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Vegetarian food truck company turned brick & mortar with several outlets throughout the Boston Metro Area. Serves burgers, sandwiches, vegetable platters, fries, daily soup, hot & cold beverages and more. Menu changes by the minute to keep up with daily available produce from farms in New England. For this reason, there is no set or static menu. Most dishes can be made vegan upon request. Open Mon-Sat 7:00am-8:00pm, Sun 11:00am-7:00pm.

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First Review by kobi


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23 Jan 2024

Mediocre at Best

So many people rave about the food, but it seems almost like the default late night food for a vegan simply because of hours.

When I go, I try different foods but tend to be disappointed by the taste, texture, and sometimes even temperature of clover.

Pros: Late hours

Cons: Taste of food is off



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19 Sep 2022

Light and flavorful

This place prove me wrong. Thought the food was going to be plain with no taste but it’s actually pretty good. It’s good for takeout or for a quick bite. It was my husband and I first time there and we ask the staff to show us what is vegan and there were 4 items that are vegan. We had the sharan, tomato soup and the chickpea fritter. It is more on the pricey side tho.

Pros: Friendly staff

Cons: Pricey, Not much vegan options


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Mostly Veg
10 Aug 2022


Update Weds 8/10/22:
Wow, its been almost 1 year since Ive come to Clover!!
The chickpea fritter pita is STILL my fav, but I also tried the vegan bbq seita pita...it was not bad, but ohhhhh that fritter !!!

Just like the other reviews attested....TRY THE CHICKPEA FRITTER !!!!

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-18


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26 Jul 2021


I and my husband have been going to this location on and off for three years. After our last experience and the fact that I've transitioned to veganism, we probably won't be going back.

A few years ago, my GI doctor had me on a gluten-free diet. I ordered the egg and eggplant platter and informed them up front that I was gluten-free and asked if they could accommodate, which they said yes, the egg and eggplant is gluten-free. Cool. I ended up getting a side salad that contained gluten, which I only noticed later on. The restaurant made it right (they didn't respond to my email and I eventually ended up leaving a Yelp review about the incident) and the manager was really nice the next few times I went in. I removed the Yelp review and was in love with Clover as ever.

I eventually was able to cease that diet and have since become an ethical vegan. The platters are almost impossible to order vegan because most of the side salads have cheese in them, and I've heard multiple stories of staff members at different Clover locations being antagonistic to vegan customers. Their business model is to "get carnivores to eat less meat to reduce greenhouse gas emissions", so I guess slapping cheese and eggs all over everything is the answer for them.

On our last visit, the music was untenably loud and the place was absolutely freezing. We could barely hear the person taking our order, who takes the order with a tablet and stands kind of awkwardly in front of where it looks like a cash register should be, but isn't. (I'm guessing they don't take cash? I would check.) The chairs are backless and made of metal that loudly echoes and scrapes throughout the restaurant. I got the feeling the vibe was to make people feel as uncomfortable as possible and leave quickly, even though we were the only people in the entire place on a Saturday.

A counter set up for customers to eat at is constantly taken up by boxes of vegetables and food prep items. I would strongly recommend getting your food to go and ordering by their "app" to pick it up. By the way, their app, which they would prefer you order through, is just a crappy mobile site.

As of our last visit in early-ish July, they didn't have soda (we were informed of this by the staff member saying 'still broken!' and patting a taped up tap which looked like a custom job, which is probably why it's still broken - hard to find someone to fix it.) Just a head's up.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-26

Pros: Meatless food, Trying to be environmentally friendly, Some staff were nice (pre-pandemic)

Cons: Many items covered in cheese or have eggs in them, Staff is bad with dietary restrictions, Extremely loud, industrial space


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10 May 2021

Vegan options legit

I tried the “Chickpea Fritter” AKA Falafel in pita, better than most I’ve had. Memphis hot fries were also a delight. Overall very filling portions, great flavor. Love to see these guys transition to fully vegan ingredients.

