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"Bangin food" menu launched Nov 2020. Offers vegan burgers, sandwiches, meals, and desserts as well desserts, juices, and smoothies. Meal prep and catering services available. Open Mon 9:00am-8:00pm, Wed-Thu 9:00am-8:00pm, Fri-Sat 9:00am-12:00am, Sun 9:00am-10:00pm. Closed Tue.

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First Review by SimonFirestone


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11 Nov 2023

Good food mediocre experience

So we decided to split a Bomb 'N Burger and a Patty Melt. Both were really good, Bomb N' Burger was better in my opinion. The experience here was a little off-putting to me though. There were no tables inside so we had to sit outside in the sun. I also thought it was a little odd that we asked to dine in but still received our food in to-go boxes. The other thing was that when you order your food and pay with a card, it gives you an option to tip the receptionist/server (which I did) but AFTER I paid I was notified that the tip doesn't go to the receptionist at all and the only way they can get tipped is with cash. So I basically had just paid extra for nothing. Just aggravating that they would give you that option only to then say it doesn't actually go towards a tip.

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06 Nov 2023


Love everything we ordered. Didn’t take too long and the customer service was great! Would definitely be back next time we are in town.

Pros: Autumn Fest, Pancake Bowl, Burger


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06 Jul 2023

Soul food

Fried fish has seaweed in it so give it the fishy flavor. The shrimp had a close texture to real shrimp which was nice too. I liked the mac but it does have a sort of fishy/smell flavor to it (even the side of mac that was not mixed with the fried fish). I didn’t mind it as much but it was different. Overall very good, would recommend, and we were impressed.

Pros: Great prices n portions!

Cons: Plastic silverware


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21 May 2023

Delicious fried chick’n

I love the fried chick’n dinner here. It comes with brown rice, Mac n cheez, yams and I order sides of black eyed peas and collard greens.

Cons: Needs friendlier front end


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30 Apr 2023

Love the burritos

Everything we had was really good.

Pros: All vegan options , Delicious food

Cons: Expensive , A bit long to get food


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20 Apr 2023

Great food!

The staff was awesome, there are plenty of choices with some unique items. The food was great!

Pros: Fantastic food, Good portions, Friendly service and fair prices


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11 Feb 2023


This place has some great food and selection. Also has indoor/outdoor seating and all around nice place to grab breakfast/lunch. Only downfall really was the wait, I know we’re far from cities like NY and LA but a 30 min wait when it’s not busy seems a bit excessive. My suggestion is to order ahead for pick up, because it’s one of the best around town.


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08 Feb 2023

Best breakfast burrito on earth...

There's no way food can be this good. I haven't been to a soul food place before, but this revitalized me to the core without taking souls away from other individuals. All love, great place friendly staff!!


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10 Jan 2023


One of the best burgers I’ve ever had! #Veganuary

Pros: Great service


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09 Jan 2023

Good and crispy!

Got the chicken, rice, Mac combo. It was very good. The chicken batter was crispy and tasty. The consistency of the chicken was a little "fluffy" and would have preferred it more firm and chewy.

Pros: Tasty crunchy batter

Cons: Ordered water. Given a bottle automatically.


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09 Jan 2023

Good Battered Chick'n

I got the Chick'n Sandwich and it was great and filling. Chick'n had nice light breading which was tasty. Had combo options with more sides, including mac and cheese and rice.

Pros: Great chick'n breading, Fast and outdoor seating, Lots of option for sides

Cons: Not many drink options besides smoothies, Not a lot of seating if it had been busy


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01 Jan 2023


It was a great breakfast for us on New Year’s Day 2023 #Veganuary

Pros: Great options , The best breakfast burrito ever, Delicious

Cons: Order in advance


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22 Sep 2022

Great vegan spot

I went to C4Eats and I got the Citrus Rib Diner. It was so good. You won’t regret. It was bomb I also had the carrot cake which wasn’t bad.

Pros: Some food are good, Clean/ nice staff, Nice background

Cons: Dry rice , Some Food combo makes no sense


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22 Jul 2022

Tasty Variety and Color!

The space is colorful, the food is tasty, and the location is prime! Great for brunch, lunch, and beyond. Nice that everything is vegan 👌🏾

Pros: Everything's vegan, Nice variety, Tasty food!


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13 Jun 2022


WOW. I was feeling having breakfast and I decided to go for the Soy Free Pancake Breakfast. It includes 4 pancakes, seasoned house potatoes, field roast apple sage sausage & the grits. The grits were aaaamaaaazing, I added cheese and let me tell you *chefs kiss*. I’m glad I found this place, I have to come back and try the other options. 10/10 recommend

Pros: 100% vegan


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06 Jun 2022

Citrus Rib Wrap 😋👍🏽

The wrap was delicious and the fries were good as well.


