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58 Golf Course Dr, Rohnert Park, California, USA, 94928

Open July 2015 a vegetarian drive-through going head-to-head with a typical fast food places. Using Amy's Kitchen's own line of products, the menu offers breakfast, veggie burgers, burritos, macaroni and cheese, pizza, salad, chili, as well as milkshakes and vegan non-dairy shakes. Each menu item can be ordered vegan or gluten-free. Open Mon-Sun 6:00am-10:00pm.

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29 Reviews

First Review by EscapeFromSF

Great Fast Food option - Edit

Everything here can be made vegan which is amazing! I haven’t tried a lot on the menu but The Amy is pretty good and the fries are amazing!! The non-dairy chocolate shake has come a long way since they first opened too. I recommend it to anyone in the area who thinks being vegan is difficult! Though it’s not exactly healthy, it’s a great alternative to the typical fast food restaurant.

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Decent in a pinch - Edit

I had to make a business trip to the city from the north country and stopped here in route to the bay. I didn't even put two and two together until we walked in that this was the Amy's brand flagship fast food joint. Their entire menu is made up of Amy's products you'd find in your local market. I got the veggie burger and fries to go. If you're in a pinch and looking for fast and cheap, this is the spot. I will say I'm glad that options like this exist for us vegans, but the food is mediocre at best. The patty was exactly like the ones sold in stores, bland and lacking. I probably won't be back.

Pros: Vegan, Fast , Cheap

Cons: Mediocre Food, Sterile Vibe

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vegan options for everything - Edit

super cutely decorated interior, super clean, moderate wait time, clear menu, prefer lunch food over the breakfast menu
coloring pages for kids, lots of outdoor seating, handicap access made easy, all you want ketchup hehe, diverse staff, lots of parking

favs: non-dairy chocolate shake, vegan chilli cheeze fries, vegan burrito bowl

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Vegan Chili Cheese Fries - Edit

I live nearby and have been here quite a bit. I'll be honest and say I don't love everything on the menu, but I could eat the vegan chili cheese fries everyday. Delicious!

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wonderful - Edit

I loved the hamburger. What a treat.

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Wonderful - Edit

Good vegan fast food

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A favorite! - Edit

It's rare to find a place that I can find anything I want vegan and gluten-free. They have a patio where you can sit with your dog. They recycle everything. All the food is great and my sister and I look forward to visiting here when we travel.

Pros: anything can be vegan and gluten-free

Cons: the only con is there isn't one near where I live!

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No fine dining but I love the concept - Edit

Well it's a burger/fast food place so don't expect much more but I love how they took such an American thing and turned it veggie and somewhat eco friendly (minus that cups don't get recycled and there's no compost bin). I agree with others that the non dairy shake is totes worth having! Wasn't a big fan of the chili fries tho

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worth going half hour out of our way - Edit

Great vegan options and very affordable. Non dairy shake was delicious

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Wow! Great fast food! - Edit

Very impressed by Amy's Drive Thru. All items can are vegetarian and can easily be made vegan (except for tomato soup and ranch dressing). We had burgers with lettuce wrap, instead of buns. Also burrito bowls. Both excellent! We also shared chili fries, which were scrumptious! Had chocolate and vanilla non-dairy shakes that were out-of-this-world!

Prices very reasonable. We sat inside, where there is ample room. Drive thru was bustling.

Pros: Delicious, Reasonably Priced

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Love - Edit

You can veganize anything on the menu! I love it all, but the Amy's double patty and chili fries are definitely my favorite. You do not get the fast food feeling here because everything is fresh and takes some time to come out.

Pros: vegan options, no meat at all, excellent food

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Great comfort food - Edit

Great quality vegetarian & vegan food. Good service. Great menu. It can get busy at times & there can be several people in line, but the wait is not very long. I love the burgers and mac n cheese. Both the single & double burger are great, with either the regular or spicy sauce, which is not really that spicy. I have only had the regular mac n cheese, but it is great. The fries are good. The pizzas are okay, but I much prefer the burger and mac n cheese. The shakes are good, as is their cola. The cinnamon roll is small & good for one person. Everything is compostable & recyclable so separate your trash there. There are 2 electric car chargers which is great.

