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2-1-24 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuoku, Osaka, Japan, 542-0085

Vegetarian cafe turned vegan in 2014. The lunch menu consists of a few set meals plus baked goods and espresso drinks. Menu includes bagel with hummus, risotto, salad, curry, soup, and vegan cakes. Emphasis is slow food using local produce. Quiet for the noisy Shinsaibashi area, on a side street off of the main drag. Cafe is located on the second floor, above a shop currently under renovation. Last orders 9:30pm. Open Mon 12:00pm-9:30pm, Wed-Sun 12:00pm-9:30pm.

Category: Vegan, Japanese, Western, Beer/Wine, Bakery

Reviews (61)

First Review by kat.ross

Cute lite organic meal - Edit

Small menu, but its a three course menu- app like item, entree like menu, and drink. I was surprised to get my drink at the end but I didn't mind. The espresso and latte were both amazing and very high quality. Got the potato quiche and it was very good, a small piece but presented so nicely and very good. The risotto was a great lite meal, fresh basil and a nice tomato sauce and a good sized for a lite lunch. The bagel and hummus was not for me. The bagel was peanut flavored and topped with chickpea spread- things I wouldn't think of putting together. But the veggies that came with the bagel were amazing- fresh lightly pickled beets and topped with fresh thyme. I would have been disappointed with the bagel as a meal if I was not sharing the risotto as well with my boyfriend.

Pros: Atmosphere , High quality espresso and lattes

Cons: Small menu

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Tasty and quiet - Edit

Not alot of veriaty but every thing was tasty. Not trying to imitate regular restaurants. A real vegan dishes. Feels like eating at home.

Pros: Tasty

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Simply delicious - Edit

I've loved this restaurant! It is a quiet place to taste some good vegan food. The owners are very nice and you can see them while preparing your food.
The food is very good and they have different things every day. I would definitely come back again.

Pros: Nice place , Friendly owners , Very good food

Cons: They have a menu which comprehends 3 courses, you

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Great bagel! - Edit

I was satisfied with my experience here! I really enjoyed the bagel set meal. I went here on a public holiday and EVERYthing else was closed.. so I was grateful to have a good vegan meal. I also got the apple juice and another bagel to go for later. Overall, I liked this cafe! I would recommend just going to get a few bagels for travel snacks or breakfast.

Pros: excellent hummus and bagel , Open on the holiday!, bagel to-go

Cons: not a lot of food, but enough

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closed before mentioned time - Edit

It says open till 10pm, but last order is 9:30. I got there 9:35 and they won't serve. :(

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VictoriaGarafola 13 May 2017 - That's pretty standard. You arrived after the last order was taken. The staff are human and want to finish work on time. No need to leave a poor review.

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Joyful, beautiful little cafe - Edit

This little cafe is beautiful. You walk up a tight set of stairs which are beautifully decorated as is the bright and calm sitting area. The staff are lovely, vegan food is gorgeous and inexpensive. I had the beet and chickpea potage soup followed by a hummus bagel and some of my partners split pea curry. Make this a priority to visit as a vegan when in Osaka.

Pros: portion size very fair, price is exceptional (1200 yen for 2 dish and coff, staff are lovely

Cons: none

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Food was OK - Edit

This restaurant is in a good location and is located upstairs. The room is very small and they cook right in front of you so you feel like you are in their home. The owners are very friendly and accommodating but service can take a while if the place is crowded as there are only two of them doing all the work. The food was good, slightly on the bland side with a limited menu. The restaurant also sells Vegan items for cooking.

Pros: Location, Friendly Owners

Cons: Limited Menu

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Bad and didn't come again - Edit

Bad service and food are just so so, there do not alllow additional people stay in the shop even do not allow sharing meals, each people have to order at least one set of food

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Osaka find - Edit

Definitely a must-try in Osaka!

Pros: Intimate place.

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Lovely - Edit

I can only repeat what has already been said. Quaint. An oasis of calm. Great food.

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feel good place with tasty food - Edit

This place is like an oasis in a desert. Shinsaibashi is super crowded always and so full of action. In between all this, stands Cafe ATl. U enter and see a sign which says I Hope for Peace... that by itself slows u down and tells u to be calm.
I had the lunch meal of veg salad with cous cous... this was amazing. So fresh and just a perfect start to the meal.
Then went for Bagel with garlic hummus. While this was a very good dish, I do feel that it's not a main. It actually could be an appetiser.
They also serve organic wine etc which was very nice.
All in all. All of above cost me 2309 yen which was ok too. The place plays Indian meditation music which was such a calming experience. Will recommend to all.

Pros: the ambience

Cons: bagel with humour shouldn't be Main.

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great spot, good food - Edit

quaint with a quiet, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing interior space - an appreciated refuge for an otherwise busy area town.

the food was simple and nutritious. not a knockout taste-wise, but still tasty and you can tell the ingredients were fresh and of good quality! recommended if you're close by.

