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Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers vegan panini, vegan croissant and vegan pizza. Also serves coffee.

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First Review by etayoun


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15 Nov 2023

At least an option

We had the vegan Burger (same as last year, same time). There's not much on it and the patty is quite sweet. The potatoe wedges were okaish.

Pros: Seating available



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05 Nov 2023


I appreciate the options, but it’s not the greatest. The vegan options I saw were a salad, a yogurt, and chocolate almond milk. The salad looked good, but was very dry and bland. The dressing was balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil, but it didn’t seem to do enough. The peach yogurt was good though.


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10 Aug 2023


They had a vegan burger and a vegan salad. I had the burger, it was edible.


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08 Aug 2023

1 Vegan Option

Only vegan option was grilled veg sandwich which was ok (hate A)

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-08


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12 Jul 2023

Vegan options so I’m happy

The cheese pie was super dry and a bit blend, but filling so I’m grateful. (Departure hall) Vegan Apple cinnamon donut super sweet, but delicious. And they have soy and almond milk and decaf coffee for cappuccino. (B gates) It’s a good day at the airport haha.
They also had a vegan falafel wrap. Croissant wasn’t there when I was there. Everything is clearly labelled vegan.

Pros: Vegan options , Savoury, sweet and soy milk , Clearly labelled vegan options!

Cons: Selection’s different at all locations , Probably extensive, but it’s an airport , -


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30 Jun 2023

Only vegan options available in Gate B area

I love that they had a couple vegan options! Tahini pie (warm), pre-packaged pasta salad with vegetables/tahini in fridge
& Some vegan snacks too, like chips & oreos. Plus fresh orange juice

Pros: Only warm food vegan option in this airport area

Cons: Limited vegan options


Points +202

31 Dec 2022

Low effort

Lack of selection - we had the rice and veg. Other options were a vegan burger and salad.

Pros: Good rice and veg, hot., Staff tried to accommodate.

Cons: Lack of selection


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10 Dec 2022

Only one option

They only had the vegan wrap. The things that are on display is all they have... It was okay in taste, super cold for some reason? But annoying that the menu says more vegan things & they only have one. Not posting a picture because that was so not worth it. It was filling but not that yummy in my opinion.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-10


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26 Jul 2022

Good Vegan Options - B Terminal

Vegan panini, vegan croissant, and vegan salad. Menus attached. Panini was okay, not really a piano I, more of a burger. They were out of vegan croissants :(

Fresh orange juice is good😄

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-26


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22 Jul 2022

Got cockteased

They had a menu on the wall that said vegan panini and vegan croissant and I asked for both of those and they didn’t have them, they only had the stuff behind the glass. Nothing was labeled vegan but I asked and the pasta with red sauce and the potatoes were the only vegan options. Food was fine but I was mostly disappointed by the fact that I read on this app that they had a vegan croissant and panini and They didn’t end up having them. Massive cocktease

Pros: food was decent

Cons: Didn’t have that many options, Bad labelling , Small portion


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08 Jul 2022

Seems horrible and hopefully it’s out of stock

Update from few hours after: my flight got delayed so I tried again and the vegan burger in stock. So I took it, it cost 6.95€. And.. I don’t know how they created the recipe but it’s literally a bun, ONE (1) slice of tomato, ONE (1) leaf of salad, the patty and a teaspoon of sauce (that does not taste anything). That’s it. So I can’t even say more, it’s so random, I’m not even sure if I’m happy they have a vegan option or not. Maybe it’s better not to have vegan option sometimes…

Seems to have vegan options, but over the past year I’ve been there 2 times and they are always out of stock for the vegan one.
So either there are a lot of vegan here - which is great ! Or they produce randomly …

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-08


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03 Jun 2022

Mediocre but the only option at ATH

Menu states vegan croissant and vegan panini but as others have stated they only have a vegan burger and it is very much a 4/10 at best but it seems to be your only option. Lots of coffee options available throughout the airport though!

Pros: The only option here for food

Cons: Kinda gross, Staff was rude


Points +137

30 Apr 2022

Ok food, we’ll labeled

They only had one vegan option (a burger), but it was well labeled and the taste was ok!


Points +267

10 Jan 2022

Easy to pick vegan options

Well labeled vegan and vegetarian food (burgers, paninis, salads). Not so many options. Tried the vegan burger, it was okay. Probably the only vegan food one can find at the airport in Athens.


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22 Nov 2021

vegan hamburger that wasn't bad

were happy to find something at the airport, they used the green garden patty, one tomato, one salad leaf and mayo but still it wasn't that dry. u can get fruit salad at the store facing it so that makes up a good filling vegan meal.

Pros: existed, vegan mayo


Points +522

02 Sep 2020


They have vegan pizza, a vegan panini with hummus, vegan croissant and sometimes a small vegan apple cake


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25 Aug 2020

Clearly labeled and not too pricey

Clearly labeled vegan paninis and croissants. I had a vegan panini with a chickpea „omelett“, which was tasty, but a bit dry. Price was I think 4,85€, which is ok for airport prices.


Points +42

26 Jul 2019

Okay vegan pizza - minimal options available

Had a layover here for a couple hours so we hit this place up.
Ordered the vegan pizza as they were sold out of the vegan paninis and vegan croissants (not sure if good or bad sign).
Vegan pizza had a couple sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes (interesting mix) and spinach and some tomato based pizza sauce.
Quite large and the toppings were really tasty. Lots of bread though and could have done with more topping (i really like my toppings).

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