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Self-service vegan buffet with various mock meat and vegetable dishes. Offers plate, drink, and small bowl of soup combo deal. Previously named Quang HD. Open Mon-Sun 10:30am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by cupcakeluu


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06 Sep 2023

Local vegan buffet

Maybe we have not caught the best timing for the buffet with rice, because we were a bit disappointed by the options. A lot of them were similar and all of them were heavily spiced. Taste was just okay in most cases.



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12 Jul 2023

Eating like a local

All you can eat buffet. Nice vegetables and flavourful tofu. 35K dong a person. Cheapest we’ve ever eaten on the island.

Pros: Nice atmosphere , Complimentary water and tea


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06 Jul 2023

Lovely restaurant

We went there in the evening (after buffet hours) so the choices were really limited. The people running this place are adorable and the rice noodle soup was sooo good ! Prices are reasonable and they charge you extra if you don't finish your plate which I think is a great thing to do!
Small hotpot for 2 is also enough to eat !


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Mostly Veg
14 Apr 2023

Best option for budget travellers

This restaurant run by a very friendly owner is an absolute blessing for low-budget vegetarian travellers and big-eaters. The VND35k-unlimited buffet with lots of options (veggies, tofu, some mock meats) is a great deal. Finally a place in VN where I can eat my fill and leave without the feeling that I need a little extra something! Noodle soups are very good too (30k). Another great plus is that they're also open in the evenings (unusual for cheap local veg' places in VN), but the buffet may be finished if you come after 7pm (sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn't). I loved this place!


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01 Apr 2023

Large variety and fixed price: 35k

Vegan restaurant on the main road. Food was sooo tasty and they had so many options.

Pros: Cheap, 35k meal with soup, Tasty delicious food , Good location

Cons: Not really a con, but nobody can speak English


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14 Mar 2023

Cannot understand the hype

We went there for the buffet. It was okay, but we didn’t really like all of the vegetables. Tofu and rice was good, but everything except for the rice was cold. Price is super cheap though. Maybe the hotpot or soup would have been a better option. Not a nice atmosphere as well, but at least a local and non-touristic place


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Mostly Veg
12 Mar 2023

Best Vietnamese Vegan Dish

I was here with my friends for Thai Mushroom Hotpot. Super tasty and affordable price. They open from afternoon to evening, so it was a great choice for lunch or dinner

Pros: Price, Tasty

Cons: No


Points +17

12 Mar 2023

Good mushroom hot pot

I was here because I want to try Vietnamese food how they eat vegetarian the food is good but it's not hot many different options for rice. But hot pot is much better

Pros: Good price


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17 Jan 2023

Best on the whole Island

Absolutely delicious all you can eat buffet for 25k dong (1€), virtually everything vegan, guaranteed everything vegetarian but haven't seen anything not vegan and have been there twice.


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Mostly Veg
06 Jan 2023

Great place

Lovely food as much as want and very inexpensive


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04 Jan 2023

Fantastic cheap vegan food

We‘ve Been Here several times, it’s really delicious. For 35k (30k for children) you will get fantastic Food. Recommend to visit at Lunch Time, because in the evening the choices Are limited and there will be no refill if something is empty. Free Tea!

Wir waren hier öfters. Für 35k (30k für Kinder) kannst du dir so oft einen Nachschlag vom Buffett holen, bis du satt bist. Am Besten kommt man zum Lunch, am Abend ist die Auswahl nicht mehr so gut und es wird nichts mehr nachgefüllt. Der Tofu ist köstlich, die Besitzer freundliche Tee gibt’s gratis.

Pros: Cheap Vegan Buffet for 35k, Best Tofu in Town, Friendly owners

Cons: No Refill in the Evening


Points +18

01 Jan 2023

Incredibly good buffet for the price

For 35k you get really good buffet with a bride variety of options if you’re not too late. The owners are really nice, been there a couple of times.

Pros: Bride variety buffet, Price

Cons: None


Points +58

09 Dec 2022


Sehr leckeres veganes Essen für 35k. Es gab zwar nicht allzu viel Auswahl aber Reis, Gemüse und Tofu und alles sehr lecker.