(Google maps may warn you that this place is "permanently closed", but it is definitely not!)

Pros: location, ambiance

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Great place - Edit

Such a nice place, it really fulfilled my craving to be able to eat out with ease in Japan. It's so nice just to sit down and have the choice of an entire menu!!! The atmosphere is really relaxed, I felt quite comfortable taking my time even though the place is small. It feels very personal and friendly and there are a few vegan ingredients for sale too. I like practicing my Japanese (poor though it is), but the staff seemed to speak pretty good English too if that's something you need.

The food is healthy too as well as vegan. My bagel was homemade from brown flour which I have a really hard time finding here. It was so nice to have something unrefined too!

The only thing I would have like would have been some kind of coffee with milk (plant based of course) but not as much milk as a latte...I've been twice and as far as I can see there are several coffees without milk and the only one with is a latte. I like just a little bit of milk, maybe next time I can order an Americano with some milk on the side? Although it's not on the menu.

Pros: Great range of different choices on the menu, Food tastes great, home made from quality ing., Staff are friendly and give really nice service

Cons: I went twice in 4 months, menu didn't change., choice of milk coffee (soy ofcourse) is limited, ....errrrm nothing else I love it!

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Maybe if you're vegan...And you can't find an alternative. - Edit

I hesitate to give them a bad review because I'm sure they serve a lot of hungry vegans who can't find anything that meets their food standards.

However, in all honesty both my lunch & my friends lunch were very bland. I think there is a lot of better food out there waiting to be eaten. So I wouldn't recommend this place unless you're in the company of a very hungry strict vegan.

Also, it's a bit pricey for the what you get(taking location into consideration, they probably can't make it much cheaper tho).

The space itself is beautiful- very sunny, big windows overlooking a pretty street in Shinsaibashi. Very close to the station.

May be nicer to just have drinks and take in the vibes.

Pros: beautiful space, good location, kind staff

Cons: bland food, expensive

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Vegan Haven in Shinsaibashi - Edit

I've had both really nice and so-so experiences here, with a big variable in the type of ambience (sometimes it's extremely quiet at lunch time, for example, and other times it's packed). The couple who run it are really nice and always recognize me, usually asking how I am. Over the several (probably a dozen) times I've visited, they've occasionally appeared extremely tired- and I can't blame them as this is a very committed 2 person operation. The food is high quality in that it's almost entirely organic (I believe), and a lot of effort and care goes into it. The one major complaint is that they use too much oil in some dishes, including the curry and risotto, and also a bit too much salt in some things (like the hummus and some deli dishes). Those who are sensitive to this may prefer to go somewhere else (although it's a common problem at other cafes too).
One of their specialties is coffee, and this is a great place for an afternoon cup with your journal, laptop, or a friend (and maybe a piece of cake!).
There is a depressing pet shop across the street that always makes me sad; however the area is lively and convenient.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-24

Pros: Emphasis and care on organic produce, Nice decor and owners, Convenient location in Shinsaibashi

Cons: Some inconsistency in both ambience and food, Slightly on the pricey side, Too oily

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Nice vegan spot. - Edit

I came here for cake and coffee. The cake was banana and matcha, it was delicious. Would recommend coming for a cake if you are in he area. Found it difficult to find as the directions on the map are incorrect.

Pros: Great cake

Cons: Not the greatest of atmospheres

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only ok - Edit

i just tried to eat there. closed. sign on stairs.
i came back later.

last evening and had the prix fixe menu at 1500 + a beer for 700. definitely not worth it. all the food is prepared ahead of time and they just fill up a plate with mostly salad and some side dishes, none of which were extraordinary. the "quiche" was heated but the rest was cold. for that amount i'm expecting something really good, even in Osaka. i wont be back - there are better choices for vegans here.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-15

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Amazing hummus bagel!! - Edit

I always go for a lunch whenever I'm in Shinsaibashi area - the most crowded part of the city and This is the ONLY vegan eatery, not only that, they have an amazingly delicious home-made bagel and hummus, using a superb quality tahini sauce, and fantastic salad with hard-to-find organic red pepper.
I'm avoiding caffeine now (insomnia problem) they have really tasty soy non-coffee what a life-saver!!
I love the atmosphere whenever I come to this place, some really good idea pops up about myself then I go home very satisfied !!

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Very disappointing... - Edit

I went to Osaka with my best friend. We walked around Shinsaibashi and got really hungry so we were very happy that this place was so close and quite easy to find. I used the Happy Cow application and within 5 minutes we were already there.

It wasn't crowded so we could relax.
It was quiet, nice and clean.
First impression? Awesome.

But then...we ordered lunch.
I mentioned that I am allergic to wheat and that I can't eat oily dishes so the guy recommended me risotto.
My friend ordered curry.

