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An all-vegan restaurant serves raw superfood smoothies, 4 different types of burgers, vegan stew, coffee, cold pressed juices, ice cream and more. Bread is baked by Bread Club Zagreb and Galerija Kruha Demetra, Croatian bakeries. Uses locally grown organic ingredients. Also has craft beers. Previously located at Ulica Andrije Žaje 60. Open Mon-Sat 14:00-22:00. Closed Sun.

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First Review by Svenjapia


Points +678

26 Nov 2023

delicious and varied burger patties

The green burger was very tasty, the patty was something different from the standard burger patties. The sweet potato fries and garlic mayo were very tasty. The pancakes are delicious, but there is a bit too much filling. (ordered to take away)



Points +54

10 Oct 2023

Friendly vegan place

I have been to Barcode Mitra the first time and I was not aware that this is not a typical restaurant as there where only one table outside. Finally this was not a problem as the more than friendly owner offers me to take place at the bar close by. He serves me the meal at the bar where I could order also a beer. The food was delicious and next time when I will be back I Zagreb I will come back.

Pros: Friendly owner , Delicious meal


Points +184

01 Sep 2023

Delicious burgers

There are four different burgers, served with regular fries or sweet potato fries. We tried the garlic mayo, it was fantastic. The burger patties are very tasty. The owner is super friendly. It's a very small place with only two tables available outside, but you can sit inside the bar just beside and order drinks there. In general, we highly recommend it!

Pros: Tasty burgers and garlic mayo, Friendly staff

Cons: No drinks available, Only two tables outside.


Points +17

28 Feb 2023

Best in Zagreb

The most positive chief and some very tasty and filling meals. Ordered via Wolt and stopped by the place once


Points +60

07 Feb 2023

Best vegan burges in zagreb

In all of Croatia too

Pros: Best vegan burges in zagreb, Croatia too

Cons: Pricy


Points +598

11 May 2022

Superb vegan burgers

We tried the green, yellow, and brown burgers, which were fantastic! The staff was very friendly and kind. It's not very central, but you can easily get there with public transport and even walking if you feel like it.

Pros: Tasty burgers, Very friendly staff

Cons: A bit away from the city centre, Very small place, few seats


Points +26

29 Apr 2022

Somethning new

If you like to experiment this is a place for you. I come here for the juices

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-29


Points +497

05 Feb 2022

Nice vegan place in Zagreb!

The burgers are tasty, but there aren’t many options. Also, there is no place to sit. It’s just take away.

Pros: Tasty food, Polite service

Cons: Not many options, Just take away


Points +87

23 Sep 2021

Ok food

I ordered burger here once and although it was very tasty, it was too salty. They have good options.

Pros: A lot of unique options

Cons: Expensive


Points +46

19 Sep 2021


I found the burgers to be overpriced. I didn't like the texture. It was like a circularly-shaped vegetable puree in a bun. Buns were overpowering.
All in all, it's definitely tasty, but I wouldn't buy again if I had other options.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-19

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-19

Pros: Tastes good, is vegan

Cons: Expensive for what you get


Points +34

21 Aug 2021

Absolute amazing and quality

It's an only take out, or you sit to the pub right next to it. He had 4 types of burger options, we tried all 4, they we all amazing, tastes were stunning.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-21

Cons: bit expensive , one burger with no side 9eur


Points +1943

05 Aug 2021

Tasty burger

Delicious place! A bit far away from the city but wonderful food. The owner is lovely and super nice. Tasty and very good quality. Very expensive but good stuff. 8 euro burger and 13 euro one smoothie! Wow impressive but good.

Pros: Quality food

Cons: Expensive


Points +182

06 Mar 2020


the pizza that came with the delivery is everything, just not the pizza that we expected.

Cons: Expensive for value, Pizza is not for 2 people, maybe for 2 baby?!?!, Beans is from cans


Points +3140

02 Mar 2020


Tiny spot featuring four different vegan burger options and daily changing desserts and other snacks. You can order burgers in three sizes, large, small, or mini. The mini burgers are not actually that small, but you get two burgers on a delicious hemp bread, so it’s the best option to try more than one of their parties.
All of the burgers are delicious! I tried all four of them and the green was my favorite with the yellow a close second. Staff is friendly and understands English. The burgers take a while to prepare, but that’s because everything is fresh and made to order. Not a lot of seating available in the place, so it’s better to order to go and find a nice park or something to sit at nearby.
Cannot recommend enough. My favorite vegan spot in Zagreb!

