cakes


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Mostly Veg
19 Apr 2021

Thursday = Vegan Plov Day

If you are in Tashkent on a Thursday, make sure to stop over at this place. They serve a traditional made (over woodfire outside in a large cauldron) mouthwatering Plov you will unlikely forget for a long time.


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25 Dec 2020

love this place

The place is really nice, very kind stuff and the food is fresh and delicious. I highly recommend.

Cons: The prices is good. 5-8 $ average for one person.


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25 Dec 2020

The only vegan place in Tashkent

Just delicious and so healthy. Unexpected experience in Tashkent.


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22 Dec 2020

Unexpected vegan gem

I have had a chance to eat in many vegan restaurants in many countries, but this little restaurant takes the cake.

First of all, finding a purely vegan place in Uzbekistan of all places is a small miracle by itself. So far this is the only dedicated vegan restaurant in the country. Usually, in such cases food is not very good as owners do not have to compete with restaurants of a similar ilk. Not the case this time.

This place is located in a semi-basement. It is well-lit and cozy. The walls are artfully decorated and there is a huge mirror with a haystack(!) next to it for people to a sit on and chat if they want to do so some way outside of the seating area. The best fixture of the place is a cat who freely walks around and is quite friendly to the customers.

The stuff is genuinely friendly and really want you to have a fantastic experience. The relationship between the staff and the owners is amazing. The owners of the place obviously treat their staff as family. They are all on great terms, joke around, eat together, mingle with patrons as friends rather than servers. If you frequent the place it is hard not to become friends with them.

There is maybe a dozen dishes on their menu every day and what they offer varies from day to day. They post what they have on the menu on Instagram every day ( The presentation of dishes is tasteful and they are quite delicious to my taste. Their desert line is the best in Tashkent and, yes, it is all vegan. Their current head chef worked in a Michelin-star restaurant and it shows in some unusually fun taste combos although most dishes are more conventional.

Dishes I recommend: Chickpea omelet is fantastic. So are spinach pancakes and crepes. All deserts are amazing. They have an awesome pastry chef. Stuffed sweat potato is out-of-this world good! Cold buckwheat noodles (soba) are extremely good. Something like this would not be out of place in a good restaurant in Japan.

Dishes that I avoid: Their "sandwich" (yes, this is the official name of the dish) is delicious, but gives me heartburn for some reason. Vegan fishsticks are nothing to write home about either. They are not terrible. Just easily outclassed by other items on the menu.

Overall, this is one of my most favorite places in the world because it connects with you on a deeper level than food. I always feel emotionally better after I visit this place. Highly recommend it!

Pros: Caring, fun and friendly atmosphere. , Free fruits and rosehip tea.

Cons: This is a pricy place. Average check is about $18., Slow delivery. , Limited menu.

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