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Vegan cafe serving big breakfast and brunch plates, fusion bowls, plus smoothies, juices, and smoothie bowls. Kitchen is gluten-free, although oat milk is served in coffee. Has focus on sustainability. Reported closed April 2023.

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First Review by alyssakatelin


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28 Mar 2023

Greasy delicious food

Definitely the type of food when you feel like something super unhealthy. The fried chicken is amazing. Really expensive but worth it once in a while.

Pros: Fully vegan establishment , Delicious food

Cons: Expensive



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11 Feb 2023

All Vegan, GF & Tasty

Almost everything we’ve had at Crux has been tasty, with exception to sometimes overcooked & soggy food (popcorn Chick’n, 2 different dinner burgers & fries I’m talking about here) when getting takeaway on 3 occasions.
Dining in have not ever had that experience.
Personally I preferred when they did the non GF options, but they do do GF very well.
The venue is small & sometimes you have to wait but it is worth it as a treat. The mains are expensive but you can see love put into the food. However, there is a surcharge every weekend. Understandable when they say they pay their staff well, but the portion sizes of the sides has been so disappointing and inconsistent most occasions, it makes me feel that well what about your customers getting 10% extra of the cheaper items to make & being consistent with it.
As tasty as it was, 2 pieces of rice paper Bakon for $5 then add 10% on a weekend?! Considering I make this all the time, it would have to be a 300-400% from the cost of making it, to the mark up for them to make.
Hoping at least with the new bakon they make on site will be at least worth the cost. (Update: yes, it’s even more amazing!!)
The staff are lovely & make a good cuppa/ smoothie.
Pretty sure they are only taking card now.
Not overly wheelchair friendly as tables & chairs are tight-knit, tho they have a table outside on a nice day that could be sat at. Only 1 toilet is available & can be accessed, with some manoeuvring of tables and chairs.
Definitely worth going as a treat - as it’s easy to spend well over $100 for 3 people for brunch!

New Ownership although lovely the service has became slower, the still expensive but have dropped the weekend surcharge.
Wish they would add kid friendly portions/ prices.

*update* sadly, Crux is now permanently closed 😭

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-11

Pros: All vegan & gluten-free , Good Food , Clean venue

Cons: Expensive , Not really wheelchair friendly., Only open breakfast & lunch certain days.


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01 Jan 2023

changed ownership, the coffee tastes like dishwater food was decent slow tho 🥴

Ridiculously expensive!!!! Took 40mins to bring our smoothie out and over an hour for mains. Coffee was atrocious #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-01


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29 Dec 2022

Expensive and salty

We've been to crux quite a bit over the years and it just seems to be more salty each time. The concept of the egg is good but not worth what you pay. The facon isn't as good as the old rice paper bacon they use to do and just tastes like a salty, deep fried version of what you can get in the supermarkets. The coffee was terrible but the juices are really nice.

Pros: Good juices

Cons: Expensive, Salty, Terrible coffee


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05 Dec 2022

Nice but overpriced

The food in interesting & tasty but way overpriced.


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22 Oct 2022

Good but Pricey

Loved being able to pop a vegan egg, appreciate the hard work they put into making their food.


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Mostly Veg
07 Oct 2022

Very tasty decent sized meal!

Had a great lunch here today. Enjoyed some items we would not normally be able to eat like a cookies and cream milkshake. Had some delays getting food, but they picked up on it and were apologetic. Others seemed to be getting fed in good time.

Pros: Great vegan options, Everything is gluten free, Tasty as food, feels naughty to eat!

Cons: Priced on the higher side, but worth it imho


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07 Oct 2022

Would definitely come back

I had the Benny, really enjoyed the poached egg. Would love to come back to try the phish and some of the lunch items.

Pros: All vegan, Poached “egg”, Friendly staff

Cons: A touch expensive


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31 Jul 2022

Overpriced and overhyped

Been here a few times now and it’s been disappointing each time as far as value for money goes. It’s pricey for what you get in terms of size and menu options.