Pros: extensive vegetarian & vegan menu, environmentally friendly, electric car charging

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Yay, Amy's! - Edit

Sometimes we pile friends in the car and drive an hour just to eat here. That might sound crazy but it's totally worth it! There are vegan options for most anything on the menu and the whole place is vegetarian. How novel is it to have a vegetarian fast-food place just off the 101? Very convenient when traveling; I also always make a stop here if it's on the path.

Updated from previous review on 2017-01-17

Pros: Vegetarian Fast Food

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veggie food - Edit

We have been here a bunch of times. I think a lot of people think that eating here is good for you. Ask at the counter for the book with calorie and nutritional info on the food. Lots of fat and salt. I always get the double Amy burger and fries. Either you are a fan of the burger or you hate them. I am a huge fan of the burger.

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no worries, be happy - Edit

From eco-friendly physical plant right down to all-friendly eating plants, this realistic eatery allows for actual healthy eating (great salads) to cheating healthy eating (chili cheese fries). The double Amy cheeseburger with lettuce bun and regular special sauce was awesome. The super salad filled me up with great flavor variety and lots of crunch.I was heart broken at the sold out nondairy chocolate shake, but the vegan broccoli Mac and cheeze mended me quite well. It's fast-ish food, so accommodating that fact, the food is well presented, appropriate temperature, and wrapped well enough to travel.Don't pass it by.

Pros: Just about everything vegan-izeable, realistic por, Luxurious junk food, not expensive, Educational physical plant

Cons: there is only one

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Unique! - Edit

A "fast food" venue (drive up or dining room), it's a great place to know you can eat anything on the menu! (I don't recall vegan options as I am veggie!) Nice variety...burrito, burger, pizza, etc! Prices maybe a bit higher than similar non-veggie fast food. For me, more of a treat than a place I'd run in any day for a quick lunch.

I appreciate the efforts for ecological responsibility. (Do they mow or harvest from that roof?!!)

Pros: Variety, and flavor.

Cons: Prices slightly higher than my ideal!

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Amazing Company - Edit

I live in the area, worked at Amy's for a few months, and visit there regularly. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for this company. Run by amazing, kind, honest people whose dream of making healthier fast food accessible to everyone has become a reality--and a very successful reality at that. I love their mission, love the establishment, love the people, and most of all I LOVE the food! I literally have dreams about the chili cheese fries. And for a broke college student who's trying to eat a healthy plant-based diet on a budget, this place is a godsend.

Pros: Food you will crave, Best staff of any restaurant in town, Company that I feel good supporting

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You will be....Happy, Happy, HAPPY when you check this place out! - Edit

What a wonderful place inside and out! If you think that eating a reasonably priced meal that is absolutely delicious served by excellent personnel in a clean, crisp and cheery environment will make you happy, then come INSIDE Amy's Drive-Thru and find out this fast food eatery is a dream come true. It's so amusing to notice the clever quips and tastefully decorated surrounding walls as you wait for your order to be brought out to you. If that's not enough, there's a red table-top jute box for you to peruse the many titles.
I usually don't snap this many photos, but I am so happy to share this experience with you. So, check out the snapshots of what you get with the Vegan Chili Cheese Fries and the Spinach pizza. Wow, the food just knocked my socks off on this cold rainy day. And to think, the only reason I drove over to check this place out was because it was a drive-thru.
I've also included various shots of the hilarious sayings and the recycling instructions say it all. Did you hear that Starbucks... ? Amy's doesn't just tell you recycling or landfill... there are "instructions" to help you do it right (see photos). I don't have that pit in the bottom of my stomach any more because there is even a little portal and sign for recycling the plastic cutlery. Amy's took the guesswork out of recycling for me... Thank You!
Right down to the paper straws and cool, artistic carryout bag... Amy's does it right, above and beyond my mental requirements. Even the little packaged condiments look healthier, have a look! (See photo). And I never get the feeling anywhere in association with Amy's that she's trying to do anything other than infusing goodness and healthier food consumption into you. If you look closely at the soda fountain, you will notice there are FOUR fountains dedicated to providing her paying patrons FREE clean tasting WATER! One water fountain on each side of the 2 ice dispensers in the centers. Amy is definitely one individual who gives to you AND the Earth the same conscienious caring considerations... at her expense. Now that saying something very important about her!
I highly recommendation checking out the photos. You'll probably get a kick out of seeing them and that should at least entice your curiosity enough to draw you in the first time. After that you'll probably want to come in to dine even when it's pouring rain outside, like I did my first day!
Update: Later that same day, my husband looked at my snapshots and he and his new collegue decided the 3 of us should drive over to Amy's for dinner. We had the Mac 'N Cheese, the Veggie Burger, more Pizza, more Chili Cheese Fries, Non-Dairy Strawberry Shakes and lots of "free" healthy, great-tasting Water! We are all still talking about this amazingly healthier Fast-Food Drive-Thru Dinner that we will always come inside to dine on. In fact I know we will be coming to Amy's time and again... forever!

