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Serves meat, vegan options available. Pie restaurant with a few outlets. Makes sweet and savory pie sold by the slice. Always at least 1 vegan savory pie like tofu curry, and at least 1 vegan sweet pies like mixed berry. Savory pie slice come with salad on the side. Whole pies can be ordered with two-day notice. Previously called Dangerously Delicious Pies. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-12:00am, Fri 11:00am-3:30am, Sat 9:00am-3:30am, Sun 9:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by cookiem


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08 Jun 2023

Really good pie

This place has grown from a small pie counter to a large multilevel music venue. But the vegan pies - savory and sweet have continued to be great!



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23 Sep 2022

Dessert pies are amazing

Unfortunately I don't really like any of their savory vegan pies, but their sweet pies are fantastic. I appreciate that there is always one of each on the menu, though! They also have live music now - have not been to a show yet though.


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07 Feb 2019

Must Try! Delicious crust

So tasty, and they always have at least one vegan savoy and sweet! I always love finding a place with a good vegan pastry.

Pros: Pie, Price, Venue


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27 Mar 2018

Good pie!

Really good pie! I had a savory tofu curry pie. The crust was phenomenal, and the filling was delicious. It came with a little side serving of salad. I paid nine dollars for a hearty slice of pie which was quite filling. They had one other vegan savory pie and a fee vegan sweet pies.

The vegan options were limited, but the staff was well informed about which was vegan. I recommend this place especially if you are with omni friends.

Pros: quick service, vegan options clearly marked

Cons: serves meat, limited vegan options


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08 Mar 2017

The vegan savory pies are amazing, include salad

Dangerously Delicious Pies on 875 I Street, N.W. in Chinatown (DC) is one of my absolute favorite places. I call ahead to find out what vegan savory pies are being offered. Right now it is ratatouille and/or yellow curry tofu. The savory pies come with a side salad,. The pie crust is excellent, adding to the flavor.

This award-winning pie place also offered many vegan sweet pie selections with blueberry and mixed berry often rated as the best. Vegan cherry pie is also a bit hit with many. I haven't tried the vegan sweet pies yet, but I did order a southern pecan pie for the holidays. It was such a hit that we will be serving it next year, too. (Apple and pecan are two of the biggest sellers, along with Baltimore Bomb.)

Vegetarians can order quiche, savory pie, or sweet pies. When I was at this location a few days ago, a lot of people were ordering quiche. I wish there was a vegan version of it!

I travelled to the other side of the country looking for vegan savory pies and had no luck, not even in Victoria, B.C. Instead the vegan savory pies were in D.C.. And they are excellent each time, freshly baked daily!

Dangerously Delicious Pies wins big awards each year, and with good reason. People stand in line out the door to get a slice or two of pie. During the holidays, there are lines out the door for people picking up pie orders made 2-3 days ahead.

The price of a savory pie slice is about $8.25, while the price of ordering a whole savory pie is $35. A sweet pie slice is slightly less, the whole sweet pie is $30.

The manager who works at I Street is great. He is always helpful and willing to help customers make a selection from so many choices.

Lunch hour and evening are busiest at the I Street location. Seating is very limited, mainly the window counter or across from the place where orders are placed. The I Street location in Chinatown is not open on weekends.

The vegan savory pie is so great that I will call ahead to find out what is available, then walk an hour for exercise, all for a slice of ratatouille (or yellow curry tofu) pie and salad. It is great every time, and I have a tough time deciding which I like better.

I haven't been to the H Street location yet but have been to the Chinatown location many times. It is very close to the Gallery Place metro stop for those traveling by train. Very much worth a visit!

Updated from previous review on 2017-03-08

Pros: Excellent vegan savory pies, comes with salad, The vegan sweet pies are highly rated also.., The manager is friendly and helpful.

Cons: There is limited seating, especially at lunch., There are no vegan quiche options. , This location is not open on weekends.


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02 May 2014

Oh vegan pie oh my

Haven't had pie since the holidays? It seems like most people only have pies for holiday celebrations or at a restaurant. This is probably because most people can't make pie crust or making pie simply takes a significant time commitment! Thank goodness for this pie bakery! Now you can have your vegan pie any time you please!!! The late hours are wonderful to support this need for pie.

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about which pies are vegan- the berry pies are always vegan. However, wouldn't it be great if some other sweet pies were vegan, too? It takes an army or... Just a few interested vegans asking regularly. Still, the berry choices are delicious like blackberry, cherry, blueberry and my fav berry combination: strawberry rhubarb! So good!!

The crusts are just about the best vegan pie crust I have eaten at a retail establishment. Not too thick or thin, and more importantly not too tough. The edge crust is a bit thick for my preferences, but I still devoured it! Great flavor to the crust and the fillings.

Savory pies in vegan form? Yes! Ratatouille, tofu curry, yum- there are a few rotating vegan savory pies to try, so don't be shy!

As for the prices, they are high, but if you have ever made a pie from scratch, you know why the cost is what it is. Worth it if you need pie, are in the neighborhood and have some money for the goods.

The flavors and staff are both amazing in their own way. You can sit down or take your pie slice to go. They will warm it for you, too!

I can't wait to go back, but my waistline can!

Pros: Incredible pie crust, Flavor profile delicious, Fresh and flaky crust!

Cons: More vegan sweet choices to add??

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