Serves meat, vegan options available. Casual outdoor cafe with marked vegan dishes. Includes fried rice with vegan egg, vegan loco moco and tofu poke bowl. Has live music, and oceanfront views at Queen’s Surf Beach. Located in Kapiolani Park, right at the local surf spot known as “Publics”. Call in advance for take out or delivery. Confirmed open for dine in June 2020. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-8:30pm.

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First Review by Hanalane93


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Non Veg
19 Jan 2024


Non seulement l'endroit est idyllique mais en plus le menu est varié et il y a aussi des chansonniers par moment. Un doux moment accompagné de smoothie de fruits frais.


20 Jan 2024

It's great to hear you you enjoyed your time with us. We are glad you enjoyed the musicians and your smoothie😄We hope you can visit us again soon.



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07 Dec 2023

Great for vegan breakfast

I went here every morning for breakfast. The vegan loco moco was nearly the size of my head! Kept me full until dinner. The tofu scramble is also good


07 Dec 2023

Aloha! It makes us so happy to be able to provide vegan options to our guests on the island. The Vegan Loco Moco and Tofu Scramble are extremely popular😄Mahalo for coming and we hope you can visit again!


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03 Nov 2023

Great spot!

Loved it here. Came twice for breakfast and once for lunch. Got the tofu scramble for breakfast and the tofu poke bowl for lunch.
Food is good, drinks are good, location is great, fab views and they have music during the day.

Pros: Plenty of options , Great location


03 Nov 2023

LOVE the pictures, thank you!!! We really appreciate your awesome review!


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21 Sep 2023

Great place for sunset

Cafe bar with separate vegan menu. Came here for sunset. Unfortunately, the majority of the menu had sold out. Please note this place is closed at the end of lunch until 5pm.


24 Sep 2023

Clarified with Nick we were closed for one hour. After Looking into it we were in fact closed for maintenance. Apologized for the inconvenience.


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06 Sep 2023

I mean it’s aaiight..

Ambience- awesome
Service- great
Views- amazing
Parking- horrible
Food- ok
Quantity was pretty good though.
The food is very “earthy” to say the least.
-Quesadilla was a tortilla and cheese, yes.
-poke bowl, most flavorful, well spiced.
-loco moco, serves the most amount of food but it’s all just aight.

That’s all I’ll say

Edit: I would definitely come to this place again. It’s worth a try. Parking is out of their hands too. Hope y’all can enjoy 🙏

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-05

Pros: Views, Ambience/live music, Service

Cons: Parking, Foods runs out fast


05 Sep 2023

Thank you for the photo. We are sorry you found everything just OK and had issues with parking. Its a very busy area and first come first serve. we do hope you give us another try!


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17 Aug 2023

Beautiful location with separate decent vegan menu

The location was very nice away from the busy Waikiki beach’s and the menu offered great vegan selections! There’s always a line but service is fast!

Pros: Location , Good sized vegan menu , Friendly and fast

Cons: Always a line , Sometimes crowded so be ok to share a table


20 Aug 2023

Mahalo for coming, we appreciate your business!


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16 Aug 2023

Great vegan menu options

Really beautiful location, probably needs a few more umbrellas for shaded seating during those sunnier days.
Impressed with their vegan menu, lots of different options. I ordered the vegan quesadillas and was happy with them but they could use a little more flavour. The filling is just vegan cheese. Some beans or something would be good, for a little spice.
Otherwise, satisfied with my visit and thank those guys for considering the vegans, after a morning of struggling to find sit down vegan breakfast options

Pros: Extensive vegan menu, Good portions, Great location

Cons: Lacking a little flavour, Needs a few more umbrellas for shade


20 Aug 2023

Thank you for coming and for your review. We hope you can join us again!


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25 Dec 2022

Get the vegan loco moco

EXTENSIVE vegan menu with local favorites such as loco moco. We got the tofu scramble as well. Both very tasty. Orange juice is fresh squeeze - not from concentrate. Great casual spot on the water. Would come here again!

Cons: Line can be long


23 Mar 2023

Glad you enjoyed your experience with us. Please visit us again soon!


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22 Dec 2022

Bland and disappointing

Very expensive food with little flavour. Very disappointed huge line to order food. So many other places with much better food. The non vegan food did look nice tho. Wouldnt recommend for vegan food. Lots of options but bad.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Expensive, Bland, Long wait time


23 Mar 2023

Aloha, we are sorry you didn't enjoy your food. Hopefully you will come back and find something that you do enjoy :)


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15 Dec 2022

Great tofu scramble

Gorgeous location! Casual order at the window place with a surprising amount of choices for vegans and others. Had tofu scramble with toast and avocado and it was fantastic. Also had passion fruit smoothie - pretty good. (Non vegan friend did not like their fish dish. )


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25 Oct 2022

At least I had options

They were out of veg burgers so I went w the tofu poke and spring rolls. Tofu poke was very salty (and I love salt!), and I was expecting more veg with it but it’s just tofu and rice. but the spring rolls were good.

