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Serves meat, vegan options available. Sandwich and burger place but with vegan choices like seitan fried chick'n and bacon, vegan cheese and burger. Open Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00.

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27 Sep 2023


I should start by saying I’m not the target demographic, I don’t eat a lot of burgers and wouldn’t usually find myself at an American style restaurant. Was here with non-vegans, and I also feel that a restaurant so meat-centric is not a place I’m likely to frequent. Staff seemed very unsure about vegan options when asked about them. One vegan at the table ordered the Reuben, which was thin and disappointing. I got the Soyul Burger, and found it so heavy and hard to eat. The other vegan who ordered a burger felt the same way. The vegan meat they use is similar to Beyond Meat but we have never seen it in Canada. We also ordered the vegan poutine….should have known better as Canadians that we would have been disappointed. I think if you like these kind of heavy, greasy, American burgers they seem to do it well. If you want something lighter, this isn’t the place.

Pros: Lots of vegan options although a meat restaurant, Specializes in one thing, Vegan milkshakes

Cons: Heavy, greasy, No lighter options, Staff didn’t know about the vegan section



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08 Sep 2023

Simple but lovely

Amazing burger options and also lots of poutine options which is quite different to other places! Had the plant burger and cheesy M&M with chips - simple but delicious dinner!


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29 Apr 2023

Great Burger Selection

Cute burger spot with a ton of vegan options!


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03 Jan 2023

Vegan burgers

Separate vegan menu and all pretty tasty


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31 Dec 2022


Absolutely amazing chick‘n and bac’n burgers 🍔🤤! Great for bringing non-vegan or vegetarian family members too. I would give 5 stars if I could!

Updated from previous review on 2018-05-06


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30 Dec 2022

Burgers paradise

As the name of the restaurant already mentions it’s about bread and meat. The restaurant has a vegan menu but it’s only burgers, even the sandwich option is a burger. Personally I am not a burger person, so I wouldn’t recommend it, if you want to have more options besides burgers


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19 Nov 2022

Not great but vegan options

Went for maple bacon fries but they only had gravy bacon fries now. The bacon was burnt but the fries and vegan motz with gravy was yummy for a snack


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23 Oct 2022


Good choice on the face of it with plenty of vegan sandwich, burger, fries, shake options. Had a delicious sandwich, but also a small bowl of what amounted to oven chips with gravy on that were sooo salty that's all I've really taken away as an aftertaste. Pretty expensive, that single sandwich and fries was eighteen pounds which feels like you should be getting a premium experience, but it just wasn't. Service was slow right up to the point when I was finished, when the plate was whisked away before I'd barely finished chewing. Seemed busy, but it feels like there is much more emphasis on getting a neverending stream of deliveroo orders out of the door rather than focusing on diners.

Pros: Nice selection of vegan options clearly marked

Cons: Overpriced for the portions, Slow service, Hit and miss on tastiness


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16 Oct 2022

Great vegan options including burgers and milkshakes

Lots of variety for vegans the bbq burger was amazing and nice to see vegan milkshakes on menu too

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly staff


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12 Aug 2022

Poor customer service

They didn't have any vegan cheese and waited till we had already ordered drinks to tell us.
I was then served a sad burger with half a tomato slice. Avoid at all cost.


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10 Aug 2022

Lovely food and staff

One of the best burgers I've had recently (got the soyul burger) and good value. Decent amount of vegan options and a good place to go when eating with others.
Staff were lovely.


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28 Mar 2022

Best vegan burger

Best vegan burger I ate in a restaurant so far, “this isn’t bacon” maple fries on the side were amazing as well. Tried the cheesy m&m as well as the bbq burger. Could be slightly bigger but definitely a must if you love burgers.

Pros: Great vegan options


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29 Sep 2021

Tasty food

We visited yesterday for dinner. Service was slow, but the restaurant was busy and the staff were really nice. We ordered the Angry Vegan and reuben sandwich with some chips and vegan milkshakes. Everything was delicious.

