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Organic produce, deli, vitamins. Open Mon-Fri 9:30am-7:30pm, Sat 9:30am-6:00pm, Sun 11:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by tollyholly


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13 May 2019

Double the price

Tons of variety however it is the most expensive store you will ever go to. Why should anyone pay almost $7 for Amy’s Kitchen frozen meals when Wegmans sells them for $3.99? They are thieves!! It’s such a shame.



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28 Mar 2019


Always friendly and helpful service. Lots of Vegan/Vegetarian options. One of the few places around that focus on health and wellness. I just had a Vegan Sweet potato burger in a wrap and a three bean salad. Delicious. All you need for your one stop health shop!
I take the good with some bad. No There me or place is perfect. The only downside that I see is that at times the produce is old and some of the frozen food is out dated.

Pros: Lots of Vegan and Vegetarian optiins, Always helpful

Cons: Sometimes some of the prodicenis old, Some of the frozen food is out dated


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27 Mar 2019

Great place!

They keep getting more and more vegan stuff! They will also special order for you if there is a particular item you don’t see.

Pros: Lots of vegan option, Kombucha on tap


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02 Mar 2010


All I can say is the comments here are ridiculous.
It seems there is more anger towards a woman who works at the store then the store.
There are very few healthy choices today.
This store is one of them.
If you want to know about nuitrition or health, speak to JOHN at this store.
He is a real expert and will help you.
As for the store itself, there is enough variety of A to Z plus a hot and cold side bar with juices (tables to sit).
The current staff is very friendly and always ask for a Box instead of a bag.
Check it out.
No, I do not work for these people or know the owner.
I can tell you I have been a customer for over 17 years.

Pros: Variety, Taste, Expertise

Cons: Hours need to be longer, Store should be expanded, Need for a Green festival in NJ


22 Feb 2013

John has no medical training and treats people very rudely, inappropriately, especially towards women, the owners know yet choose to allow it. All the other workers know it too, they shrug and say the owners can do nothing about him. He's what's wrong in w HF in Trenton. The deli has NOTHING vegan, all meat. Worst HF store I have ever been to, tied maybe with the other one. Past date food


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19 Sep 2008

Will tell you what I told the owner

Other constructive ideas: try not to sell produce that is withered and moldy; it may help reduce the number of flies swarming the entire produce section and be more inviting. Also, they may want to check the date of the tofu, tempehs since they are ALWAYS expired. They simply, after ex-date, move them to the freezer, so you buy the spoiled, then frozen, tofu or tempeh.

Another suggestion: don't put the meat and tofu together, especially when the meat leak. It is NOT appealing to those of us who eat veggie.

The last suggestion I will make is to have a vegan option at your deli. All the meat really gives a bad indicator of what a HF store can be. Refusing to make a veggie sandwich w/o mayo is almost offensive. Why not offer something for vegans, whom there are many in your area, but do not go to your store due to the reasons listed above, which I also mentioned to Rudy.

HF stores are supposed to be the cornerstone of a community, at least in my world. This is NOT. This is a sad place to go, I never sing in the produce section, nor felt any joy, or enjoyed a conversation there; all traits of a great HF Store.
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15 Jul 2008

Will do in a pinch

I have to agree with the other posters who noted that the staff (mostly just the owners) is often rude (condescending was a very good description!) and items are often past the expiration date. In fact, they purposely freeze a lot of stuff (e.g. veggie dogs, tofurky-type lunch meat) that only requires refrigeration so that they can sell it past the expiration date.

Their selection is pretty good, and I've never asked them to order something they don't have so I can't complain about that. But their attitude makes it such that I avoid interaction with staff at all costs. They have a good and pretty reasonably-priced selection of pre-packaged bulk foods like dried fruits, sesame sticks, popcorn, etc.

I do find it annoying that most of their deli selection isn't vegan... even their tofu salad has egg-mayo and stuff like that. They do now have a vegan tempeh salad sandwich, though I haven't tried it. Tried the vegan chili and it was totally bland. I could make something better in about 5 minutes.

If the staff was nicer I wouldn't mind going there and paying the higher prices. I live right down the street from this place so I go there when I need something quick. And though I usually like to support small businesses, if Whole Foods was closer, I'd go there instead.

Pros: close to home, cheap sesame sticks and bulk goods, some vegan take-out options

Cons: not-so-friendly staff, items sometimes expired, not enough tasty vegan take-out options


12 Feb 2012

Update: Most everything's still the same at Black Forest but they have added some vegan take-out options at the deli that are good. Different every day though so you can't be sure what you want will be there. The sloppy joe's is my favorite. It's made with TVP and they give a huge portion along with a whole wheat bun (I'm not 100% sure of the vegan-ness of the bun actually). There was also a garlic chickpea cous cous that was great, though I haven't seen it there recently (I wonder if I could request it?). They also make a good tempeh stew and "tofu italiano". They are reasonably priced, too. I often make a stop there when I don't feel like cooking.

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