Pros: Friendly staff, Location away from busy area

Cons: Value for money


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11 Jul 2022

Good food but high prices

Food was great, lovely service, but smaller menu and very high prices compared to other similar cafes/restaurants. Actual location not ideal and the cafe is quite sterile with not much ambience

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-11


19 Oct 2022

The location was awful and the dining room felt low effort. The prices were embarrassing, truthfully. Like someone was over their head and instead of building a bigger customer base and business they just wanna pump and dump their customers. I drank a coffee and went and got lunch down the road at Sarah's Sister's which is 100% vegan now and suitable for povos like me who don't wade around with pockets full of gold dust. Lol.


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02 Jul 2022

Vegan eggs 🤯

Ordered the S'Mores pancakes, they're very sweet, a large serving and yummy AF. Probably wouldn't get the hot chocolate (sweet) again though.
The Benny with poached 'egg' was amazing and I will return one day to get it again - also a large serving.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-02

Pros: All vegan, Innovative , Friendly service

Cons: Expensive


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06 May 2022


By far the best facon I’ve ever had and the poached egg was so good!!!

Pros: Vegan restaurant, Amazing menu


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12 Feb 2022

really disappointed

disappointed ruined my birthday break fast

fake bacon was awesome
juices and coffee was nice

but i hated everything else was disgusting
2 meals 1 coffee and 1 juice

was $87.90
we legit didn't eat anything besides the fake bacon and even then it was good because it was the closest thing to bacon i've eaten but still wasn't like wow


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10 Dec 2021

A unique and one of a kind cafe

These guys make most of their own moc-meats, so bacon, chicken and egg and you will never taste it anywhere but here.

This is not a health cafe, this is a place you go if you want to be rolling out of the cafe. Everything I've had here was delicious and amazing. But be warn this place is $$$, the portions are big, but it'll cost around $75 for two people to dine out here.

If it was more affordable I would love to be a regular, but right now, I love to save up to go and visit Crux.


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01 Dec 2021

Amazing food and excellent service

I was in the area and wanted something nice for my birthday brunch, ordered the BLT with fries which was huge, delicious and extremely satisfying. Highly recommend.


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27 Mar 2021

One of the best

One of the best meals we’ve ever eaten. Everything vegan and gf. Expensive but definitely worth it. Huge serving sizes, couldn’t finish the pancakes, they’re better served for two people. The egg was incredible and so hard to believe it’s vegan.


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11 Mar 2021

A treat

Excellent food and service. Cosy atmosphere, great coffee.

Cons: Not cheap


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20 Jan 2021

Tasty but expensive

I am super proud of what these guys have done for vegan food in Adelaide. They are so passionate and obviously put a lot of thought into their tasty menu. For my personal liking I prefer healthier meals so the fake eggs/bacon doesn’t really keep me coming back that often. I do understand the appeal for others though and do think the meals they offer are delicious. I just don’t understand the 10% surcharge on weekends so that they can pay staff penalty rates. I have worked in many cafes and have always been paid penalty rates without the business passing this onto the customers. With prices that are much higher than other vegan cafes (JOF, lost deli) I can’t quite understand their rationale.

Pros: Vegan replicas of classic breakfasts

Cons: Expensive


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15 Jan 2021

Worth the trip for a special treat

This interesting brunch cafe was worth the trip out to Semaphore from the city. The space was modern, the staff super friendly and accommodating and the food delicious and clever. The Benny had the most convincing vegan egg I’ve experienced and the bacon was high quality too. The tofu scramble ($22), while undeniably tasty, was almost a bit too dense in texture and intense in flavour for me at that time of the morning. Portion sizes were huge and it took us a while to get through it all, but the prices matched. At $27 the Benny can only be called f*cking expensive, and if you added the hash browns you could have yourself a $30 breakfast. A very special treat.