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OMG - Edit

Vegans can have the "fast food" experience too! Granted it's not health food, but it is by and large, tasty.

I found the regular Vegan Amy burger a bit meh.. blandish. The Vegan Amy with the spicy sauce on the other hand was quite good.

The vegan pizza is also quite good, but a bit overpriced for the size IMHO.

Pros: It exists

Cons: There's only one in existence

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Some really good vegan junk food... - Edit

I'm really happy that Amy's is competing in the fast food market. I hope that they get "normal people" to eat healthier as a result.

That said, for people who are already veggie/vegan, there's nothing mind-blowing at this restaurant. Very simple menu with the usual suspects - burgers, fries, burritos, pizza.

The thing that keeps me coming back is the (vegan) Amy burger - just a really freaking good veggie burger. Two patties, Chao brand vegan cheese, and a really good special sauce. Solid. Well priced too.

The pizzas taste good but are a lot more expensive than the burger or burrito for the amount of food you get. Be prepared for a very dainty sized pizza!

Re:location, the interior of the restaurant is nice and clean, a little noisy. The outdoor seating leaves a lot to be desired, there's a ton of traffic noise from Golf Course Dr, would be cool if Amy's built some kind of barrier.

Amy's would really win me over if they dropped the animal products altogether and balanced their prices a little bit more intelligently.

Pros: amy burger!, friendly

Cons: some items overpriced, serves dairy

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Amy's drive thru - Edit

As I approached the drive thru the drive thru team member asked nicely if I was gonna order vegan or gluten free. Since I'm vegan I said vegan, I decided to order the vegan margarita pizza, vegan chili cheese fries, and a non dairy strawberry milkshake. All I can say was wow it was amazing! The chili cheese fries were great cheesy and the fries were soft but had a crisp crunch as well perfect. As for the pizza the basil and tomatoes on it were fresh and the dough was soft. The non dairy shake I had was good I could tell they used real strawberries. I can't wait to go back and try there veggie burgers and a chocolate shake. Staff was nice and friendly.

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Superb organic fast food restaurant in SF northbay - Edit

Ordered Amy's burger, broccoli cheddar Mac n cheese, spinach pizza, margherita pizza, chili cheese fries and chocolate milk shake. Everything tasted very good. A breath of fresh air. Highly recommended if you are driving thru 101 North, about 30 miles north of golden gate.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday December 30, 2015

Pros: Tasty American vegetarian food , One of the very few options in north bay, Cleanest fast food restaurant

Cons: None

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So awesome - Edit

It's a vegan dream. I ordered way too much food and don't regret it at all.

I had mac & cheese, a double cheeseburger, chili cheese fries, and a milkshake. Friends talked me out of getting pizza, also, but it looked amazing.

Everything was delicious, and I really hope to go back some day.

Pros: Milkshakes, Chili cheese fries, Friendly

Cons: Non-vegan options

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How cool is this! - Edit

Stopped in here twice today. This afternoon for a non dairy chocolate shake. Yum!! Went back this evening for a double Amy's burger and fries with fresh lemonade. We were not disappointed. Healthy comfort food. A fun, clean atmosphere. I hope they expand to other places. Highly recommended.

