Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers tempeh and tofu as substitute for meat in some dishes. Gluten free options. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-8:00pm.

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First Review by veglogic


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08 Jan 2024

Great vegan options

Love the bowl options, appetizers and they have one vegan dessert

Pros: Great appetizers and nachos can be veganizes, Great bowl options , Vegan chocolate cake



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12 Nov 2023

Great vegan meal and dessert options

Cute restaurant with a variety of clearly labeled vegan options. And they had 3 vegan desserts- a peanut butter brownie, chocolate cake and Mexican chocolate cake. We ordered the tofu bowl and tempeh bowl, which were amazing! We didn’t get dessert but they did look fantastic.

Pros: Delicious food, Lots of vegan choices, Quick service


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18 Jul 2023

Pretty good

Got tacos, a bowl and a burrito. Everything was pretty good but definitely needed the hot sauce to add flavor. Ordered without beans but they gave me beans anyway. Plenty of choices which is nice!

Pros: Multiple options , Gluten free options , Good salsa

Cons: A bit bland without salsa, Forgot to leave off beans when asked


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26 Jun 2022

So accommodating

So many vegan options and is probably the most accommodating restaurant we have ever been to to not all be vegan. They will switch out ingredient. The bowls and burritos were so good. Only one vegan dessert (chocolate cake). Which was good. The bowls come in half or full. The half size was very large and was plenty!

Edit: went again and the half size portion was extremely small so not consistent with what I ordered last time ( Mesa Verde Bowl)

Edit: they now offer online ordering which is so much better!!

Updated from previous review on 2019-06-22

Pros: Lots of vegan options or can be made vegan , Happy to accommodate , Online ordering


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26 Jun 2022

unique and yummy!

lots of diverse options, super flavorful! i got the sedona bowl with the cranberry salsa and it was great! would definitely recommend. especially when traveling, it was nice to have something that didn’t feel greasy or heavy.

ps. the chocolate cake was SO good as well, super fun and exciting since i don’t get to get desserts at restaurants much as a vegan 🤗

Pros: lots of options , diverse and flavorful

Cons: very long wait for food :(


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29 Jan 2022

Delicious Burritos!

The staff is very knowledgeable of vegan items / options. They have tempeh and tofu for proteins, vegan aioli but no vegan cheeses. However, the vegan burrito (sub) blackened tofu was phenomenal! Full of flavor and just the right amount of spice!


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14 Nov 2021


Visiting Boone & this is the best place I’ve been! I had a tempeh bowl and there were many vegan options! It was warm & delicious.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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11 Nov 2021

Vegan but not great!

This place offers many vegan options which I do appreciate and feel gratitude for. Unfortunately the food just isn’t great. There’s a lack of spiciness/ flavor. It’s incredibly basic I was surprised that the black beans had little to no flavor. Bland overall even with the vegan aioli. Good if you are in the pinch. I will personally not be visiting again or recommending. I got the Sedona and it tasted like I was eating fajita veggies with rice and it was overall just unsatisfying. My partner got the Isabella burrito and he enjoyed it a bit more but we were unimpressed and were looking for something more.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Lacks flavor , The ambiance , Basic


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26 Sep 2021

Always delicious

Tons of vegan, gluten free options

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-26

Pros: Great tofu , Great appetizers and salsa


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06 Dec 2020


The food was delicious. Though this was not all vegan, there were plenty of vegan options. I ordered the Mesa Verde with tofu. It was so delicious. Afterwards I ordered the chocolate cake which was both vegan and gluten-free. I will definitely be returning to Coyote Kitchen on my next visit to Boone.

Pros: Friendly staff , Plenty of vegan options, Great value for the money

Cons: Limited seating but for good reasons (COVID 19)


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20 Jun 2020


The menu has a lot of options and is very clearly labeled. I got the Sedona Bowl. It was very spicy (which I like) and super delicious!


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07 Sep 2019

Love this place!!!

I almost always get the Sedona Bowl, which I love partly because I love the meal as described on the menu (as a vegan, I often have to ask restaurants to make dishes without something) and partly because it tastes completely delish. We often also get sweet potato fries, a fresh and tasty salad and/or chips and salsa to start out. In a way, I wish I lived closer; in another way, it's probably better I don't!! 😄

Pros: A good number of vegan options to choose from., Friendly, helpful staff & groovy vibe., Walls are decorated with art by local artists.


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24 Jun 2019


The first 3 bowl on the menu are vegan they were all good, staff and service was on point love this place


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17 Jun 2019

Great Restaurant for Dietary Restrictions

While travelling, I chose this restaurant because they have an entire page on their website detailing how well they handle dietary restrictions Vegan and gluten free diets are specifically mentioned, but they are happy to accommodate others as well. Both fryers are dedicated GF and one is dedicated Vegan! Our server even began by telling us that they are happy to customize any order. The best part is that they will substitute any ingredients for you rather than just leaving them off.

The table got the chips and mango salsa, which was the only mild option. It was plenty for the three of us and tasted good too. For the main, I ate a half portion the daily special, replacing the chicken with the blackened tempeh. It was delicious and the half size was plenty of food for me. I also got a side of the red aioli, which is just a spiced (but not spicy) vegan aioli. Their menu was also clearly marked with vegetarian and gluten free options. Most vegetarian options could be easily made vegan by subbing the cheese for something else. Our only complaint was the over use of the spicy blackening seasoning. It was in/on at least one ingredient in each person's plate! It was in my tempeh, on my mom's chicken, and (oddest of all) on her friend's sweet potato fries.