Pros: Delicious food, Big portions, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive


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03 Jan 2021

Died & Gone to Heaven

For the better part I don’t miss much from my pre-vegan days. Occasionally something comes up that makes me wish I could have it just one more time but it’s rare. Except eggs benny. I used to love eggs benny and when I went vegan I kissed that one goodbye. Or so I thought. Today the hubby and I drove the hour and ten minutes to try the Crux eggs benny. I’d heard enough to know this was something worth driving for but I was skeptical. Could it really even come close? Of course it couldn’t but I wanted to see for myself. Holy cow Batman was it a knock out! BAM!! It didn’t come close. It damn well nailed it!! You would swear you were eating “the real thing”. Which I was, except a gazillion times better because it’s vegan. Meg Ryan’s diner orgasm had nothing on what was going on inside my body with that first mouthful. Could this be real? Yes my friends, it is. Crux has delivered an orgasm on a plate. Whom ever the genius is that worked out how to make this dish so damn perfect, I love you. Truly. If I die tonight my little veggie heart will die happy and content. Thank you.

Pros: Absolutely awesome food. , Super friendly staff. , Great atmosphere.

Cons: Need a “smoked salmon” eggs benny option., My belly wasn’t big enough to eat it all. , It’s too far to drive every day.


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21 Aug 2020

Highly overpriced

Ordered 2 burgers and it was $63!
For that price, I'd expect gourmet burger buns to be handmade in store.

Flavour was super tasty good but not a fan of the use of jackfruit as a meat substitute.

Weekends have a 10% surcharge.

Cons: Expensive


19 Oct 2022

Haha. The "weekend surcharge" was ridiculous when I was there in an empty cafe on the weekend. I ended leaving and not buying anything. At least say "weekday discount" rather than making people feel unwanted just because so many people do work during the week and don't have a choice. Lol.


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10 May 2020

Delicious and friendly

Nice small vegan cafe. Friendly staff. Mainly burgers of mock meat all made onsite. Not a big menu. Expensive but the food is fresh and a decent size portion.

Pros: Totally vegan, Delicious

Cons: Small menu, Expensive


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04 May 2020


I really can't praise this place high enough! The food is FANTASTIC - delicious and well presented. The place has a great vibe and awesome staff. The menu was already incredible and then they made everything gluten free as well! Haven't been back to try the newest menu items and cannot wait until I can.
Often a wait for a table because it's so popular (because it's amazing!), but they are fairly quick.

Pros: Incredible food, Completely gluten free, Great staff

Cons: A little expensive, but worth every penny, Sometimes wait for table as very popular


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06 Mar 2020

Great food! Big servings

I tried crux in 2018 and wasn’t wow-ed, but went back since new menu and the kitchen going GF in 2019 and thought NOW this is worth coming back for! The big breakfast was SO very good. Saw someone else get the cauliflower chicken waffles - so will be going back to get that! Its now 2020 and I’ve been back twice just for their vegan egg!

Pros: Friendly staff, Great juices & smoothies, Big servings


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29 Jan 2020

Excellent vegan food.

The sunnydaise vegan egg is amazing. Attention to detail to all dishes even the seemingly simple all have lots of flavour and unique style. 100% vegan. Limited seating means as it is always so busy there is always a long wait to be seated, but is worth the wait if you have the time. Only open breakfast and early lunch, hope they open for dinner soon. Quite expensive too but good for every now and then.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Not open evenings, always have to line up,


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09 Dec 2019


Good coffee but I would not recommend the food, a lot better options closer to the city for half the price.

Pros: lots of vegan options, good coffee

Cons: expensive, owner openly tells you she doesn’t eat the food


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24 Oct 2019


We popped into Crux for breakfast, my partner got the french toast with cream cheese and vanilla ice cream and loved it, she said it was one of the best breakfasts she's ever had.
However I got a big breakfast and have to admit the tofu scramble was by far the best I've ever had, aside from that the rest of the food was fine, but nothing amazing, I also added the rice paper bacon for an extra $5 and believe me when i say, don't get it, two little bit of fried rice paper with the texture of eating a fried sliver of clear rubber.
Id be keen to go back and try something else, but the big breakfast left much to be desired.

Pros: Bright, Grouse coffee, Friendly

Cons: Dont bother with the big breakfast

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