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20 Mar 2022

Citrus rib wrap!!!

The citrus rib wrap (MRAP) was so good I think I’m going to have a hard time ever ordering something else! It was super juicy and flavorful, highly recommend! The staff was super nice and helpful. Great place located in a fun area of town.

Update: I went back a week after my first visit because the food was so delicious that my boyfriend and I couldn’t wait to go back! We took the trip out to Hollywood and ordered the same meals as last time: the MRAP (citrus rib wrap). Last time it was so incredible, it was good enough to make us think about it all week and make a special trip out there to have it again! Unfortunately, this visit showed us that the restaurant has some inconsistencies. There must have been a different chef working, because the MRAP tasted completely different. It was very tangy and almost had a Chinese food taste to it, as weird as that sounds. It was like a sweet and sour sauce. Last time it was less tangy and more saucy. There wasn’t any sauce on it this time, either, just the tangy sauce coating the vegan meat. Not sure if it even is supposed to come with sauce, but it did last time and it was delicious! Although still delicious, it was not what we ate last time and was honestly disappointing since we came all the way out there to eat it again after loving it so much the first time. On a lighter note, the fries were different as well, but I liked them better this time. First time they were thicker cut, this time they were skinny… keep THAT up, but please work on the consistency with the MRAP😒

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-13

Pros: Large menu, Amazing vegan meat

Cons: Inconsistent cooking style/recipe, Expensive


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04 Mar 2022

Wow! Great vegan food

Delicious food!!!


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28 Feb 2022

Delicious breakfast food

So many good options. Tried the pancake, egg, and sausage combo. Smoothie was delicious too!

Pros: All vegan , Nice staff , Nice outdoor seating


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25 Feb 2022

The food was just ok

I had the V conch dinner. The Mac n cheese was good, the rice was good. The conch (mushrooms in some fried thing) were super greasy, and so were the Brussel sprouts! (Full of oil) I only ate half of the dish and threw the rest...I also took an oreo cake to home and it was tasty.
They serve in plastic containers, even for eating in, which is not great..
I paid by card and wanted to leave a tip but the cashier told me that they were not receiving the tips. That is not great, especially coming from a vegan business. I wish the owner of C4eats would give the staff the tips because they are really nice and also because the tips are for them!!!! Its just the right thing to do.

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-21

Pros: All vegan, Nice staff

Cons: The dish I tasted was too greasy


29 Oct 2022

It's also wage theft and a federal crime. Will confirm and report to FBI.


11 Nov 2023

Had the same experience with the tip situation. Paid extra to leave a tip only to be told they only get it when it's in cash. That's just wrong.


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12 Feb 2022

M-80 Breakfast Burrito

We also order 2 juices as well. The staff was very friendly and assisted with suggestions. I highly recommend this place! #Veganuary

Pros: All vegan , Soy free options , Great music while you wait


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02 Jan 2022

Get the chick'n

The chicken and waffles was INSANE! SO good! Unfortunately my friends and I were split - two of us loved our meals and two of us not so much. My one friend wants to say "don't get the shrimp" LOL but really I would definitely recommend to try this place out. The mac, brussel sprouts, and fries were also great. The staff was also very nice.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-02

Pros: amazing chick'n & waffles, nice staff

Cons: not every menu item is as good as the chick'n


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24 Nov 2021

Fabulous breakfast!

Breakfast can be difficult to get being vegan but they nailed all 3 dishes we ordered! Best pancakes I’ve ever tasted, the bowl was delicious and the sausage sandwich had excellent flavor too!

Pros: Delicious, Variety of food offered

Cons: Portion size was middle ground


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24 Nov 2021

Vegan comfort food

The seafood platter has been my favorite thus far.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Late hours , Delivery

Cons: Expensive


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08 Oct 2021

Place was better before

The food tasted much better when the vegan guru worked there. Quality has definitely gone down

Pros: All vegan, Black owned, Options

Cons: Expensive, Inconsistent, Takes too long


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06 Sep 2021

Great All Day Breakfast

The breakfast platter was amazing!


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05 Sep 2021


I like the pink lemonade. I went and ate there with my parents, husband and two kids. What everyone had in common was that they liked the fries. Everything else was just not it. The food is overpriced and the portions are small. The biggest disappointment of all was the hotdog. The food states made to order but the hotdog tastes just like light life it was very thin for the price.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-05

Pros: Fries, Decor

Cons: Flavor, Food, Pricey

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