Serves meat, vegan options available. Indian restaurant that offers a full vegan menu, in addition to their standard fare. Vegan breakfast offerings include a Bombay-inspired English breakfast with vegan sausages, porridge with soy milk, coconut yoghurt with fresh vanilla pod and fruits. The daytime vegan menu includes four small plates (e.g., puffed rice snacks, samosas, fried okra), two chickpea curries, grilled spiced potatoes, two salad plates, several sides, and flavored shaved ice for dessert. Restaurant gets busy; long waits can be possible. Restaurant has other UK branches. Open Mon-Thu 08:00-23:00, Fri 08:00-00:00, Sat 09:00-00:00, Sun 09:00-23:00.

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First Review by mjveganfitness


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30 Jan 2024

So gooood indian food!

The food was sooo good (and hot!). Order a Mango Lassi to fully enjoy the food. Delicious! #Veganuary

Pros: Kind staff, Seperate vegan menu, Nice restaurant



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12 Oct 2023





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22 Jul 2023

an experience. separate vegan menu

great atmosphere and food. separate vegan menu gives you options to droll over. if you have time to wait for a table, i would highly recommend eating here while staying in london. amazing and authentic food!!


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16 May 2023

Stunning Indian food

I've always adored Indian food, but had yet to go Dishoom. I managed to go with some friends, and was the only vegan person in the group. We ordered several vegan dishes, and EVERYONE loved them! A particular favourite was the Gunpowder Potatoes - I think we all could have eaten a portion of those! I really enjoyed the Vada Pau. A delicious rich dish which is generously spicey and comes with light, crisp rolls.

Pros: Large vegan selection , Seperate vegan menu, Vegan food everyone enjoyed


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03 May 2023

Speciale Vegan kaart

Bij dit gezellige Indiase restaurant middenin Londen, wijk Covent Garden kun je erg lekker Vegan eten. Ze hebben een speciale aparte Vegan menukaart. Ik nam de curry met kikkererwten. Super goed! Als je voor vijven bent, is er plek voor diner. Daarna staan er lange rijen.


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29 Apr 2023

Good english breakfast

Good vegan breakfast with a variety of dishes.

Cons: Very loud atmosphere


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28 Apr 2023

Excellent food and service. They have a separate vegan menu.

I got the vada pau and broccoli salad. Both super flavorful and delicious. I’m only allowed to give four because they aren’t an all veg establishment. Otherwise I would give 5. I got the oat milk chai which was good but it could have used more spice for my taste. Overall great experience and food!


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30 Mar 2023

5 stars?

We were on London for a week and came back three times, that's how much we loved the food 😍
Lots of vegan options on a separate menu, everything was delicious and the service was great.

The only reason it's 4 stars is because the place isn't vegan so I cant technically give it more.


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03 Nov 2022

One of my all time favs!

Have been going to Dishoom since they opened and love it more every time I visit. The food is so good! They now have a separate vegan menu which is helpful and the staff are always friendly, nothing is too much trouble for them. The grilled pineapple tikka and chole are very good but the okra fried are 🔥

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great rooms , Friendly staff

Cons: Can be busy


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28 Jul 2022

Can I give this 20 stars?

This might be my favorite restaurant in the entire world, and I have traveled a lot. Dishoom is epic. I dream of their food. They offer a large vegan menu and it’s all so good! Love the broccoli salad and chole puri the pudding dessert. I LOVE THIS PLACE!


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28 Jun 2022

Tasty indian food

I liked it that we were given vegan menus, making it easier for us. Kala Chana Salad was really good and refreshing. We were also served with vegan sauces.


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26 Jun 2022

Indian Iraqi Cuisine

Love the location, service, and vegan/vegetarian food options.
Beware: the wait is long

Pros: Lots of vegetarian options, Great Service, Atmosphere/interior

Cons: Longish wait (up to an hour)


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24 Jun 2022

great food, vegan menu!

they have an entire vegan menu which makes it really helpful deciding what to get. i highly recommend their vegan lassi!


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20 Jun 2022


Diverse menu. The best black daal I’ve had. Their okra fries are also superb.


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10 Jun 2022

Love this place

Great food
Cool location and set up
Would go back again


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24 Apr 2022


The breakfast is sooo delicious, the Cappuccino is well done and the chai tea is the best i‘ve ever had!


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17 Apr 2022

Dish was delish

Amazing tasting food. Dishoom is a traditional Bombay restaurant and nothing like the typical Indian you’ll find the length and breadth of the UK. It’s gone the extra mile to give you the look and feel of being in Bombay - less the heat.

You can order off the menu and ask for changes but they also have a printed vegan menu (see images) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

‘Dishoom house chaat’ was a flavour explosion, with its warm cubes of sweet potato smothered in a cool oat yoghurt, topped with grated carrot, beetroot and radish scattered with pomegranate. A trio of sauces accompany it, turning it into a sweet, tangy medley of tastebud delight.

