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Vietnamese restaurant est. Nov 2017. Uses local and organic produce. Reported to serve cow's milk April 2023. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-2:00pm, Mon-Sat 4:00pm-10:00pm.

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First Review by AnushaMagendram


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10 Jan 2024


the price is good, the food is perfect



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12 Mar 2023

Nice little place

It’s a bit out of the way but worth visiting. This place is popular with locals. We enjoyed the food we ordered including a herby sausage. Food was inexpensive and felt authentic


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28 Dec 2022

Wonderful Vietnamese Cuisine in Hanoi

We love this place indeed. Owner of the restaurant was very friendly. We took GRAB from the old quarter. Around 2km, 10mins.

We had requested no garlic and onions due to my religion.

Taste was fantastic. It really suits us well. We had steamboat in the winter. Basically, six of us are very happy with their food and services

Pros: Delicious. Extensive menu, Inexpensive , Clean food.

Cons: It's is not walking distance from Hong Kien Lake


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27 Dec 2022

Amazing local restaurant

Very good food, sadly I was only there once. Local cuisine, faux meats and vegetable dishes. I liked the view down onto the busy street and stayed a while after finishing my meal - just people and traffic watching.

Pros: Amazing food, Nice local place, Very cheap

Cons: Staff only understands basic English


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15 Feb 2020

Absolutely delicious

If folks who gave reviews were experienced Vietnam travelers, this place would be MUCH more highly rated than some of the sub-standard and overpriced places closer to main tourist areas that are listed at the top. The food was absolutely delicious. Try the'll be some of the best tasting mock meat you've ever tried anywhere. Worth a Grab (Uber) to get there.


I've spent 3 months traveling throughout Vietnam. So here are some general notes about dining here: Don't expect a Western-style experience in ANY WAY. Service won't be the same, ordering won't be the same, waiting won't be the same, eating won't be the same, using the restroom won't be the same, and getting the check won't either. So calm down. You traveled a long way to get to Vietnam presumably to do something new and experience a different culture. Want Western style Vietnam? Maybe there is one at Epcot Center. But you're in Vietnam so take the "good" with the "bad" and enjoy. So many reviews on here are littered with pointless comments focusing on how UN-Western Vietnam restaurants are. Not helpful.

Here's the good news. Order a juice in Vietnam, you're getting REAL JUICE. Not some crap out of a can. They will often add sugar, so if you don't want it simply let them know. Those serving juice generally understand "no sugar". Is your juice or veggies room temperature? GOOD. That means they are fresh. Cold fruit and veg is NOT fresh. This is how locals assess produce, so try it. Want ice in your warm juice? