Vegan bakery cafe opened Apr 2021 by Chaumont Cafe next door and offering a similar Viennoiserie selection of croissants, cinnamon rolls, danishes, and tarts but in all vegan versions. Serves coffee and tea as well as a couple of savory options like avocado toast. Open Mon-Sun 6:30am-3:00pm.

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20 Feb 2024

Best ginger muffin and sourdough I've EVER had

This place has a vegan side and a non-vegan side, a little weird but still glad to support the vegan bakery that also has things like avocado toast and Just Egg omelet.
We also got the ginger muffin and a gluten-free hazelnut rose cake .
Boy, don't be counting your calories here. The omelette came piled with avocado and filled with tomato and onion, it was so delicious, but what was over the top was the moist sourdough bread that came with it. It was the best sourdough I have ever had bar none. As in ever.
And my ginger cake was so moist, again I rank it up there as in one of the best pastries I've ever had.
I wasn't as in love with the gluten-free hazelnut rose cake, but it was a good option for my husband who doesn't eat wheat and the hazelnut flavor was not too strong because truly if you don't like hazelnut as in my case it's hard to judge a hazelnut cake, right?
I took a surreptitious photo of a neighboring tables avocado toast it looked so good.
It has a comfortable little seating area.

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15 Feb 2024


This was a FANTASTIC find in Beverley Hills. They had the most beautiful, luxurious vegan baked goods I have ever seen. I was expecting the price tag to be hefty, but they were actually pretty reasonably priced considering the location and being vegan in general. I absolutely loved the filled croissant, and I had a delicious apple tart. They have seating outside where you can sit and enjoy your goodies with a nice cup of coffee!


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13 Feb 2024

Absolutely worth the hype

I think this one of the few legit places making vegan viennoiserie that has the unbelievable texture, flavor, and flakiness. I got croissants and pain au chocolat. I am definitely coming back to try their other things


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08 Feb 2024

Such a great find!

I am so happy I stumbled upon this place (thank you HappyCow)
Not only was the inside so cute and beautifully decorated, the pastries tasted so fresh and delicious.
We tried a Strawberry Croissant and a Apricot & Vanilla Twist - both had amazing flavor.
I also ordered a chai latte and was happy with it.
I wished there were more pastry options to choose from. They have many different croissant flavors, but besides the croissants, the only other pastries were Cinnamon Rolls or the Apricot Twists.
The parking was extremely difficult. We had to drive around the block many times until we finally found a parking spot, then still had to walk a few blocks in order to get there.

Pros: Fresh and Flaky pastries, Large drink menu , Beautiful decor, indoor seating

Cons: Parking situation , Limited pastry options


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25 Jan 2024


I’m glad I decided to treat myself and grab some sweets and coffee here because OMG I am still thinking about it weeks later. Imagine the best pastries you’ve ever had, it’s this place. Do yourself a favor and go!


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11 Jan 2024

Chaumont Vegan


The cinnamon roll was AMAZING and deliciously crispy. The pistachio croissant was OK, I just didn't like the filling, it was very sweet.

I'll be back!


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09 Jan 2024

Croissant Heaven

The best croissants I have ever had were here. They had a truffle “egg” croissant special twice and their earl grey croissants are so aesthetically pleasing and tasty.

Pros: Amazing food, Cute store, Outdoor seating

Cons: Varied hours, Parking?, Sells out fast


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08 Jan 2024

Omg wish I could give 6 stars

I don't even know where to begin about how much I love this place. Croissants are light and flaky. I honestly did not even tell I was eating vegan. And don't get me started about the different filled croissants. All of the ones with pastry cream are phenomenal. I am partial to the Ube and pistachio. The ones like strawberry that are just filled with jam are good, but I would prefer a plain or one with pastry cream. I also love the tarts. I do not care for their rose pastry cream.
I have tried two of their cakes, the gingerbread and the oil one and they were just OK

Pros: Best vegan croissants I have ever eaten, Two locations

Cons: Expensive


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27 Dec 2023

Nom Nom!

Fantastic croissants and lattés! #Veganuary


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26 Dec 2023

best vegan breakfast ive ever had

ordered the almond croissant and had very high expectations since this was my fav pastry as a kid before i was vegan. and i swear this wouldve changed my world back then ... and it did now as well. literally ate the entire thing. my mom ordered the feta omelette and she was shocked. the biggest struggle for her since going vegan has been eggs. her favourite food was eggs and she literally ate them multiple times a day back then. in manhattan its been a real struggle finding vegan restaurants tht serve egg substitutes. shes been missing them a lot. she just finished the entire omelette and told me she wanted three more lol. i tried it too and it was delicious and i never liked eggs even before i was vegan. i could totally see myself eating tht again ... and i literally thought i didnt like eggs. im obsessed w this place. theyve got great tea as well in pretty cups. with the omelette came a little side of bread and we usually disregard tht since bread is never tht good unless ur literally in france. i felt like we were in france. it was so spongey in the middle and nice and crispy around the edges. delicious. im totally gonna b full all day lol i feel great

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Pros: delicious food with a great variety of pastries, rly cute little french spot, kind staff

Cons: a little pricey but we are in beverly hills


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20 Dec 2023

Fancy Pastries Finally!

I love pastries and this place has a ton of variety. Not cookies or brownies but fancy stuff. It’s great! My bf likes their coffee.

