Vegetarian and vegan health food, vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, and supplements. Previously a Reformhaus Bacher Hbf. Open Mon-Sat 07:00-22:00, Sun 09:00-22:00.

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17 Feb 2023

Spreads n stuff

Nothing fancy but they got all types of vegan items (spreads; the store is are "bio / organic") and it is very conveniently located at the stairs to train track #8 straight in the middle of the central train station. So for travellers changing trains, it's nice. Really annoying: Most bakery items in the bakery section are non-vegan: why?

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14 Jan 2021

Small shop with great choices especially the bakery

Kleiner Laden mit tollem Angebot, vorallem beim integrierten Bäcker gibt es eine gute Auswahl.


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24 Feb 2019

Great organic groceries + vegan snack on the go

This store is perfectly located in the Hannover train station which offers the opportunity to grab something when switching trains.

They offer a range of basic organic groceries but even managed to sell some items I hadn't seen before like a chia pudding we took along for breakfast. At the entrance there are several vegan baked goods including a fig bread and bell pepper swirl which were both nice. Along side with other vegan sweet treats like several croissants and cookies, which we didn't try.

Cons: probably not the most afforable in the area

something unique

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06 Jun 2017

Go for the Rosinenschnecken

For many years now, I have enjoyed having to change trains at Hannover. The vegan raisin swirl is brilliant, and I believe they used to have an apple variety that was also excellent.

Pros: Quick, Good location


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05 Jan 2017

So nice to find this in a train station

This place was super useful to me during my brief stay in Hannover, on my way from Copenhagen to Paris, during which I did not want to stray far from the train station in the wintery weather.

Living as I do in Paris, where vegan options cannot be found just anywhere, I was impressed by the variety of vegan items here. Maybe for people who live in more vegan-friendly cities, the options are limited, but I found more than enough for my needs. It was also the perfect place to pick up some vegan edibles as gifts for friends.

Pros: so convenient, great range of vegan options


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04 Oct 2014

boring snacks/sweets

Better Life has a lot of choice for vegans. The only disappointing thing (here and in other places too) are the 'fresh' snacks and sweets. The vegan kebap was ok but the cookies where dry and without taste, espacially the amaranth cookie with chocolate.

Pros: lot of vegan products

Cons: 'fresh' snacks/sweets are bad


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13 Apr 2014

Helpful, now big vegan selection!

While Betterlife (formerly known as Reformhaus Bacher) can be very good to get something to eat in the otherwise not very vegan-friendly main station, you definitely have to watch out and read the labels.

However, they have definitely seen the signs of time. When I wrote my first review of them some 3 years ago, I was diasppointed because most of their fake meat products still contained dairy. Now thay have a wide range of vegan products.

They also have good full-grain bakeries and know which of them are vegan. Highly advisable if you do have a little time at the Hannover train station.

Pros: Many vegan products, good full-grain bread

Cons: some fake products contain egg/dairy


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17 Aug 2013

Vegan bakery products

Beside the usual products of a Reformhaus, I found a lot of vegan fake meat and cheese, but most interestingly: vegan croissants and pastries (Rosinenschnecken). I know many places where you can't find such things in any bakery of the city!

Pros: vegan bakery, centrally located in the station

Cons: many non-vegan things


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18 Jul 2012


Although it's right in the train station and has some freshly baked goods, it doesn't offer much to vegans on the go. It's nice for Sunday shopping I guess when all the other similar stores in town are closed.

Cons: selections


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05 Sep 2008

Every Station should have one

It's great to see a health food shop in most German train stations and Hannover Hbf is no exception. Absolutely ideal for arrival into the city to get stocked up for the hotel: soya milk, fresh bread buns and meat free deli. Excellent range of products for such a small shop in a very busy station.

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