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Vegan eatery amongst other non-veg eateries. Serves Peruvian food with a twist. Fixed menu includes big soup, small salad, tea, and a main dish. Located on the first floor of Mercado Central. Open Mon-Fri 12:30pm-3:00pm.

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First Review by BluntAndChronic


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19 Oct 2023

Feel like a normal human being and eat at the market!

Dunno about you but I was super excited to find this place, cheap n cheerful, it felt so nice to eat with the locals! Not a common occurrence in south america as a vegan. The women who run this place are sooo lovely, it's a great place to practice some Spanish. The food is simple but feels nourishing, and I was the only gringa there. I went multiple times. Love it ! Go enjoy and say hola to the beautiful women who run it ❤

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-19

Pros: Local eatery, Cheeeeeap, 10 soles menu del dia with a tea, The women who run it are amazing!

Cons: Vvvv simple BUT still yum!!



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27 Jul 2023

10 Soles Menu del Dia 3 courses + drink

That's your vegetarian lunch for Huaraz. First floor in the mercado, lovely staff and changing menus. I went multiple times.


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24 May 2023

Comida maravilhosa

Uma das melhores comidas que experimentei no Peru. Foram 10 soles salada, sopa, prato principal e uma bebida.

Cada prato vem bem servido, bem temperado e com ingredientes muito variados e completos. Com muita certeza, voltarei mais vezes.

Observação: O comedor está localizado no 1° andar do mercado.
Entrei no mercado pelo térreo e foi uma experiência ruim, porque lá vendem carnes e o cheiro não é nada bom. Fiquei muito aliviada ao saber que o restaurante era em outra área, porque definitivamente não daria para comer no térreo.

Pros: Refeição completa , Valor acessível , Rapidez

Cons: Ter que passar pela parte com carne no mercado


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14 Mar 2023

Fixed menu for 9 soles

Quite tasty. Not incredible, but very good. The lady who owns it is super sweet. This could be a cultural difference but to me it was on the second floor, aka you go up one flight of stairs to find it inside the marketplace. My husband might say it’s on the first floor for the same reason though. (Canadian vs Belgians interpretation of what floor is what)


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03 Mar 2023

Best vegan lunch in Huaraz

Great lunch offer for 9 soles.

Pros: Tasty, Very cheap, Healthy


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27 Feb 2023

Unbeatable price performance

Awesome vegan meal at 9 soles.

Pros: Vegan menu

Cons: A bit hard to find in market upper floor.


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24 Oct 2022

Tradicional experience

It was a traditional cultural experience with good vegan food. The very friendly owner, a lady, who lives vegan for almost 40 years.

Pros: Complete menu with a tee for 9 soles, Very friendly owner


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12 Oct 2022

Authentic Peruvian vegan experience

How can you not love this place? The owner is the sweetest lady and has been vegan for decades. Her food is very healthy (she explained that she doesn't eat fried stuff and so on) and it's excellent value. Yes, it's true that it's not the most flavorful, but honestly that's the Andes for you. Sure, Lima is now known for its hip foodie restaurants, but traditionally and on the whole Peruvian food is not all that seasoned or complex. This is, frankly, as close to an authentic Peruvian lunch experience you're going to get as a vegan. Enjoy it!

Pros: All vegan, Great value, Authentic comedor experience

Cons: Not the most flavorful


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09 Sep 2022

Great lunch menu

The restaurant is situated on the second floor of the central market in Huaraz. They serve a really good lunch menu including a salad, a soup and a main plate as well as a tea for just 9 Soles. Also, the lady owning the restaurant is really nice, she sat down with us for a while and we had a nice chat.

Pros: Completely vegan , Lovely owner, Great price


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13 Jun 2022

Not recommended

The location is incorrect on Google maps. The main disappointed was that the food was completely tasteless. A big portion though with lettuce and a bit of shredded carrot on the side.

Pros: Big portion, Salad on a side

Cons: Tasteless food and drink , More expensive compared to other stands


14 Jun 2022

Hi! HappyCow is a community-updated site and depends on users to send in updates when information is not correct. Can you please send in an update (click change address and find the right map marker) to fix the Google Map location! Thanks! :)


14 Jun 2022

Hey there, it is on the first floor in the Mercado Central.😊


14 Jun 2022

I've changed the description to say the 1st floor, but the map marker still shows the same place - is Mercado Central in a different location? :)


14 Jun 2022

On this map, the location is correct. Only google has it somewhere else. And yes, Mercado Central's location is different from Comedor's. Mercado is here:


15 Jun 2022

OK, thank so much for letting us know!😄


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16 May 2022

Good and easy lunch

They offer a menu containing a soup, salad and rice with different sauces for little money. It will fill you up.


