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Serves meat, vegan options available. Vegans could get spaghetti with “Mars-inara” sauce without cheese. Pizza crusts are not vegan. Previously named Redd Rocket's Pizza. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-10:30pm.

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First Review by veganmirmaid


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04 Jan 2024

Don't trust that they know what "vegan" means

So I got the sesame ginger noodles which weren't nearly as good as the bolongese they phased out. But the more upsetting event started when I was ordering the secret menu vegan pizza. I asked the cashier "do you still have the secret menu vegan pizza"? She said yes. She then asked " what specifically do you not want on it". I made the assumption she knew that vegan at least meant no meat, so all I said back was "no dairy". She then said "do you want the vegan cheese or pepperoni on it?" And I asked, "you have vegan pepperoni now?", knowing that they change up the menu sometimes. She said "yes". So I excitedly ordered it with "vegan" pepperoni. When they brought it out I was instantly skeptical but made the mistake of not double checking before eating it. When a family sat next to us with a regular pepperoni pizza, I looked at the pepperoni and knew. Learning lessons for me are--NEVER assume that someone knows what "vegan" means, and ALWAYS double check if you're skeptical. Despite my mistakes, I'm still very upset that the cashier said that the pepperoni was vegan without knowing what "vegan" meant.



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15 Dec 2023

Random noodle salad

They currently have a out of theme Asian noodle salad on the menu listed as vegan. It’s a fine option, I appreciate the veggies and had some sort of Asian inspired sauce but not what I would come to a place called pizza planet. Would prefer a pizza or pasta option.

Pros: Veggies in the salad were nice

Cons: Kinda bland


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11 Dec 2023

Lots of Veggies

Got the noodles, the only plant based dish on the menu, and it came with tons of vegetables - snap peas, baby corn, bell peppers, so on. The sauce was a little on the sweet side, but great overall


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22 Sep 2023

not good

honestly it was so expensive for some of the worst food i’ve had in my life. my stomach is in shambles - highly don’t recommend


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18 Jul 2023

Designated vegan pasta option

I got the Impossible Bolognese, which is marked as plant-based on the menu, and enjoyed it. I liked that this plant-based pasta option has vegan "meat" sauce and vegan cheese.


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21 Jun 2023

Good pasta!

I dug the impossible bolognese, served hot and had some spice - I was expecting boring bland sauce but it was alright!


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23 Dec 2022

Just ok.

Vegan pizza was reasonably average. Base is too thin to hold toppings and gets soggy very fast, and because it's so oily, it falls apart pretty fast. If the breadsticks are vegan, I'm SURE they can make a proper pizza base. Vegan spaghetti was pretty good, but am fairly certain they gave us dairy cheese with it.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-23


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06 Nov 2022


Followed the happiestveganonearth on Instagram and she suggested the Impossible Bolognese. It was so good! Even my non vegan wife kept taking bites.

Pros: Deliciousness , Ease


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21 Feb 2020

Pasta with veggies and side salad not too bad

The pasta was fairly decent with a large portion (I had leftovers for dinner). It has veggies and white beans on it. Don’t get it from the line if vegan because it has cheese. You have to special order to not get the cheese. The side salad ended up being prepackaged with a cup of ranch and they add a cup of balsamic vinegar separate for a vegan option. When entering ask about vegan options and they show you where to go to talk to chef. Consultations with the chef seemed very standard for special diets and they give you a beeper to pick up your special order food when ready.

ETA: there is a vegan pizza option with daiya cheese and gluten free crust. No other toppings. The crust is thin and floppy, overall this pizza was bad.

Pros: Pasta with veggies and white beans, Side salad option, Consultation with chef standard for special diets

Cons: Have to wait for vegan options to be prepared , Side salad packaged with cup of non-vegan ranch , Vegan pizza option is bad


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31 Aug 2019

Vegan pizza was nasty

Do not go. Over priced and nasty. Upset my stomach. The non vegan pizza was thick crust. Vegan pizza was very thing greasy and gross.

Cons: Gross, Expensive , Nasty


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09 Feb 2019

Vegan pizza and breadsticks

If you go to the pizza area, ask to speak with a chef and they will take your order. I believe the gluten free crust is the only vegan option. They will make you an individual sized pizza with daiya cheese. The breadsticks and marinara sauce are also vegan.

Cons: A little pricey for a kind of sad personal pizza


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13 Oct 2018

Vegan personal pizza

Great personal sized vegan pizza. Not that expensive and pretty good. Just tell the chef your vegan

Pros: Vegan pizza


Points +47

01 Aug 2018

Delicious vegan and gf pizza

This place is now called pizza planet, we got a small vegan gf pizza for under $10, our favourite vegan junk food in the parks. Our son loved the vegetarian pasta, which was a HUGE serve for under $10!


Points +59

05 Mar 2017

Pizza, spaghetti and salad

Pricey for ok tasting food. Ordered 2 personal sized Diaya cheese pizza, plain spaghetti and marinara sauce, and a salad. It is still beyond me why they can't include vegetables in the Daiya cheese pizza.

Pros: Able to make vegan cheese pizza by request


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26 Nov 2016

Vegan Pizza

We wound up not eating here after hearing they had vegan cheese for pizzas because the only way to get it is ordered a WHOLE large pizza for $40. it was pretty disappointing since we didn't know if it would be worth it


26 Sep 2017

They don't offer a whole pizza anymore. It is a personal size pizza with Daiya cheese. Also, they won't let you add anything to it (veggies). I assume these are prepackaged.

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