Pros: Vegan menu - so at least I had options!, Nice location on beach

Cons: Poke too salty


23 Mar 2023

Im glad you were able to find some vegan options to try. We are sorry you didn't enjoy them more


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01 Oct 2022

Disappointing experience

In other places I would have given one star - the second one is for actually having a vegan menu, which surprisingly in Hawaii is rather an exception than the rule. The place is nicely located by the seaside and from the outside it looks really cosy. Inside there is a lot of concrete and it’s rather worn down. They had live music but that was way too loud (I couldn’t even understand the staff when ordering) and they also called people over loudspeaker to come pick up their food when ready. The food was served on disposable plates and with plastic cutlery. And the food itself didn’t really taste well - the fries were lukewarm and the burger patty was some sticky unrecognisable thing. I haven’t been able to finish this and I am usually someone who never lets a single crumb behind.

Pros: Vegan options


23 Mar 2023

Aloha, please let us know next time on site if you are unhappy with your meal so we can make it right before you leave! We never want unhappy customers


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26 Sep 2022

Did not live up to good reviews

They have a vegan section on the menu, which is great, except they were out of most of the things. We stood in a long line, and not until we got to the very front of the line did we see the small chalkboard listing about a dozen things they were out of. I had little left to choose from, so I went with the vegan poke “bowl” - it did not qualify as a poke bowl in my opinion (see picture). It was ok, but bland and salty at the same time. It really wasn’t worth the price or wait in line.

The passion fruit smoothie was good, but also nothing special. The tropical iced tea was the best thing I had by far.

I’d only recommend this place if you don’t have other nearby options.

Pros: Can’t beat the location!, Vegan menu section, Delicious iced tea

Cons: Pricey, Out of numerous items, Vegan options are “meh”


23 Mar 2023

We are sorry about your wait and the items we were out of. Sometimes we get so busy and we only want to ever serve fresh food to our customers. Im glad you liked the fact there was a vegan menu!


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20 Sep 2022

Breakfast on the Beach

Wondered down the beach yesterday morning and stopped here for breakfast. The wife had the vegan fried rice, I had the vegan scramble. Both were very tasty, based on the same (probably silken) tofu scramble that really did remind us of a soft French style scrambled egg. Lots of nooch or something similar provided a cheesy taste, well seasoned and accompanied with some fried peppers and onion. My only complaint was I would have like a bit more veg and less tofu to make more scramble, but that’s me.

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Cool beach vibes with live music


23 Mar 2023


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07 Sep 2022

Definitely plan to stop here if you can

We love this place! Relaxed vibe (not table service, outdoors but with lots of shade) right on the water. Friday nights they have live music and you can see the fireworks from here over the water.

They have a whole separate vegan menu. Lots of options. Beautiful view. Came here multiple times.

Every item we ordered was really good EXCEPT the veggie burger. On thé menu it says it won an award from peta for best veggie burger so I was excited to try it but it came out as this like gigantic dry yet somehow mushy sort of blob that didn’t hold together. I think the texture was so weird partly because it was so large that there’s no way they could have cooked it through well and I don’t think they used enough binders to hold it together. They used a very strong seasoning, kind of like a curry powder maybe? It would have maybe been good with rice but was not the vibe I was hoping for a burger, I wish they had said it was heavily spiced on the menu.

BUT I’ve complained enough about the burger. Literally every other item I got here was good. You can also get a smoothie in a pineapple which I’m a sucker for. I would also recommend the spring rolls!!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Right on the beach, Live music Friday nights (& can see fireworks)

Cons: The veggie burger was dry


23 Mar 2023

Sorry you didn't enjoy your burger. Please let us know next time on site so we can make it right for you. We are happy that you enjoyed the rest of it :)


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26 Jul 2022

No thanks

Someone needs to teach the staff here how to make a tofu scramble because it was *terrible.* It completely lacked flavor and was served cold. Even adding greasy breakfast potatoes and 4 packets of hot sauce didn’t do much. The ambience is nice enough, but not worth a bad $14 breakfast.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-02


23 Mar 2023

Sorry you didn't enjoy your food. Please let our staff know if anything is ever cold so we can take care of you before you leave


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11 Jun 2022

Right on da beach!