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13 Apr 2022

Nice place for lunch

9 soles for a menu which included a soup, main and drink. The drink tasted a bit like chlorine, but the food was good. It was fully vegan as well. I wish there would be at least two options to choose from on the daily menu.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-11

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Only one option


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29 Nov 2021

Tasty vegan menu in the main market

In the corner on the 2nd floor in the main mercado. Menu for 8 soles but come earlier if you wanna soup as well. Otherwise 6 soles without

Pros: Portions are big enough, Cheap, Location

Cons: -


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25 Nov 2021

filling, cheap and tasty!

really nice to see that el comedor vegetariano is still up and running!
the menu costs 8 soles for tea, soup, salad and the main course, and they are open from 12:30pm until whenever the food runs out (usually 2:30-3pm).

today there was a beet and carrot salad, veggie and quinoa soup and pachamanca with some seitan and a zucchini and pea stew. really good and filling! they charged us 6 soles because we didn’t order the soup.

definitivamente vale la pena ir a comer al comedor vegetariano, por 8 soles te dan un menú vegano y súper contundente. la chica que atendía dijo que no usan huevos ni lácteos! totalmente vegano!

Pros: price, large portions, quick service

Cons: nothing!


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28 Nov 2019

Great food stall - upstairs in the food court

Very tasty menu del dia for 8 soles. Includes drink, soup, main and salad.


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12 Sep 2019

yummy traditional food veganised

it's a bit tricky to find, upstairs in the food order to get there you have to pass countless meatselling stands, which are quite smelly and not nice at all. It's worth it though, once you find this little gem.

Food for lunch was served to us without asking. Salsa-Salad, mixed veggy soup and a rice/quinnoa dish with veggy sauce and fake meat and a camomille tea. All yummy, fake meat tasted too real, but was confirmed to be 100% vegan. 8 sole for the set.

It's so nice to see the locals eating vegan in this cosy little spot. amazing and so affordable.

Pros: local spot, cheap and yummy

Cons: not much choice if you're a fussy eater


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06 Sep 2018

Not Great

Although this place is a rare vegetarian-only restaurant in Huaraz, with large portions, the food tastes bland and was not hot. If you would feel content feeling full of bland vegetarian food, this place would be fine for you.

Pros: Sizable portions

Cons: Lukewarm food, Little flavor


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27 Jul 2018

So lovely

The owner is an old peruvian lady who is vegan over 30 years!!!
We went here for breakfast and in the afternoon for the menu of the day. You will have good peruvian food for a good price. And support someone with a big heart :)


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28 Mar 2018

Peruvian food

Small restaurant on second floor of mercado Central. Tasty Peruvian food. For 7 soles you will get a set menu of the day.

Pros: Big portions, cheap)


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17 Jan 2018

Hidden gem in the upstairs market!

TIny, hole in the wall eatery upstairs in the mercado central of Huaraz. Food is 100% vegan, portions are large, and the service is friendly. S/ 7 for a soup, salad, and main plate. Hard to beat! Especially awesome for vegan travelers that want to experience a classic Peruvian "menú" lunch deal.

Pros: Cheap, Big portions, All vegan

Cons: Rotating menu of the day, no options. , Tight open hours


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17 Oct 2017

Great value

We ate there on a few occasions, only 7 soles for salad, soup and main & herbal tea. Great value.


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28 Apr 2017

Cute little market vendor

This lovely little hidden market stall, second level of the orange building at the back, is a delight. It was 7 soles each for a salad, soup and veggies and rice what a winner. The ladies that run it are super lovely and will greet you with a smile. The flavor isn't anything to get excited about but 7 soles and a full belly gets my vote.

Pros: cheap, feeling full, happy tummy, supporting the l

Cons: flavor excitement on the lesser side


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22 Sep 2016

delicious and healthy

Had the quinoa soup with veggies and salad. was delicious and so big i couldnt eat the main!! crazy cheap for the amount of food you get!

Pros: healthy and cheap


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21 Oct 2015

Eat like a local

This is a nice simple market restaurant selling vegan Peruvian lunch (at least the meals were vegan the 3 times I ate there, they do however sell some honey based products).

For 6 soles (less than $2), you'll get a healthy and filling meal. Just keep in mind that if you just arrived in Peru, eating at a market might not be the best idea if your stomach is easily upset.

Pros: Healthy, Cheap

Cons: Only open for lunch


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22 Aug 2015

Vegan Peruvian Food

The restaurant has been at this location for 12 years. Very nice family and good cooking. I was happy to visit their lunch kiosk every day I was in Huaraz to eat delicious salad, soup, and main with tea for six soles. It's great to eat Peruvian food in the central market next to the other kiosks and have vegan food that is not just the daily menu minus the beef, fish, chicken, cheese, egg, etc. These are wholesome meals.

Pros: Cheap and Filling, Wholesome (quinoa, gluten, or legume) , Tasty

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