Pros: Fast service, Clear menu ingredients listed, Innovative

Cons: Smells of cheese, Cross-contamination is a risk for vegans, I’m vegan, btw


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21 Sep 2019

Vegan update - vegan mayo is back

I have been going to Clovers for a number of years mostly for lunch and dinner. Recently they shifted their mayo to an egg based mayo. There are far less options for vegans. Make sure you ask alot of questions. They use egg in their items with impossible burgers. Today was the 3rd time I left without ordering anything due to the lack of vegan salad options. I tried my luck yesterday and vegan sides are back!

Pros: Great place for a vegetarian bit, Drinks are creative

Cons: Not enough vegan options, Even less on glutenfree , Expensive


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11 Jun 2019

No Just[ice] Here

This has been a good spot for breakfast and to a lesser extent lunch, but a heads up to fellow vegans that they have been out of Just® products and may phase them out. Without the Just egg omelettes, vegan breakfast there consists of overpriced oatmeal and if you're lucky, a muffin. Lunch is basically just the chickpea fritter sandwich. I hope this improves!

FYI, their impossible meatballs are NOT vegan. Clover prepares them with eggs.

I hope that they are able to get Just products back, because the omelettes were excellent.

Pros: Staff are great (especially at Burlington spot), Vegan muffins, Just products (maybe no more)

Cons: Few choices, Kind of pricey (for a broke college student)


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10 Feb 2018

amazing food

great service and great food, I've only been here the once so far, and the seitan sandwich was insanely good. I'll be sure to come back and try some of the other options.

Pros: good vegan options


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14 Jan 2018

I really like but inconsistent

I really like this place and love that they have healthy vegan options that taste good, and the staff is always really nice, efficient, etc... I do have 2 complaints, however. 1) They run out of selections frequently, as in A LOT. In fact, at this point I always make a plan B when looking at the menu because chances are pretty good they won't have what I want, and they may not have Plan B either (which has happened to me a number of times). Gets kind of old/disappointing. 2) The quality is a little inconsistent, especially with the soups. Sometimes it's obvious they were running low on soup so they added a bunch of water so they could have enough to fill the order. Recently we went and the person I was with didn't have 3 bites of their soup and I ate mine even though it wasn't good. My friend told me this is the second time they've had that happen at this location and they were only going to go to the Cambridge location from now on. I am not as "offended" and am okay with rolling the soup dice from time to time, but it isn't dirt cheap food and you should get what you paid for vs. some watered down version. In their defense, they were probably afraid to say "We are out of soup too" since they were out of 2 other things we tried to order that night before we moved on to the soup. All that being said, I do like this restaurant. It's not perfect, but most of the time I leave there feeling glad I went there.

Pros: Healthy vegan selections, Kinda cool beverage selections, Staff that seems genuinely nice

Cons: Runs out of certain dishes a lot, Quality of soup extremely variable, Some items seem overpriced


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03 Apr 2017

Amazing healthy fast food!

My husband has dubbed the chickpea fritter sandwich the best vegan meal ever, and he's not vegan. I've only tried a few things here because I always order that sandwich, but it will change your life!

Pros: Amazing tasting food, Affordable, Fast


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05 May 2016

Fantastic fast food!

This was my first time so I can only speak to one menu item, the chickpea fritter platter. You have to specify vegan to ensure all of the side salads are vegan. The platter was DELICIOUS and I will go back again. Only 4 stars based on most dishes had dairy or eggs, but this dish was 5 stars.

Pros: super friendly staff, tasty, fast.

Cons: small menu


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13 Apr 2014

Best place for lunch in Burlington

I've worked in the area for several years and eaten at every local spot. There is no good vegan (or vegetarian) food around. Clover fills that lunchtime spot. The food is good and the staff is friendly.

I love the chickpea fritter and the BBQ seitan. It's also awesome that everything they use is compostable (utentils, cups, etc.)

I would wish they would update the menu more often, as I'm in there pretty frequently. Also, there is no vegan dessert, which I wish they would have!

Pros: Food

Cons: Menu doesn't rotate very often


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Mostly Veg
06 Feb 2014

You have to know what to order

My friend and I got the chickpea fritter platter and the bbq seitan platter. The chickpea platter was delicious but the bbq seitan platter was…so so. I would only recommend coming here for healthy fast food- grab it and go. Layout and vibe resembles chipotle. Wasn't great but wasn't bad.

Pros: Helpful staff

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