Pros: Decent vegan menu, Friendly staff, Good location


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07 Sep 2021

Burgers and loaded chips

Good selection of vegan burgers and loaded chips. I had the BBQ M&M BACON BURGER which uses moving mountains burgers and This isn’t bacon. The loaded vegan maple bacon fries were big enough for me and my partner to share and were not only generous in chips but in this isn’t bacon and maple syrup.

Pros: Several vegan options, Generous portions

Cons: Messy food, Toilets need improvement


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20 Aug 2021

Impressive Vegan food for an Omni place

Great burgers and vegan poutine, though I miss the vegan chicken burgers they used to do! Good option if dining out with non-vegans. Food is all really tasty and good quality.


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15 Aug 2021

Fantastic spot to dine with Omni friends

Delicious food and great customer service!

Pros: Lots of vegan options for meals, Vegan milkshakes!, Customer service

Cons: No desserts :(


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07 Jun 2021

Junk-Food Style Vegan Burgers

Full section on the menu devoted to vegans, which features the Moving Mountains Plant Based Burger, which if you’re looking for a burger with similar textures, consistency and taste it’s quite a good option. Have vegan cheese and other “meats” like vegan bacon featured.


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21 May 2021

Great vegan options

Great taste and plenty of vegan options


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14 Mar 2020

Worth visit

A lot of vegan options and their fries it’s just heaven


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08 Dec 2019

Good vegan options

Lots of options. I had the vegan cheese and bacon burger which was okay. It was a little tasteless though. The chips were nice and the vegan mayo dips are good. I’m not sure if I’d go back since it was quite expensive for a fairly tasteless burger.


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31 Aug 2019

Really great vegan options

Had 2 burgers and poutine which were all really delicious.

Pros: Huge portions , Vegan cheeseburger was the best


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19 Aug 2019

Surprisingly good vegan options for a burger place

I had a pretty good vegan burger. They have a whole section of the menu dedicated to it. I think they use the moving mountains b12 burger, which is nice. The staff seem clued up, for example I was told the onion rings weren't vegan due to the batter they were cooked in.


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15 Aug 2019

Lovely burgers

Great choice of vegan options - the burgers are delicious

Pros: Extensive choice , Good service , Nice atmosphere


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24 Jul 2019

The best burgers

such an awesome selection of clearly marked vegetarian/vegan options, I’d highly recommend the vegan buffalo sauce fries (my favorite) or the vegan poutine!


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01 Feb 2019

Outstanding burger, great service what's not to love?

Super busy Friday night in Edinburgh, queued for a table for about 20 mins. We've never been here before but had heard it had vegan options. Wasn't expecting too much, pleasantly surprised by the vast vegan options, choosing was hard (ish). We shared a small vegan poutine and I had the vegan carribean B12 burger. Burger was huge, poutine was delicious. Staff were freaky friendly and helpful even on a very busy night. Can't wait to come back and try more things of the menu.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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29 Jan 2019

Much improved

Had a disappointing meal here a year ago, but gave it another shot and I'm glad we did. The "beef" patty is great, I thoroughly enjoyed my bacon cheeseburger. Poutine was just ok. Chicken burger was rubbish last time but maybe they've changed it. Would happily go back again.

Updated from previous review on 2017-06-05


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13 Jan 2019

Great vegan comfort food in a busy location

Really great range of clearly marked vegan options on the menu, and staff are always able to answer any questions about the vegan-ness of menu items. The fried chick'n seitan burgers are fantastic and they do a ton of vegan sides, including bacon fries and poutine. They also have a range of vegan mayos to choose from on request. The only real downside is that Lothian Road is a busy area for offices and on weekday lunchtimes the restaurant is full of people on their lunch break, so you will often have to wait, and there's not a lot of room for people queuing to wait in. Despite this, it is always worth the wait.

Pros: Lots of clearly marked vegan options, Friendly staff

Cons: Very busy at lunchtime

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