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Serves meat, vegan options available. Japanese curry house chain. Ask for the separate vegetarian menu which offers a number of vegetable and vegan curries, with/ spinach, mushroom, mix veg, or eggplant. These may be customized with extra ingredients. Curry is served with a portion of rice. Indicate spice level and portion size at the time of placing order. Must order from this menu for your curry to be vegan. On the regular menu, the vegetable curry contains meat, but you'll find a vegan salad or two. Note that not all branches provide vegan curry options, suggested to check ahead. This outlet is across the street from JR Akihabara station. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-12:00am.

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First Review by FoxxSau


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03 Jan 2024

Vegan 4 Life

The food is delicious. Vegans can have salad and add corn. Make sure to add the eggplant!! For an extra kick, make it spicy level 3, and you will be in for a sweat! Itadakimas!

Pros: Taste , Eggplant , Easy to order



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11 Dec 2023

Great curry

Very solid place to get curry in Tokyo. Clearly marked vegan curry, very fast service.


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09 Oct 2023

Good curry

Vegetable curry is good if you take a higher default spiciness. I found the regular too mild but with added roasted garlic chili oil it was perfect !


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26 Sep 2023

Cheap n cheerful

Ordering mechanism is fun but a little confusing if you're looking for the vegan option - ask a staff member to help you. I ordered a vegetarian vegetable curry with added aubergine and a naan bread (which was the stand out) You're able to choose your spice level. A decent curry for the price and super quick - also open late which is useful if you've had a day of sightseeing. Right by the station too :)

Pros: Decent food , Cheap , Good location

Cons: Hard to find vegan options , Limited vegan options


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13 Sep 2023

Great vegetarian curry

They have vegetarian curry, you can decide what you would like to add - vegetables, eggplant, mushroom, etc.. and you can choose spicy level.


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23 Aug 2023

Very good

Very good curry, you can decide the size of rice portion and spiciness


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17 Aug 2023

Me encantó

Llevaba tiempo queriendo venir a Japón y ahora que empiezo mi luna de miel era la ocasión idónea. Cuando se acercaba la fecha miraba restaurantes para vegetarianos y encontré éste. Tenía muchísimas ganas de venir y cuando se retrasó mi vuelo pensé que ya no cenábamos. Sorpresa la nuestra de que estaba abierto. Al entrar vimos que era un lugar acogedor y encima tenían pantallas en inglés para pedir, eso facilitó muchísimo todo. La comida y bebida llegó rapidísimo. Mi marido se pidió el curry con nato y yo el curry con espinacas. Estaba realmente bueno y tengo ganas de volver. Habían más opciones vegetarianas/veganas y ojalá tuvieran para el ramen o udon porque realmente lo probaríamos todo, además de que todo era muy barato. Muchísimas gracias por vuestra atención y espero que disfrutéis el sitio tanto como nosotros.

Pros: Precio-Calidad, Sabor, Servicio rápido y educado


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03 Aug 2023

Great curry

The curry is very good and I was glad I could choose the curry that is not spicy

Pros: Good curry


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27 May 2023

Not that Good

I wasn’t a huge fan of the curry. I got the vegetable curry with a slight spice level added to it. It was moderately filling and the prices were good but the food was just alright to me and honestly made me feel slightly nauseous afterwards. I do agree with previous reviewers that finding the vegan option was a bit difficult but a waiter showed kindly showed where on the menu it is. The vegan one clearly states “vegetable broth” next to the available options so don’t pick the veggie curry thinking it’s vegan/vegetarian (it’s not). It’s a fine place to go if you’re starving but I wish I would have chosen another place instead

Pros: Good prices, Nice staff

Cons: Taste was okay


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17 May 2023

They will lie to you

Do NOT go there if you are vegan. Their vegetable curry clearly contains meat. I clearly asked in Japanese if they had any vegan options with no meat nor dairy, and they recommended me the vegetable curry. Found bits of pork inside, and confronted he waiter who said that they were chopped onions. Checked on their website, and it clearly says their vegetable curry has pork (and chicken, and beef) in the sauce.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-17

Cons: Not vegan, They will lie to you


18 May 2023

I’m afraid you ordered the wrong thing. You have to ask for the vegetarian curry— that’s the sauce without meat. It’s listed in a separate section of the menu.


18 May 2023

I see, that is what some other comments mentionned. I couldn't find a separate section and asked the waiters instead. I trusted that they would recommend me the right thing. Thank you for your comment!


18 May 2023

Sorry you had that experience— I know the menu is confusing!


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18 Apr 2023

I love it so much!

Their mushroom curry and vegetable curry were absolutely amazing! I ordered spicy level 4 which is the perfect fit for me. Easy ordering via the tablet and lots of add-on options. Price is very reasonable too.


