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South Indian cuisine with many vegan options, everything clearly marked. Features a weekday lunch buffet. Previously named Dosa Temple. Check website for buffet times. Open Tue-Thu 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sun 11:30am-10:30pm.

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First Review by iwilldeny


Points +124

26 Jan 2023

Good menu selection

Overall fine. I wouldnt repeat as the food was too spicy for me

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Convenient location, Good service

Cons: Expensive, Menu hard to understand, too sanskrit scripted, Food too spicy for me



Points +555

03 Nov 2022

A favorite!

I used to eat here all the time before covid and only recently returned. It's every bit as good as I remembered! Well labeled menu, scrumptious food, lovely staff. Podi idli forever!

Pros: Glorious food, Great staff, Vibes


Points +197

01 Oct 2022

Delicious, quick, reasonably priced

I really enjoyed my experience here and will certainly be returning. I shared a dosa and a curry with someone and both were delicious. The food came quickly and both orders had great texture and flavor. A no-fuss place!

Pros: Tons of vegan options, 100% vegetarian , Not overpriced

Cons: I wish I had been given more water


Points +58

04 Oct 2021

Favorite Indian restaurant

The cauliflower manchurian and chili-style tofu are delicious.


Points +25

11 Jun 2021

Awesome Indian food

It got the vegetable vindaloo and it was delicious! Highly recommend. The many vegan options are clearly marked.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Vegan is clearly marked

Cons: Expensive


Points +28

28 Nov 2020

Great south Indian food

I love love love this place. The dosas are amazing and available gluten free and vegan. They have more dosa choices than I’d ever seen in one place before. Good lunch buffet. The curries are good too but not why I go there.

Pros: all vegetarian, good for gluten free and vegan, dosas


Points +17

18 Dec 2019

Great Indian food

Lots of options and everything was delicious and well labeled. Highly recommend.


Points +323

10 Oct 2019

Very good

Very good value for money
A lot of choices and everything is tasty
Very low price for buffet comparing for prices in Boston


Points +64

19 Sep 2019

Vegan Indian lunch buffet 🙌

The lunch buffet is awesome! Great price too. Most items were vegan, very tasty!

Pros: Lunch buffet , Almost entirely vegan , Affordable


Points +3204

02 Apr 2019

Dosa night!

Stopped in on a whim and it was all you can eat dosa (Tuesday) night!! Had a few different delicious dosas. The Chana masala was delicious as well. Lots of well marked vegan options and very nice staff. Will let you get ice cream from next door (veggie crust) as a vegan dessert option

Pros: Delicious!, Unlimited dosa night!


Points +98

01 Apr 2019

Really good

March 2019
We were surprised at how excellent this place was - delicious and large selection The specialty is dosas and they are pretty amazing. Nice decor, and very popular with the Indian community. Some entrees even suitable for Jains!


Points +25

14 Dec 2018

Go for the buffet!

Great buffet at a good price! The carrot dish was spectacular.


Points +236

08 Sep 2018

love their food

As local Somerville residents we enjoy this place a lot. It's our go to curry spot when we have a craving. Love the vegan options. Only downside is when visiting the restaurant they don't serve alcohol but we have regular take out from here and it's just as yummy. Highly recommend a visit or take out


Points +157

04 Sep 2018

Great Labeling

It is SO welcome to have an Indian restaurant nearby that has clear labeling of the food. It can be so stressful to not know if a dish contains ghee. Some safe bets are usually chana masala and aloo ghobi, but its nice to have labels. The price is more than right, and the food is delicious. The dosa is quite good as well. Veggie Crust next door is amazing too. Great to have this pair of restaurants in Somerville.

Pros: Affordable, Filling, Generous portions

Cons: A tad underseasoned for Indian food


Points +20

19 Jul 2018


Dosa-N-Curry is an awesome restaurant! All of the food that we ordered had incredible flavor. Highly recommend the Fresh Lime Soda.

Pros: Lots of vegan options., Very flavorful

Cons: Gets pretty busy


Points +160

30 May 2018


Really delicious vegetarian and vegan Indian food, loads of vegan options (indicated on menu). The channa masala and aloo gobi are fantastic.

Pros: clearly indicated vegan options

Cons: they don't serve alcohol


Points +162

30 Apr 2018

Amazing vegan options

Tons of vegan options! Buffett is great! Dosa is amazing!

Pros: Mostly vegan


Points +1264

07 Dec 2017

Great food and extensive menu

If you are in the somerville area, this is a great option for dinner.

Their menu is huge; all the vegan options are clearly labeled. Everything was tasty, and the folks working here were quite friendly. We loved everything that we ate, but my husbands chana masala was particularly tasty. The dosas were great too.