Pros: Food, Decor, Music


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18 Dec 2023

Flaky croissants

The Ube Croissant was great, rich creamy ube filling in a light flaky pastry. They heated up the chocolate croissant for us, and the melted chocolate filling was exceptional.

The coffee was also strong and rich.

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16 Dec 2023


There is a meat location next door so be aware that the vegan restaurant is clearly labeled and to the left. Overall, really amazing bakery treats - I loved the Earl Grey croissant with the cream in the middle. We went twice - the first we got the jalapeño cheese pastry (fantastic!) and some sort of peach danish. We also tried the omelet and granola with a vanilla latte and matcha. Everything was so good. The second time we tried the traditional chocolate croissant (it was a little dry). We also got a dirty chai and a lavender matcha with an avocado toast and oatmeal. Everything was delicious. Highly recommend.

Pros: Bakery Treats , Coffee selection , Great location

Cons: NA


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01 Dec 2023

Croissants deliciosos em Beverly Hills

Que lugar agradável.

Tive uma excelente tarde no Chaumont Vegan provando dois belos croissants. Produtos de qualidade em um ambiente muito legal com mesas externas.

A visita ao Chaumont é perfeita para casar com um passeio por Beverly Hills e pela Rodeo, que fica bem próxima.

Pros: Totalmente vegano, Ambiente agradável, Comida saborosa


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29 Nov 2023

Pro tip: heated pastries

Everything is vegan and flaky and delicious and they even have a gluten free option! They will even heat your pastry up for you - worth it!

Pros: Many options, Gluten free option, Easy parking

Cons: Broken bathroom, Small, Limited seating


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03 Nov 2023

Mouth watering pastries

Flaky pastries like you would get in France.

Pros: Flaky, Pastries


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08 Oct 2023

Amazing pastries

Ordered breakfast from here, not cheap but well worth it.

The savory ham & cheese croissant was great, but the sweet ones were outstanding.

We got the cinnamon roll, strawberry jam croissant, and the pain au chocolat and they were all fabulous.

Can’t wait to try more of their stuff. Be sure to go/order early - I tried going after lunch once and they had nothing left!


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03 Sep 2023

Great place, close to rodeo drive

We had a pistachio croissant and almond pastry. Both full of cream, very good!


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Mostly Veg
26 Aug 2023

Not that expensive for Beverly Hills

We got an omelet, avocado toast, a pastry, and a drink for less than $50. It's not necessarily cheap, but for Beverly Hills I thought I'd have to break my wallet to eat. The omelet was very good, we recommend it! The avocado toast was very pretty but too crispy and a bit bland, and the pastry was nice. We were both full at the end.

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01 Aug 2023


Fantastic place for vegan breakfast and pastries. They had an amazing selection of different tasteful croissants and pastries, including berry, chocolate matcha and more. I tasted the chocolate orange-flavored croissant which was really good and not too sweet or artificial. I also had the vegan omelette which was the best one I've ever tasted. It was perfectly flavored with lots of herbs, vegan cheese, avocado and tomatoes. I would definitely recommend this place to others looking for a nice breakfast place in the area.

Pros: Tasty, Friendly staff, Nice environment


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29 Jun 2023

Simple Amazing!

This vegan bakery has a wide selection of croissants and pastries. The ambiance is really nice. Everything that I tried was very delicious and I will definitely be back to try more of their delicious sweets.

Pros: Wide selection, Amazing flavors


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14 May 2023

Holy Mother of Crossoients! GO HERE

These are the best Crossoients I’ve ever had, I go the Santa Monica location because it’s closer to me!

Pros: Tons of vegan options , Best Crossoients I’ve ever had, Unique flavors and options

Cons: Terrible matcha latte, Not open late enough


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02 May 2023

Love at first bite

I didn’t know what to expect at first other than the beautiful images I’ve seen circulating on their IG that looked amazing. Fortunately when we arrived they had plenty of pastries in stock near closing time. We ordered the almond and matcha croissants with a chai latte.
Without a doubt the first bite was incredibly delicious. Both croissants were equally amazing and enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised by the filling of the matcha pastry. It had plentiful amount of a sweet, creamy matcha filling. The almond croissant was my favorite and quite filling! The chai latte was also noteworthy and very satisfying.
I am pretty sure you can’t go wrong with any choice on the menu but you’re going to have to make some tough choices. I am definitely looking forward to returning back soon to sample the other amazing treats!

Pros: Vegan, High quality


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22 Apr 2023

Literal heaven

I will be dreaming of the olive jalapeño croissant forever.

Pros: Lots of unique vegan options


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25 Mar 2023


THE best vegan pastries I have EVER had! The Ube and Earl Grey croissants were a standout. Also, the batista makes an amazing espresso! Don't know how she does it, but she's a magician. Be sure to visit early though, they always seem to sell out by noon, which is a bit of a bummer. We went at 11.30 and they had 4 croissants left and nothing else. Which is a shame.

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Cons: A little pricey, Hard to find decent parking


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24 Mar 2023


Hands down the best viennoiseries I’ve ever had. I’ve never really been a huge fan of croissants, but it turns out I just haven’t been getting the good stuff. Go early for the best pastry case selection.

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20 Mar 2023

Cute French cafe

We got there too late (11:30 on Saturday) and a lot of treats had sold out. This place has a bunch of pastries and specializes in croissants. Not a huge fan of the sweet thick fillings but over all yummy

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