‘Chole charawal and chole puri’, are the same chickpea curry dish where the chawal comes with basmati rice and puri has two puffed puris. The chickpea curry is a Punjab delicacy and has an incredibly deep flavour that only comes from hours of prep and cooking. It’s hearty, packed with spices (not heat - just spices), with a side of sweet halwa balancing the dish wonderfully. As did the pickled carrot and chilli.

‘Gunpowder potatoes’ blew us away. Smoky and smashed to perfection, tossed in green herbs and seeds, with a little heat (not hot), served with a vegan yoghurt dip. Simply heavenly.

‘Garlic naan’ like no normal UK style naan. With its thin and crispy edge it was coated with vegan butter, a shed load of garlic dressed with plenty of coriander.

Plenty of attentive staff and ready to top up your water too.

Only negative for me is having to queue but would we go back? - Hell yeah. Why eat an Indian anywhere else when there’s a Dishoom around.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-17

Pros: Dedicated vegan menu, Amazing flavours, Atmosphere

Cons: Queuing, Not cheap, but worth it


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19 Feb 2022

Great food, decor & vibe

The service was top notch, forget the guys name but he was vegan and helped us out with some fab dishes… the food was so tasty and fresh… can’t wait to go back


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31 Dec 2021


Everything tasted delicious!! Can’t fault it, service was brilliant, food came out quickly, a couple dishes didn’t arrive but they were for the meat eaters anyway and it was actually a relief as we were so stuffed and had to take even what we’d already got on the table away in doggy bags.
We hadn’t booked a table so had to queue outside, however they did take all the requirement info from us which meant that we were provided with vegan menu already at the table once seated and they provided chai lattes and mint teas while waiting in the queue. A brilliant experience ❤️🙌

Pros: Lots of delicious vegan options , Fair price for central London , Great service

Cons: Make sure you book a table or may have to queue

Roxanne S

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21 Nov 2021

Definitely worth the wait

This restaurant is very popular and you will have a wait. They may take reservations, but I walked up. There is a full vegan menu and the serves are knowledgeable. The food is delicious and cocktails wonderful.

Pros: Vegan menu, Great bar, Beautiful and large restaurant

Cons: Long wait


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25 Oct 2021

White people love bland Indian food

This places serves up the perfect British version of Indian cuisine! There’s a long wait and the food is overpriced so it’s the perfect place to bring friends to show them you mean business.

Pros: They must have an incredible marketing team

Cons: $$$$


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09 Sep 2021

Amazing tasting traditional Indian flavours and dishes

Service was very fast and relaxed, never felt rushed nor neglected. Food is amazing for an Indian restaurant in London. Was taken there by a few Delhi friends and we all left super satisfied.

As a traditional Indian place, you'll have plenty of veg options on the menu.
Would definitely recommend it if you want to treat yourself or friends.

Pros: Traditional Food that tastes quite amazing, Great selection, Friendly and fast service

Cons: On the pricey side (but to be expected)


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03 Sep 2021


I had been looking forward to trying Dishoom after hearing such good things. I’d planned what I was going to have from the decent looking vegan menu. Unfortunately, when I arrived, the kebab/pineapple dish wasn’t on the menu.

Instead I had the Bhel which was pretty good, though could have done with a bit more crunch. The vada pau was very good, spicy potato and a well flavoured masala in a bun.

Nothing blew me away but hopefully when I get to taste the Chaap pineapple tikka, that will change.

Cons: Pricey, Not all their vegan dishes available everywhere.


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24 Jun 2021


I have eaten at this location a number of times. The first time I made the mistake of scheduling a small business dinner here...while it is a nicely decorated restaurant, it was so loud that it was difficult to have conversations with my clients. That said, this is great for dates and meals with friends.

People really love, or are really disappointed by, Dishoom. I think there's a bit of level-setting as to what you can expect here. Firstly, Dishoom is not a typical Indian restaurant, so if you're having a craving for your favorite Indian dish you can find at almost any Indian restaurant, check Dishoom's menu first! Dishoom offer elevated, creative, and sometimes unique dishes and it seems they continue to add more vegan options (e.g., they recently added mango lassi and naan). The black daal made vegan is delicious, as is the gunpowder potatoes dish. Samosas are a great option too. You'll also find many dishes at Dishoom that you likely will not find at other Indian restaurants. It's a great experience and a good place to have a meal at a nice restaurant.

Overall: 3.5

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-24


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09 Mar 2020

More hype than flavor

Decent selection of vegan items, but no vegan naan.


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Mostly Veg
04 Jan 2020

Delicious Dishoom

Wide variety menu with plenty of vegetarian options. We really enjoyed the flavours and dishes here.

Pros: Lots of veg options , Great vibe

Cons: Pricey , Long wait times for a table


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24 Sep 2019

Great food

We went there with friends in June 2017. We were 2 vegetarians and 2 omni and everyone enjoyed their dish. The food was pretty and full of flavors.

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