Pros: Lots of options, Creative vegan options, Friendly Staff

Cons: Blackening spice is on everything, including fries


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04 Jun 2019


They had lots of good vegan options, the waitress was happy to change menu options to make them vegan. The waitress said that she was a vegetarian too and was very understanding and helpful. The food was very good and versatile. Overall, it’s a great place for vegans and non-vegans alike.


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10 Jan 2019

so glad this was on Happy Cow

Excellent service & food. Staff was very friendly. Menu is not entirely Vegan, but so many options that were clearly marked. I had a 1/2 order of the Sedona Bowl, and my 18-MO Son got a Free "Pup's Plate" without the Cheese Quesadilla. The portions are generous. I ordered a second 1/2-size Sedona Bowl to go. CK also has a Vegan Chocolate Cake for desert, but I was too full to try it.

Pros: lots of Vegan Options


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14 Oct 2018

Great experience

I ordered the Sedona Bowl and couldn't have been happier with my choice. Absolutely delicious. Service was great as well.

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Casual, laid back atmosphere.

Cons: None


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04 Oct 2018

Great vegan options!

Never had a bad experience yet! You won't be disappointed. For vegan and non vegan alike!

Pros: Vegan options clearly marked, Many options, Great service

Cons: None! It's awesome!


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25 Jul 2018

Love their bowls with tempeh or tofu!

Good vegan options with unique flavors and ingredients! Love both the Sedona and the Nomad bowls. The fried plantains are also a must. Probably not the healthiest food but it’s tasty, filling, and flavorful. A great spot that will please everyone in your group. Prices are good for the portion sizes.


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01 Feb 2018


It’s easy to order here as they label vegan items on their menu. We loved their bowls and burritos. Their fried plantains are delicious and so are their salsas. They even made sure my son’s food didn’t come into contact with dairy on the same cooking surface (he has allergies).

Pros: vegan items labeled, great service, reasonable pricing


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29 May 2017

Yummy food for everyone

My husband and I are staying in the area and got a recommendation from our host about this place since I'm vegan. Great accommodations for anyone who is vegan, gluten-free, or anyone else! I got the Sedona bowl and it was great! The food is a bit heavy for being the cuisine it is, it's not by any means the healthiest food. But it's extremely filling and I think it's well worth the price. Alcohol is relatively inexpensive and I enjoyed the vegan cake.

Pros: Inexpensive, Accomadating, Portions


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Non Veg
04 Mar 2017

Great choice for a family with mixed dietary preferences

We found this place when planning a trip to Boone, and it was the perfect choice for a Friday night dinner with my vegan daughter, my picky meat-eating son and my husband and myself, who enjoy a beer with our meal! Lots of good options for all eaters. We really enjoyed the interesting variety of salsas and the surprising mix of flavors in our meals (e.g., plantains and pineapple in my burrito, strawberries and bananas in the salsa, etc.). Would definitely go again the next time we're in town!

Pros: Tasty food, Friendly staff, Good beer options

Cons: Crowded


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02 Jan 2017

5 Star Quality

Very kind, friendly staff. Even when they were busy, they sat us right away. Lots of meal options and even a vegan dessert was offered!

Pros: all

Cons: none


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01 Dec 2016

Great food

I've been here a couple of times and have left happy after each meal. Coyote has a variety of vegan and vegetarian options and are more than willing to make any alterations. Even though all of their options are great, I always go back to their Mesa Verde bowl.

Pros: Good food, Good portions


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04 Jul 2013

Messy presentation and flavors

I second a previous reviewer's concerns about cross-contamination of animal products into vegan food. The servers we encountered were nice enough and understood vegan diets, but there was also cheese stuck to the outside of our burritos. Also, every time I've eaten there I've gotten sick. This makes me wonder what slipped into the food I attempted to order animal product-free. They slather a spicy veganaise on anything your order vegan--making a lot of their food taste the same. Over all the presentation was messy, and so were their flavors.

I was impressed with their gluten free options--they even have different ciders and gluten free beers. For a place to advertise itself as being extremely vegan friendly, they need to clean up their actual cooking and make sure what goes out to a vegan customer is actually vegan.

If you're vegan and in Boone, I'd say go here in a pinch but check out the Hob [censored] cafe for safer and tastier options.

Pros: gluten free beer

Cons: animal product contamination


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Mostly Veg
22 May 2013

Excellent Food Great Value

They'll alter anything to be veg and most to be vegan. Impressively open and informed servers.

Pros: Eye Candy Waitpeople

Cons: Large Portions Too Many Choices


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09 Sep 2012

needs attention to detail

service slow, servers exude that "i'm so hip and i'm bored by you and this place" vibe, menu states they focus on vegan diet(as well as gluten free- 98% of items have dairy or meat on them but you can "edit" to make them vegan. my biggest fault with this place is that the food isn't clean- my vegan burrito had 3 hunks of chicken mixed in, my friends tempeh burrito had cheese shreds sticking to the outside of the tortilla.this ahs happened several times and to multiple vegans i know. i can't trust that my grilled veggies in a dish didn't cook next to or in animal fat. this coupled with the snotty attitudes of staff and general dirtiness makes this place a "NO" for me.

Pros: prices, variety

Cons: cross contamination, poor attitudes, cost

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