Restaurant serving vegan Vietnamese dishes. Menu is in Vietnamese and English.

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First Review by Ruddegur


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07 Jun 2023

Einfaches Essen sehr lecker zubereitet

Einheimisch, endlich mal kein modernes veganes Restaurants und unglaublich lecker und doch auch sehr einfach. „Buffet“ ist ebenfalls möglich. Wir kommen definitiv wieder!😄

Pros: Lecker, Freundliche Besitzer, Lokal, einheimisch



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24 Nov 2022

Nice, laidback place

And 100% vegan. Friendly owners


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07 Oct 2022

Super tasty and friendly

As others have mentioned the woman running the business and doing the cooking is very friendly. The food was fast, tasty and inexpensive. We didn’t have the right change to pay so she sent someone out to break our bill (so I’m guessing correct change would be appreciated in the future).

There wasn’t a buffet like the last reviewer mentioned, perhaps it depends on the time of day or month?


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21 Jul 2022

Buffet. Basic but good

This place is now called Com Chay Con Dao and is a buffet; no menu. The options were quite limited but tasty. The owner is lovely but has no English. It doesn't really matter though as it's definitely all vegan.

Pros: Tasty , Cheap

Cons: Options a bit limited.


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10 Feb 2021

Very sweet lady running the place

It was nice to find a totally vegan restaurant on Con Dao so we were keen to support it and went there twice during our stay.

The lady insisted on brining us more food than we’d ordered both times and I think she would have kept brining us dishes had we not have left. Though she wanted no extra money for this. The food was good, nothing amazing but what you’d expect from a little place like this. The only downside is that there were not many dishes available, this could well be due to the lack of tourists at the moment.

Pros: Totally vegan , You won’t leave hungry!

Cons: Not many options from the menu were available, Plastic straws


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06 Feb 2021

Brilliant vegan restaurant run by the sweetest woman

This place was a godsend in Con Dao. Fully vegan menu, the food was brilliant! And the woman running it is the sweetest lady!

Highly recommend!

Pros: Great vegan food, Lovely owner, Dogs


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18 Oct 2020

Lovely place with tasty food

The lady is really friendly and even gave some discounts on the food, always smiling! The food is cheap, plentiful and tasty. Definitely recommend to veggie/ vegans to come here for lunch/dinner. Some menu translations were a little off, but didn't matter as it was all good

Pros: Cheap, Friendly staff, Easy to find

Cons: Soup was v spicy, Menu translations not so accurate


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30 Sep 2020

Favourite place in Con Dao

Probably the only full vegetarian restaurant on the island, the food is good and the owner is lovely 👍


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01 Mar 2020

Our favorite place in Vietnam

We stayed on Con Son for two weeks and ate here every single day. The owner, a sweet hard-working lady that always has a big smile on her face, was our lifesaver! She works every day of the year, including Tet, when most restaurants are closed (like Tu Ba, which is the other place we’d highly recommend on the island). All her dishes are delicious and made with lots of love. We tried everything on the menu and the black pepper mushroom & tofu and garlic stir-fried morning glory was definitely our favourite combination! The lemongrass tofu is also a must-try. The dishes were well sized and we often got a little bit of extra tofu or vegetables if we had any rice left. Our meals was usually followed by a small free plate of fresh fruit. We found this place to be quite cheap compared to other places on the island, especially since we mostly drank the refreshing and free iced green tea (tra da). If there are more than three tables or so, it can take a bit longer for the food to come, because the owner runs the shop pretty much by herself with only sometimes help from another lovely lady. However, for us it was always worth the wait. The food is very tasty and the owner has the biggest heart, we were always happy to eat her food. We loved this place and highly recommend eating here (and going to Con Dao as a vegan)!

Pros: Very tasty food, Relatively cheap ($ for Con Dao), You will be welcomed with the biggest smile!


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31 Jan 2020

Best Option in town

Although the food is a little average (could be seasoned a little better) it is definitivly the best option in town. Plus the Ladies are really sweet and sometimes even give you a free refill.


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14 Dec 2019

Great Food, lovely owner and chef

We were looking around and didn’t found it first time. The day after we found a sign with healthy food. And we get much awesome food for a good and normal Vietnamese price. Try mushroom in black pepper

Pros: Only vegetarian and vegan food, Cheap, Lovely place with friendly stuff and owner

Cons: Difficult to find in the dark


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08 Aug 2019

It's a sweet little restaurant

The lady who owns the restaurant is really super cute!
The food we ordered was good.
We definitely will go there again.

(The restaurant isn't really clean. But it should be ok)


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16 May 2019

Not entirely vegan, food OK, everything else horrible

If you're vegan, don't come to Con Dao, the island is not worth being without tasty cheap vietnamese food you could have in other parts of Vietnam.
First of all - this place is not vegan, they serve cow milk to coffee.
Then, it just smells terribly. They have two cute dogs but they probably don't take care of them as they and the place itself stinks of them.
We ate there twice and then we decided to eat just fruit, that bad it was.
Both times we waited 1.5 hour for food even though we were alone there.
Once our order got mixed up, but we decided not to say anything because we didn't want to wait again 😅
And many other irritating things, but this review is long enough already.
Overall very bad experience.

Pros: Only vegetarian place in town

Cons: Place smells horribly, Long waiting, Very confused staff


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18 Mar 2019

SmallnBuddhist vegan restaurant

Many nuns come here to eat. Wonderful food, very friendly lady, simple menu. Not expensive.


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13 Feb 2019

Friendly but chaotic

We had a very nice time as owner and visitors were all lovely and open and relaxed. Food was very ok, only the hygiene at the place is questionable, leftover rice wanders to the next table and better not had seen the toilet. Still the only entirely vegetarian restaurant on the island and the nice elderly budhist ladies try their best.

Pros: All vegetarian, Very friendly, Nice terace

Cons: Chaotic, Only speak vietnamese, Hygiene


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27 Jan 2019

Great little place, all vegan

Really nice lady serving, all vegan food. They have a buffet on certain days (we went there on a saturday). The lady could hardly keep up with demand. The buffet was 80k , the"normal" meals are around 40k

Pros: All vegan

Cons: None


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24 Dec 2018

Nice vegetarian restaurant

Very friendly people, good freshly made food.


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23 Dec 2018

Good vegetarian restaurant

Good vegetarian restaurant. Portions a bit smaller than what I'm used to in Vietnam.


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04 Dec 2018

Nice little spot!

Great option on the island - simple, fresh & cheap prepared & served by a very friendly & welcoming lady. Will come here again!

Pros: Vegan, centrally located, cheap & cheerful

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