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Serves meat, vegan options available. Local burger restaurant but makes also a veggie burger.

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First Review by ivan420


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02 Dec 2021

They have beer and sweet potato fries. That’s the end to my positivity.

You cannot say this place has vegan options. I asked for the veggie burger abs gluten free bun due to eggs in their bread. They still kept pushing cheese and Mayo even though I said I was Vegan. The owner (I think) snickered. Even after delivering my burger kept asking if I wanted ranch or Mayo. Serviced with thousand island dressing anyway. Burger patty was as dry as cardboard even though I expect it with the bun.

Cons: What is Vegan?



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08 May 2020


My husband and I are vegetarian and sometimes do vegan diet as well. But this place had really amazing service, friendly, and no mistakes on anything. Will definitely go there again. Had the beyond burger with toppings and their home made veggie burger!! So good. Thanks guys.
Thanks for having these options.


Pros: Taste, location , service

Cons: Non, non , non


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19 Mar 2020

My favorite vegetarian burger

Burger Me serves a house vegetarian burger that is absolutely delicious, both in taste and texture. Unlike impossible/beyond burgers it doesn't taste like meat (not a fan). Pair it with sweet potato fries and you're in for a real treat.


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15 Sep 2019

Poison Me

After thorough discussions about vegan options and ordering vegan burger on lettuce, the waitress delivered it announcing was the veg burger. As I started to eat it it reminded me of real meat, I was getting grossed out and checked the receipt which said veggie burger. Then I bit down on what appeared to be a bone fragment and asked if this was a beyond meat patty or something of the like, they rushed in the back for a while and confirmed it was a cow. I ran to the bathroom and cried and made myself throw it up. Turns out my partner got the real veggie patty and I did not. For the record he said it was gross as well, falling apart mushy, etc. I would highly recommend you starve rather then step foot in this death trap. 9 years of no animals gone because someone made a 'mistake'. Gross.

Pros: They have a vegan patty

Cons: You might not get what you order, The vegan patty is mushy and falls apart


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15 Aug 2019

Impossible Burger Here!

They have the impossible burger here, which is great. However their buns are NOT vegan - they contain egg. Make sure to ask for no bun, no cheese, no mayo and no thousand island dressing. They have a option of wrapping it with lettuce instead of a bun and it’s very good! The workers are also very informed with the menu which is great for substitutions.

Pros: Lettuce wrap option , Informed workers , Reasonable price

Cons: Bun not vegan


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04 Aug 2019

Friendly and tasty

Good burger joint with a couple veggie options, lots of ability/ willingness to customize without judgement. Got an impossible burger in a lettuce wrap with grilled onion and avocado- delish!

Pros: Solid options, Ability to customize meal

Cons: Very slow- 30 minute wait for my food


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13 Aug 2018

possible egg in bun?

Was told by the server that all buns contained egg, had to choose the lettuce wrap.
I had the veggie patty with onions and avocado, was very yummy.


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02 Aug 2018

Now has Impossible burgers for $10.95

Get it with the Sweet potato fries!


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02 Aug 2018

"Slow food" fast food

A fast-food burger joint, farm-to-table style with locally-sourced fresh ingredients.

These guys now have two veggie burger choices, a house-made veggie burger and also one of those new science-y products, I think it was the "beyond burger".

Their house-made burger is yummy and satisfies my occasional junk food craving.

Pros: Two veggie burger choices, Video games, Yummy sweet potato fries

Cons: Not particuarly healthy. Not trying to be., Can be pretty chaotic at times., Cross contamination? Best not to think about it.

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