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Serves meat, vegan options available. Indian restaurant. The vegetable curries without paneer or cream are vegan, although unlabeled. Note that lamb is served. Previously located at Belden Village St, Apr 2014. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-2:30pm, Mon-Thu 5:00pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 5:00pm-10:30pm, Sat 11:30am-3:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm.

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First Review by tgif66


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06 Dec 2022

Great Food/Slow Service

My fam and I had dinner on Monday night.
Restaurant was busy. Two servers were working.
We ordered Aloo Gobhi, Mushroom Mattar, and Baingan Bharta. It was all YUMMY x10000.
We ran out of rice and had to wait a good 10 minutes for refills. Water glasses were kept full which is awesome because we like our dishes level 4 spice hot.🔥🔥🔥🔥
We love it there just need to be patient due to the times we live in now. 😢
No photos sorry. I always forget. I enjoy the food and the experience too much. 😅

Pros: Vegan options x10, Good spice levels, Water glasses jet full

Cons: Expensive $14-$25 a plate, Not enough servers



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12 Aug 2019

Not many vegan options/poorly labeled

The staff was awesome but it was not clearly labeled what was vegan (only 2 vegan dishes and some appetizers) on of the dishes has cream in it but it is not labeled so BE CAREFUL! Its the spinach and chick pea dish it contains cream but it is not listed in ingredients. I had to ask the staff because my stomach started hurting.

Pros: Awesome staff, Some good options

Cons: Vegetarian stuff made with real milk


02 Feb 2022

When I was there they told me they can make any dish vegan upon request.


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19 Jul 2019

Wonderful buffet

The buffet is amazing! They have the Vegetarian/Vegan options in separate areas when you go through the line. The staff is always super friendly and helpful. One of the best vegan places in the area!


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23 Sep 2018


The buffet is straightforward and loaded with options for vegans here is a list of what i got

aloo tikka
chana masala
chana saag
pani poori (both potato and chickpea with tamarind chutney)
gobi manchurian
basmati rice (staple of course)
dal Makhani (yes they have a vegan one on the buffet)
Karahi Vegetables

Updated from previous review on 2018-09-22

Pros: easy to find vegan options, good buffet, helpful staff

Cons: none


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07 Jun 2016

They're the Bomb-ay

I've been eating at Bombay Sitar since way back before I went vegetarian at 16. My mom and I intended to eat at Aladdin's and found Bombay Sitar had taken its place. She was nervous; I was excited. The food was phenomenal and the staff gracious.

Fast forward to college, a lacto-ovo veg by this point. A friend who was also majoring in Spanish and I went to Bombay Sitar to eat. Imagine our surprise when our Indian waiter joined in our conversation in Spanish. Turns out his area of India had been colonized by the Spanish, and he was glad to hear one of his mother tongues. The food (buffet or menu) has always been great.

Fast forward to the last two years, now a vegan. Admittedly there's not much for me on the buffet, but my vegan and vegan-friendly friends and I like to go and create our own buffet by each ordering a different menu item in a vegan way and passing plates around. Prices have remained reasonable, the staff is always attentive and knowledgeable, and the food tastes amazing.

Pros: Great vegan food, Excellent staff, Reasonable prices

Cons: Buffet isn't vegan-friendly, I have to drive through Belden Village traffic to , Garlic naan can too be veganized. They just don't.


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24 Nov 2014

Excellent Buffet

Substantial veg variety of dishes, all delicious.

Pros: Selection, Atmosphere, Convenient To Akron Canton Airport


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05 Feb 2014

Great selection of foods, knowledgeable server

We found the most amazing server/hostess there when we went to try out Bombay Sitar (her name's Summer and she's nice and knowledgeable about vegan). She went through the menu and circled what was vegan or could easily be made vegan, she helped up order, wrote VEGAN really big across our ticket, and went back and spoke with the cooks to make sure that everything would be prepared vegan. What amazing service! If I got this kind of service every time I went out, I'd definitely go out a lot more. Here's what is vegan or can be made vegan:

Vegetable Pakora
Vegetable Samosa
Aloo Tikki
Chana Chaat

Soups and Salads
Multigatwanl Soup
Tomato Soup
Mixed Garden Salad
Kachumber Salad


Wheat Wonders
Anything that is made with wheat, make sure to ask for no butter

Vegetarian Specialties
Vegetable Jal Frazi
Saag Paneer (minus paneer)
Alo Palak
Alo Gobhi
Alo Chhole
Baiyngan Bharta
Bhindi Masala
Aloo Vindaloo
Dal Makhni
Chana Saag
Bombay Aloo
Tarka (yellow) Dal
Chana Masala

Chef Specialties
Karahi Vegetables

They have a range of spiciness, and I love to get the spiciest, "Indian," and it's super tasty. Not overwhelmingly spicy, honestly.

Also, look on their website for an $8 off $35 take out coupon. Big difference that makes!

The food was good here, the service was excellent. We haven't tried to buffet yet. We're still a little intimidated by trying to figure out ingredients on that one.

Pros: Excellent, knowledgeable service, Great spice/food, Coupon!


30 Jan 2019

if you want to try the buffet just ask and they will help you a lot


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10 May 2011

Great Service

My wife and I were in Canton for one night and we tried Bombay Sitar. The Vegan options there were more than the average restaurant, and our server was very friendly and knowledgable. She went through the menu telling us what was vegan, and she knew to have the chefs not cook with ghee.
My wife at the Aloo Gobi and I had the Bhindi Masala. Both were excellent, and went very well with the Roti bread we had on the side. This isn't an amazing restaurant, but it's very good, affordable, and friendly. If you're looking for something vegan in Canton, I would definitely recommend Bombay Sitar.

Pros: Food Quality, Service

Cons: Dry dishes (but we were told by server)


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06 Feb 2010


I highly recommend the lunch buffet at Bombay Sitar. They offer two sides to the buffet - one veg and one non-veg. There are always at least two vegan entrees on the buffet and always pakoras. You can order roti with no butter if vegan, but it is not on the buffet. Dinner is wonderful too, but the lunch buffet cannot be beat! The food is incredible.

Pros: friendly staff, large portions, excellent food


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27 Dec 2009


I had lunch at Bombay Sitar yesterday and it was absolutely delicious! The lunch was a buffet and they had a great assortment of hot, fresh, and very flavorful Indian dishes. This was the first Indian place I've ever seen that had pakoras on the buffet, which usually cost an arm and a leg but these were all you can eat... fantastic! There were plenty of vegetarian dishes and a few with chicken, but they were separated and labeled so there was no confusion. The staff was extremely nice and accomodating as well. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for great vegetarian food.

Pros: Friendly Service, Reasonably Priced, Delicious Food

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