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Amazing! - Edit

So happy to live 15 minutes from the first of what I assume to be many Amy's Drive Thru! The food is incredible! Don't miss the non dairy shakes! Ask for extra special sauce on the burger - you will love everything here!!

Pros: Drivethru, Affordable, Gluten Free Options

Cons: As it Is Still New Expect A Wait

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Glad for a new choice... however - Edit

When I planned my business trip to Santa Rosa I was looking forwarded to trying out Amy's Drive Thru.

I have always been a fan of their various offerings, and had high expectations.

I guess I set my expectations were a little too high.

Being a vegan for over eight years I have had a chance to try numerous Healthy Fast Food options, Native Foods, Veggie Grill, Blossom NY, for example.

I tried the Amy's Burger, which I figured would be their signature dish. The Burger was way to bland and was overpowered by the bun.

The fries were undercooked and the Broccoli and Mac Cheese contained a broccoli leaf and the mac and cheese was just ok.

Not wanting to give up, I decided to get a chocolate shake. For a person with a sweet tooth I never leave any chocolate. After trying about a 1/4 of the shake I decided this was not worth the calories.

Part of being vegetarian/ vegan is the concern for the environment. I dined in and had a container for the hamburger, mac and cheese, another container for the fries. When I sat at the table there was a lot of boxes in front of me.

I will say they are all made out of environmentally sound materials so they are better for the environment then some, but it seemed like they can do a better job in reducing their packaging for people who choose to dine in.

I will have to give this a great review on the atmosphere and the staff. The building is a work of art and the staff extremely helpful.

I will try again in the future, maybe some time to figure out the operations will help smooth things out

Pros: Atmosphere, Staff

Cons: Food was bland , Fries undercooked , Over use of packaging

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Brand new, awesome vegetarian fast food restaurant - Edit

Brand new, awesome vegetarian fast food restaurant, even including a drive-through!

Located at the corner of Golf Course Dr. and Redwood Dr. one block west of Hwy 101 in Rohnert Park, CA.

This is a 95% organic, vegetarian restaurant with inside and patio seating and a drive-through, right down the block from a Taco Bell, Burger King, Arbys, In-N-Out Burger. This place is far superior to those in food quality, environmental conscientiousness, health promotion and ethical standards.

They have been doing test runs with employees and local friends so far. It will be open mid July to the general public.

This restaurant is 100% vegetarian, while offering a great selection of typical American fast food type comfort foods and a few international selections as well.

For example, this restaurant offers meat-free burgers, burritos, macaroni and cheese, pizza, salad, and chili, as well as milkshakes and vegan non-dairy shakes.

I have had their burgers and pizzas. The burgers were great. The pizza did not rival stand-alone pizza places for crust,sauce and topping, but were much healthier and still tasted good.

Some highlights:
Each menu item can be ordered vegan or gluten-free.
Every ingredient is non-GMO.
More than 95 percent of the products are organic.
Much of the ingredients will be locally sourced.
The menu is peanut and egg-free.

Amy’s is taking extra care to make sure there will be no cross-contamination that could affect those who are allergic to wheat or those who insist on strictly vegan food.

Considering the high level of quality. The pricing is very reasonable: not much higher than the local Burger King.
A single patty burger cost $2.99.
A standard burrito $4.69
Personal cheese pizza $5.89.
Salads start as low as $3.99.

They have taken extraordinary ecological care in the construction and operation:
Living roof, covered with grasses.
Rain capture and use for irrigation.
Most materials used in construction sourced from up-cycled materials.
Uniforms worn by employees made of organic, fair trade cotton.

Here is a link for an article, which appeared in the local newspaper:

Here is a link to an article, which appeared on Huffington Post.

Updated from previous review on Monday July 06, 2015
Amy's now open and really busy with lots of happy people!

Pros: 100% Vegetarian, 96% orgnaic ingredients, Whole menu available vegan

Cons: There are not more of them!

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