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26 Mar 2023

Cheap nice food

The ordering process was easy with the tablet at the table. I was able to find a PDF online listing all allergens. The CoColCHI curry is vegan, so you just have to make sure to pick vegan toppings.

Pros: Easy ordering w. English descriptions, Lots of options for toppings


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23 Mar 2023

Good vegetarian options

Near train station. Good variety of vegetarian options to choose from. Can customize to own preferences. Small seating area. Fast serving of food. Yummy!


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09 Mar 2023


Super yummy and fast, love the fake meat

Pros: You can really customize your order, Very yummy soy meat , Super filling

Cons: Sometimes it's very busy


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04 Mar 2023

Tasty & filling

The vegetable curry was a good and dense meal.


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27 Feb 2023

Decent option

We were looking for a restaurant that still has late opening hours so we chose this place. The menu has a few vegan options. I had the vegetable curry. It was good but nothing too special.
You can order through a tablet and choose the portion sizes yourself.

Pebbles K9

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08 Jan 2023

Easy to order from iPad

There are lots of Coco Curry locations and this was my first experience. After striking out at two other places looking for veggie food (one closed, one with an hour wait), this was a welcome relief.

I was able to use an iPad at our table to review the menu in English and order. I had the vegetable curry soup which clearly stated that it contains no animal ingredients. It was on the special/seasonal menu but it looked like there were other year round options as well. It was warm, nice and spicy, and game with a good size bowl of rice. You can add extra veggies and toppings as well and they have salads, too.


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03 Jan 2023

Awesome branch

This branch is super fast and delicious!


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27 Sep 2022

Delicious curry!

I love this place, the food is delicious and inexpensive. I especially recommend the eggplant curry!


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23 Nov 2020

Be specific

They have an anti-allergy curry and a vegan curry. The allergen free curry DOES have animal product in it. We ordered the wrong thing and they willingly exchanged it. Five Stars! (Except happy cow will only let me give them 4)


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Non Veg
30 Aug 2020

Tasty curry

It was really good. Over my expectation for this kind of franchise.

Mince soy meat Katsu (Daizu meat Menchi Katsu) is quite good.

I cannot find ingredient information of condiment (sauce and pickles) but I trust they don’t contain any animal base ingredient.

Pros: Quick and tasty, They have photo in the menu, Affordable price !!!

Cons: No information of sauce and pickles ingredient


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14 Feb 2020

Only rice

Only rice available, good to settle your hungry while touristing

Cons: Smells


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02 Feb 2020

Loved having vegan menus and curry.

Spicy level 1 is quite spicy.

Pros: There are 10 spicy levels.

Cons: Level 10 would be toooooo hot.


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10 Jan 2020

Tasty curry

Specialized restaurant on curry. There are at least 5 types of curry which have only vegetables, and it is marked as vegan (no animal ingredients on it).
It tastes so good. It is a type of franchise, and is not as “handmade” as you can expect but the flavour is very good.

Pros: Many vegan curry option, Very good price, Kind staff

Cons: Some kind of franchise


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25 Nov 2019

Would give 5 stars if I could!

Very flavorful curry, for an amazing price. You can customize your curry by how spicy you want it and how much rice you want with it.

Pros: Tasteful, Cheap, 4 vegan options


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05 Oct 2019

Delicious and convenient!

Vegetarian menu is available at this specific branch - the menu is also in English.

I ordered the Vegetarian Curry with Mushroom and okra (served separately). It was delicious! I enjoyed the complimentary pickled radish, which adds a refreshing touch to the curry.

The staff were friendly, polite and were able to communicate in English. This is also one of the more spacious Coco Ichibanya I have visited, so it is OK for groups of 4 people.

I noticed some people have issues with the vegetarian menu being “unavailable”. I think it is worth to share that not all Coco Ichibanya has the vegetarian menu. I have made this mistake in Nagoya before - I found some specks of meat after finishing most of my meal.

In Akiba there are two branches. If you search on Google Maps, the one in “Kanda” near Yodobashi Camera is the one with vegetarian option. Alternatively, you can also search on their website and filter for stores with vegetarian menu. Once you find the closest store, you can click on the link which opens the map coordinates and verifies you are headed towards the right one. Stores with vegetarian menu also has a English decal on their shop front - so you can also keep an eye out for that.

Pros: Good customer service, English friendly, Customisable toppings, rice servings, and spice le


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24 Aug 2019

Not vegetarian/vegan

Was very excited for Japanese curry and came to the Akihabara location but there is no vegetarian menu and he “vegetable curry” contains shrimp😒

Cons: Not vegan

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