Pros: Extensive menu, Friendly staff


Points +22

06 Aug 2017

Great Menu

Staff was very attentive, food was delicious and the menu was extensive and all vegetarian with clearly labeled vegan dishes.

Pros: reasonable prices, lots of vegan options, delicious food!


Points +4004

20 Jun 2017


The food is very good. The dosas are thin and crispy. Many well marked vegan options. You can eat here and then go next door for vegan ice cream. :-)


Points +161

09 Jan 2014

Pretty Good!

We just finished visiting two of Harvard's Museums and were hungry and I found this place within walking distance, so off we went. It was easy to find and the place was nice and cozy with several patrons already eating. There was a buffet, but since both my husband and I don't eat onion and garlic, we ordered off the menu after speaking with one of the staff.

We got the Sada Dosai and the Paneer Tikka Masala. The portions were "just right", meaning we ate everything and felt content - not full, but not hungry either. The flavor was delicious. I would have loved to try the buffet (a great way to get a feel of a restaurant and their offerings, but that sadly wasn't an option for us). The staff was nice and attentive, but interestingly enough, there must not be many Jains who visit because our server had to go to the back and ask several times on what could be made onion/garlic-free.

Summary: good food (at least what we could eat), though it took a bit of time for it to come out. Somewhat Jain-diet friendly, but it decreases your choices by a lot. I would give them 3.5 "stars" but bumped it up to 4, since the food was good - just the selection could be better and it could have come out faster.

Note: we're not Jains, but their diet is similar to ours and it tends to be very convenient when we go to Indian restaurants. Sadly, not in this case.

Pros: good food at good portions

Cons: not much onion/garlic-free food


Points +109

23 Sep 2013


The food here is great, and the vegan options are all marked, which doesn't always happen at Indian restaurants.

Pros: Vegan Options, delicious , Big Menu


Points +2757

11 Jul 2013

OMG, so good!

My BF and I came here for dinner and it was amazing. Menu was pretty big with lots of vegan options clearly marked. Place was clean and service was friendly (especially for an Indian restaurant if you know what I mean...). Best part was the food-flavorful, richly spiced, simply delicious. The clientele was predominantly Indians, which is always a good indicator that the restaurant is authentic. I've had my fair share of Indian (South Indian in particular), and I was excited to see a number of items on their menu that are not commonly found in Indian restaurants in the US. If you love (South) Indian food, you'll definitely love this place.

Pros: selection, delicious food


Points +701

24 Jun 2013

Best Veg Indian in Boston

I love Indian food (especially South Indian), am vegan and this is by far my favorite Indian restaurant in the Greater Boston area. Their Uttapam and Dosa options are their best dishes (with excellent coconut chutney and sambhar) and I've enjoyed the appetizers I've tried. Their entrees are good, but their soups (besides sambhar, which is not really a soup) are mediocre - I did not care for their mulligatawny (have had much better).

They have vegan items marked on their menu - almost half of their menu is vegan. I'm not sure about their latest menu, but the first version of their menu had a few things mismarked, one "vegan" dish came with the green mint chutney (which is NOT vegan) and several of their breads are vegan, but were not marked vegan (roti & poori). I also heard them refer to their Indian pizza idea (don't think this has happened yet) as "100% pure vegetarian" by which they mean cow-cheese w/o rennet, not vegan as some might think. So I wouldn't say they're as vegan-friendly as they could be, but they are much more so than any omnivore Indian place (and more so than the Ashland and other MA veg Indian places I've been).

Location is convenient if you live near Somerville or Cambridge - it's not very close to the subway (maybe 1.5 miles walk from Porter).

They have a buffet on weekends which has a lot of vegan options (which are marked) - definitely worth trying.

FYI, this place used to be "Dosa Temple" (was affiliated with another restaurant of the same name), but now is called "Dosa 'N Curry" (no longer affiliated).

Pros: lots of vegan options, friendly staff, delicious food

Cons: some vegan items may be mismarked


Points +132

03 Oct 2012

great food

It's a little out of the way (depending on where you're staying), but the food is great. You can take the red line to Porter and then walk up Somerville. It was about a 30 minute walk.

Dosa Temple is an all vegetarian restaurant, they have vegan items labeled on the menu. They have an Indo-Chinese section on the menu, I had a small bowl of the hot & sour soup to start. It was labeled as being spicy, and they definitely mean it! I find a lot of Indian restaurants label things that are pretty mild as spicy but I barely made it through the small bowl. It did taste good though!

After that I had the Aloo Gobi which was delicious and much easier to eat :). I got it with rice but ended up getting some Chapati bread as well which was great for soaking up the sauce.

Pros: delicious food, friendly

Cons: location

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