Ice cream parlor founded 2010 in Berkeley CA and has since expanded to include franchisees multiple cities. Specializes in ice cream sandwiches, and offers make-your-own. Ask for the vegan cookies and dairy-free ice cream flavors. Shakes and ice cream by the scoop available. Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-12:00am, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-2:00am, Sun 12:00pm-12:00am.

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First Review by RachMo


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22 Apr 2022

Cookies Rule Everything Around Me

There were three vegan cookie flavors and two vegan ice cream flavors. I chose Fudging Awesome cookies with Soy Mint Chip ice cream. Unlike the cookies, the soy flavors aren't labeled vegan, so I asked. I asked if any of the toppings were vegan. The employee confirmed the Oreos and another I can't remember. According to the menu, it appeared to me that an ice cream sandwich included a topping, but the employee didn't ask if I wanted any even though I had asked about them. I had expected the ice cream sandwich to be served in a small paper bag for handheld eating, so I was surprised it was served in a cup. Unfortunately, the employee gave me a plastic spoon before I could refuse. Both the cookie and ice cream were delicious. There are two small tables outside, but the loud strip mall parking lot was unpleasant.

Pros: open late

Cons: limited vegan cookie and ice cream flavors, plastic spoons



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18 Jan 2020

Vegan Milkshakes!!

CREAM offers vegan milkshakes! Just pick one of their three soy based ice creams, ask for soy milk, and no whip cream!

Pros: Two vegan cookie options, Two vegan ice cream options, Offers student discount

Cons: No vegan whipped cream


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07 Oct 2018

Excellent treat

Four different types of cookies and two ice cream choices for vegans. Excellent chocolate chip cookies and fudge cookies We made them info mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches Very friendly staff and clean shop


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23 Jun 2018


Iā€™m what you call a vegan junk food consumer! Lol love this place! Nothing better than a ice cream sandwich!

Pros: Cookies and ice cream!

Cons: Not many different options but better than nothin


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18 Jul 2017


This is just about the only place I know of in Fresno/Clovis with vegan ice cream and cookie options. Every time I've visited, they always have two soy milk ice cream flavors which are soy mint chocolate chip and soy blueberry. As for cookies, they have chocolate banana bliss, fudging awesome, and oatmeal crazy. My personal favorite is getting the mint chocolate chip and the fudging awesome cookies for the perfect combo! Depending on the worker sometimes they'll ask if it's an allergy or preference, for glove changes and whatnot. Overall great service and great ice cream!


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02 Oct 2016

Delish but could use more vegan flavors

They used to have soy vanilla and soy mint chocolate chip but last time I went the soy vanilla is a blueberry vanilla flavor. The blueberry was still delish but I wish they still kept the regular vanilla too to go with the chocolate cookies since I'm not a big fan of mint and they've got so many other dairy flavors. Still a cool place tho


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21 Feb 2016

The Soy Vegan Ice Cream Is Delicious, But Their Freshed-Baked Vegan Cookies Are Even Better!

I read the 1 review posted that said Cream had a soy ice cream... that wasn't Vegan? Something about that Non-Vegan ice cream comment didn't feel right. After all, why would a manufacturer go through the trouble of making a soy ice cream and not keep it Vegan? With Veganism on the rise, they would have more sales if the soy ice cream were Vegan, right?
So, I decided to check this soy ice cream out. Besides, our HC reviewer says they have good Vegan Cookies! And, we can still get a good Vegan dessert at Cream even if the soy ice cream isn't Vegan. So, my husband said, "Let's go!"
This Non-Vegan ice cream thing bothered me so much that I couldn't wait to find out and called Cream by my cell on the drive over. I told the guy who answered the phone someone posted a review on Cream and said the soy ice cream wasn't Vegan. But, the review said Cream was supposed to get some Vegan flavors in... so did Cream get them yet? The guy assured me the soy ice cream was Vegan. "Okay," I told him suspiciously... "We're coming over" and hung up.
Still, I kept wondering why would Cream would even offer "good" Vegan Cookies and then not carry any Vegan ice cream. Why? There's no logic in that!
Cream is an upbeat, sparkling-clean ice cream shop that is tastefully decorated with clever and original sayings on the storefront window (see photo). Inside it's even better. I took photos of the clearly labeled Vegan products. I gave poor Arman who was helping us in the store the third-degree interrogation treatment in my inquiry of the soy ice cream. I demanded to know why the reviewer stated the soy ice cream was not Vegan! Do they use eggs in the soy ice cream?
Arman was a very good sport and really helpful. Despite my disgruntled attitude, Arman's wide-eyed enthusiasm in his products shone through. He offered to check all the soy ice cream ingredients listed for me. Still skeptical, I took him up on it.
Arman returned in 5 minutes out of breath and told me, "NO, it's completely Vegan... 100%." I asked Arman again... why would our HC reviewer state the soy ice cream is not vegan. His look was sincere when he said, "I don't know. I think someone here just didn't know and made a mistake." I still gave him a hard time, but ordered a scoop anyway... and one each of the 3 Vegan cookies, which Arman warmed up in the oven for me.
I tipped Arman 15% for his trouble, but I wondered why Cream didn't just label the soy ice cream, Vegan. My husband just loved that soy ice cream. I only got a bite or two to taste it before he gobbled it up in the store. Then we tried to savor the Vegan Cookies back in the car, but they were unbelievably delicious... so warm, soft and melty with sweet goodness, that they were gone in mere seconds!
We were driving off, completely thrilled by Cream's Vegan soy ice cream and warm, fresh-baked Vegan cookies, but I kept wondering why a store that featured and clearly labeled these marvelous "Vegan" cookies (see photos), would not label the soy ice cream, "Vegan".
Then I suddenly realized that Vegans know Soy products are Vegan, so they would know to order the soy ice cream because it IS Vegan. However, some Vegans may not be able to eat soy. So very wisely, Cream clearly labels their Vegan ice cream as a Soy Product!
Mystery solved! Arman was right. Someone just made a mistake, that's all. But, this faux pas happenstance shows me that the owners of Cream really know the Vegan Community! I wouldn't even be surprised to learn the Cream Owners were Vegan themselves.
So thank you, Arman...for your patience, your enthusiasm and most of all your professionalism! I have thoroughly enjoyed my enlightening dessert experience at Cream and plan to make many happy return visits!


13 May 2016

I was the original reviewer and was 6 months pregnant when I went to Cream and was told the ice cream wasn't vegan. Oh were my cravings dreams dashed! :)
I recently saw your review and let me tell you, I read it with such anticipation, hoping you'd conclude that the soy ice creams are in fact vegan. The day I read it, I went back there for dessert and finally got my ice cream. Thank you for your investigation!


14 May 2016

Glad my review helped! I very much appreciated your detailed review as well. Hopefully both our reviews will help others if they read them!


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23 Sep 2015

Ice Cream Not Vegan

Unfortunately, the soy ice cream is not vegan (the cashier said they're working on getting a vegan flavor). The few flavors of vegan cookies I tried were good though! However, they are $1.99 each, as opposed to $0.89 like the regular cookies.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 23, 2015

Pros: Good Cookies

Cons: Ice Cream Not Vegan, Expensive Cookies

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