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25 Sep 2022

Vegan buffet

A huge variety of delicious vegan dishes for a very small price. Owner speaks a bit English.


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16 Apr 2022

Cheap and Very good buffet

I come here many for dinner, they have very good Vietnamese vegan dishes and many choices that they change everyday so I don’t get bored although I come here many many. Should try


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Non Veg
17 Jan 2021

One of the cleanest buffets

Great buffet and you get to serve yourself which I like. Nicely modern and super clean unlike many grubby com chay places. Best on the island imo


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08 Jul 2020

Dont like the sweet taste

The food was sweet, which I don't like. Probably they make for the flavour of southern people. The hotpot was sweet too but cheap, only 80k for a small pot. I feel like 30k is a bit steep for the buffet without refill.


Points +29

01 Mar 2020

It's a steal

Buffet, as of 1/mar/20 costs 40k VND.
For that you get rice and 10-12 dishes of your choosing (including 1-2 soups). Ice tea is also available free of charge.
Everything tasted nice and with this many dishes I'm sure everyone finds something they like.
Some might miss fresh veggies, but this is a typical Asian cuisine, where everything needs to be boiled/roasted/deep fried, so I wouldn't lower the score for that
Also: the best seaweed soup. It actually was thick with seaweed, unlike majority of soups I had before. Loved it!

Pros: Tasty, inexpensive, many dishes to choose from


Points +52

06 Jan 2020

Best Vegan Buffet In Town

A large and varied selection of vegetable and tofu/seitan dishes. The food is vibrant in color and aren't over-cooked. All you can eat for only 30K. They are also know for their hot pots (mushroom or Thai) because of the broths.


Points +611

03 Jan 2020

Good value for money

Selve service buffet just outside the main centre of town. The food was good and lots of variety but it quickly ran out and when going back for more were less dishes available. This may have just been the timing but we ate there at about 6pm so not too late. You get what you pay for, very cheap and good value.


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31 Dec 2019

Delicious food for little money

The owners are very lovely. They serve vegan hot pots and yummy pho in the morning. Afyer 10.30 they offer vegan buffet with heaps of delicious options. It's so cheap, a pho cost 25000 and all you can eat buffet 30000

Pros: Super cheap, yummy food, lovely owners


Points +331

28 Dec 2019

The best vegan buffet ever

We’ve been travelling SE Asia for 3 months and this is some of the best food we’ve eaten. Came here 4 times (twice in one day). Seriously good variety and the food is really high quality. It’s busy all the time full of mostly locals. And only 30k (£1) for all you can eat buffet water and ice tea.

Pros: 30k - v cheap! , Delicious , All vegan


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23 Dec 2019

Great buffet! 30k

I ate here seven times. Good variation of dishes. Be on time here, because after an hour or two the food is run out and they won’t make more.

There is also small menu. Hot pot and noodle soups. I didn’t try these because the buffet was so great.


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08 Dec 2019

Very good vegan buffet

Very good vegan all you can eat buffet. The Lemongrass Tofu is amazing. be sure to be there 1h for buffet ending, so that you have all the choices.

some articles in their shop aren't vegan (not even vegetarian because of gelatin)

Pros: very good vegan buffet, cheap, all you can eat

Cons: some non-vegan options in their shop at entrance


Points +20

01 Nov 2019

What a vegan buffet!

This place is guys unreal!

Amazing vegan buffet from 10:30 am (I believe till 2pm) or then from 4:30 pm (I believe till 10pm as the closing time was not specified anywhere) with soup, water and ice tea included all together JUST FOR 30.000 VND(approx. £1) !!!

The owners do not speak English and we did not meet any tourists however we felt very welcome and left super full :)

Once in Phu Quoc, please DO NOT miss this hidden gem!!!


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27 Oct 2019


Just had lunch/brunch there and the buffet is amazing and so affordable for travelers. Fresh, lots of flavour and very nice place. I served myself like 3 times, awesome place! Lots of locals 2 and occasional travelers!


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23 Apr 2019

Still open

30k for a vegan buffet slot, good

Pros: Lot of vegan options

Cons: A bit far from the beach, but worth walking

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