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Fresh


Points +23

27 Feb 2020

Poor experience

To be honest, I was expecting a bit more from this place. There was definitely a language barrier that made it seem like the owner/cook was a little bit sassy and perhaps it also accounts for his messing up our orders. No veggie chips were available, but I don't remember for what reason. Also, the burgers were supposed to have colored buns but they all had the same yellow buns instead of red or green. The burgers themselves were good, but not enough for me to come back.

Pros: Clean, Good burger

Cons: Small, Not great English, Out of multiple ingredients


Points +16

30 Dec 2019

Very tasty!

If you like spicy food I'd recommend you to try "Red Vege Burger" It's really really good


Points +400

25 Oct 2019

Very tasty

Raw and very savoury handmade burguers. The staff was very friendly and kind.

Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing


Points +282

15 Oct 2019


The burger I had was simply amazing. The female burger comes with a toasted spice bread and the fillings are really delicious. The menu is consise.

Pros: Delicious, Good portion size

Cons: 20 minutes from the center


Points +38

12 Oct 2019

Awesome vegan burgers

The interior of the place itself isn’t that nice but the food makes up for it. The guys working at the place are very nice and friendly and will answer all your questions about the burgers. They usually have 4 different kinds of homemade patties made from different plants, beans, fruits, sauces.

Pros: Great tasty food, Great service

Cons: Not as nice interior and seating


Points +120

26 Sep 2019

Worth the walk

4 different home made burgers (made of beans, cereals, spices) and 2 kinds of bread (first time I see that) are proposed. I had the brown burger which was particularly tasty, and a perfect green smoothie. Wish I had the time to try the other burgers.

Pros: Tasty, Home made, 2 kinds of breads


Points +169

25 Sep 2019

Freshly made and delicious

We enjoyed our veggie burgers that were freshly made on the spot.


Points +26

11 Sep 2019

Great lunch

We had a red burger and a green burger and both were Excellent!

Cons: New place, so still learning


Points +142

05 Sep 2019

Cool place, but can be better

It's a walk towards this place, but definitely worth it. Lady behind the counter was very helpful, although they were out of brown burgers and lots of drinks.
More of a take out place, as there is not place to sit. Would also recommend them to make menu's wih fries and drinks instead of only burgers.

Pros: Tasty burgers, Great staff

Cons: Not near the city center


Points +300

28 Aug 2019


I think these are the best vegan burgers I've had. We tried the brown and red, both so good and I liked the red one the best--a little spicy, with lots of interesting flavors going on. My boyfriend liked the brown the best, which was mushrooms and a little more classically burger tasting. Perfect texture, soft and juicy but not too much, and perfect amount of sauce and other toppings. Cold complementary charcoal water, nice on a hot day. Service was very friendly. They seem to cook them up fresh so you'll wait about 20 minutes, but grab a drink and it's no problem.

Pros: Interesting flavors and sauces


Points +20

10 Aug 2019


Absolutely delicious! Would even say that it was the best vegan burger I’ve tried so far. I had the brown burger which was my favorite and I also tried the red which was more spicy but also fantastic. Don’t miss out on this place if you’re in Zagreb!
The people who worked there were also very friendly and passionate about their work. Big recommend!


Points +350

26 Jul 2019

Sooo good!

They are basically serving four types of burgers. We tasted two of them and both were extremely delicious. They make sure to weight their spices so it comes perfect.

Pros: Vegan delicious burgers , Good price

Cons: It is not a beautiful place to eat


Points +1817

22 Jul 2019


The owner didn't seem to know what veganism even meant, he was making sassy jokes when I mentioned one of the beers in the fridge contained lactose and therefore wasn't vegan.
The burger was way overpriced and was falling apart. I had to eat it with a spoon, and the taste was not good either.
I waited for almost 20 min and there was only one woman in front of me!
I don't understand the good reviews.

Cons: owner's attitude, burger falling apart, expensive

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