When I saw my risotto I didn't know what to do.
It was VERY OILY, which I am super sensitive to.
I tried to eat that "thing" but it was horrible.
My friend, who is okay with oil, ate curry but she said that she didn't like it at all because it was too oily...

At the end I complained and said that well maybe the soup was okay (pumpkin-soy-something else soup, almost tasteless but acceptable) but I had said that I didn't want oily thing, yet I got SUPER OILY risotto.
The woman said that sometimes it is impossible to prepare vegetables without oil (did you boil rice in oil? lol ) and she didn't even say sorry.

I am never getting back there.

Pros: easy to find

Cons: oily and tasteless, quite expensive, the owners don't listen to their clients

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Disappointing - Edit

The only positive aspects of this restaurant were the convenient location, friendly atmosphere, and that it is completely vegan. However, we were very disappointed with our meal.

I ordered the vegetable curry with the quiche as an appetizer. The quiche was ok, but lacked flavor. The curry was very watery, not very pleasant in flavor, with only a few vegetables and no protein in there simply not filling. My boyfriend ordered a bagel with hummus and a cold corn soup as an appetizer. I actually really liked the corn soup. The bagel on the other hand was really just a bagel and hummus. No vegetables whatsoever, and the hummus was pretty bad.

Overall, if I were in the area again, I would definitely not go back.

Pros: Convenient location, Friendly atmosphere

Cons: Bland food, Small portions

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Extremely overpriced, bland food - Edit

This is, taste- and price-wise the worst restaurant I've visited in Japan. Paying 2,100¥ for a dinner set consisting of one cup of ordinary green tea, one super basic salad, one well-tasting but super tiny piece of bread plus an incredibly bland risotto with nearly no taste nor variation... And then being hungry one hour later because of the small portion sizes...
I find most meals to be very tasty (I'm easily satisfied), but I honestly don't understand how it is possible to make such bland, tasteless food

Pros: Friendly, kind staff, Nice location in Shinsaibashi

Cons: Very overpriced + super small servings, Bland/no taste, Left hungry & 2,100¥ lighter...

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gorgeous vegan cafe - Edit

Really loved this place . A little pricey but well worth . Set meal for dinner of entree , main and a drink . The food was delicious, well presented and very well made . The couple are friendly and very inviting .

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Delicious Food in a Great Location! - Edit

Nestled upstairs nearby Neco Republic (rescue cat cafe/shelter), Cafe Atl is a great place to enjoy a quiet lunch away from the hustle and bustle of Osaka's busy shopping street.

Set menus are quite limited but food is tasty. I had the vegan quiche (delicious!) and a bagel with hummus which was also good.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, staff kind and attentive. Definitely a great place to take a well-earned shopping break.

Pros: All vegan!, Inexpensive, Tasty food

Cons: Limited menu (sets only)

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It was ok but I wouldn't go back - Edit

In our travels I would say this was not one of my favourite places. I had a (squishy)tofu curry which I was not at all impressed with. The cafe was also expensive and the meals were quite small. It didn't help that the owner appeared to clean the toilet that was located near where we were seated and as he left the toilet he was carrying a huge wad of toilet paper which he tossed in the bin located in the kitchen area, washed his hands and then wiped them on the tea towel located about the coffee maching - this was very off puting.

Pros: Decor, location

Cons: Very bland , Portion size , prize

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One of my favorite vegan places in Osaka - Edit

I'm a regular at ATL. The food is always top-quality and the staff are really friendly. The menu changes seasonally, so there is always something new to try.
My favorite dish, which they have kept around for a while due to popular demand, is the bagel and hummus set. It's simple, but the homemade bagels are amazing and the creamy hummus is better than anything I manage to put together at home.
Their selection of organic wines is great! And the deserts are super tasty.

Pros: delicious, classy and cool atmosphere, very chill

Cons: perhaps a bit pricey

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Great food. Great vibe. - Edit

I visited Cafe Atl on the advice of a fellow Happy Cow Ambassador and was very glad I did! This place is located in the cool part of Osaka (Shinsaibashi) and is relatively easy to find. The owners (?) were very friendly and have created a warm and welcoming ambience. The food was delicious (mixed greens with couscous in a vinaigrette and mushroom/broccoli risotto in a tomato sauce) and well-portioned with nice presentation. An overall great experience! (maybe "Atl" stands for "All the love"???)

Pros: Great food, Great vibe, Great value.

Cons: Relatively small so you may have to wait, Limited options

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Cozy restaurant with delicious Vegan food - Edit

Conveniently located by Shinsai bridge, this place was a pleasant surprise.
Food was delicious, price reasonable, the place is cozy and welcoming, the owner (couple?) are so cute and friendly.

The soup was delicious, but rather cold... Not sure if it was on purpose not to kill the enzyme? B

Would love to visit there again!

Pros: convenient, delicious vegan food, friendly owner and staff

Cons: Soup was rather cold...

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