What a great find! Barefoot Beach Cafe can be found across the street from Kapiolani Park, so is near the zoo and Waikiki Shell. It would be easy to walk right past this place, because there's little on the street to indicate that a cafe is hidden in the back of what looks like a park maintenance building. Great location right on the water! All seating is outdoor, some tables under a porch and others open air. The have a nice selection of vegan items, and we enjoyed what were likely the BIGGEST loco mocos we've ever had! Bonus: local birds will land right on your table while you eat and are eager to help you clean your plate :-)


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04 Mar 2022

Great spot and lovely atmosphere

This was a lovely spot for a bite by the beach. The food was average at best but never the less we had a nice time.

Pros: Great location , Reasonable prices , Live music

Cons: Food wasn’t great, Limited drinks selection


23 Mar 2023


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23 Feb 2022

wonderful ambiance and view!

barefoot beach cafe has a section of their menu which is vegan. their burger is amazing and the portion sizes are big - most of us couldn’t finish our food. the seating is outdoors by the beach with live music, it was beautiful!

Pros: lots of vegan options , beautiful view , live music


23 Mar 2023


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19 Feb 2022

Casual beachfront with great breakfast options

Be patient: long line most times of day and Hawaii speed service.

Loved that the server was eager to customize something off menu: a vegan breakfast burrito, aka my soul food. Order the non vegan bfast burrito and sub tofu and vegan cheese in. I added sausage and avocado. Also a pretty good soy latte and you can't beat the view and location.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Breakfast options, Beachfront

Cons: Slow service


23 Mar 2023

Thanks for your patience with our line and thank you for your review!


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18 Feb 2022

Several vegan options right by the beach

There are several vegan options, well displayed in the menu and on boards at the front. Folks taking your order are familiar with veganism.

Pros: Several vegan options, Food tastes good

Cons: A bit pricy


23 Mar 2023


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31 Jan 2022

A laidback spot on the beach!

A beachfront haven from the pretentiousness of Waikiki beach, with dedicated vegan options. The restaurant and large outdoor patio are adjacent to a park with plenty of open grassy areas and trees — perfect for kids to run around if boredom strikes. There’s live music in the evenings with a fun relaxed local vibe.

I ordered the vegan burger, and it’s different to what you may expect from a burger — though I personally prefer that it’s made from natural whole foods (grains, nuts, etc) rather than the processed fake meat patties offered at most restaurants. The burger was a soft consistency (like a soft falafel) and tastes like curry. I really liked it but just be aware that it’s not a ‘meaty’ burger by any means!

Pros: Dedicated vegan options, Location


23 Mar 2023


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18 Jan 2022

Lovely view, good food

Quite a number of vegan/vegetarian options at this outdoor restaurant. Long line up and well worth it. Staff were super friendly and accommodating, proof of vaccine had to be shown to eat there.

Pros: lots of veg options, incredible view of Waikiki, awesome staff

Cons: serves fish (and some other animal products), long line


23 Mar 2023


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24 May 2021

Long Line Beware

Waited in line for 35min plus 20min on top of that for the food. The local music was nice, but they were set at such a high volume that you couldn’t hear your food being called. After the 35min wait in line you come near the front where you find that the food you had hoped to get is out of stock. We got the vegan quesadillas which were wonderful, but not very filling and priced as a full meal. Would also recommend the passion fruit smoothie. If it’s busy- give the place a skip. Otherwise, I’d come back to see if the experience is better without the crowds.


22 Oct 2021

Aloha! Sorry the lines can tend to be long as we are usually super busy during regular peak breakfast/lunch/sunset hours. Plan to visit 10am-11am or 2pm-5pm for faster service😄 Also, there is an 86 sign in the front window when we are out of items. Mahalo for the feedback!


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05 May 2021

Beautiful views & delicious food

This restaurant was terrific!! Thoroughly enjoyed my meal and actually had a hard time deciding what to eat. There were several different options for vegans.

Located right on the beach- really beautiful views. Had very peaceful live music playing as well

Pros: Vegan menu with numerous options


22 Oct 2021


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06 Apr 2021

No vegan items for lunch

The weather to mine 35 minutes only to be told they ran out of vegan items. They did not really seem to care.

Pros: Limited vegan items

Cons: Very inefficient , Ran out of vegan items


22 Oct 2021

Ugghh. Sorry about this. We do have a sign in the front window with items that we are out of. We make everything fresh and from scratch so sometimes we sell out. Hope you will give us another try :)


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08 Feb 2021

Family is vegan and we go here once or twice a month

If you want vegan options on the beach it's hard to beat this place.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, On the ocean


22 Oct 2021

Yay! This is so great to hear! In case you didnt know, our vegan cheese is back in stock and we've added a vegan chorizo and cheese taco. A hui hou :)

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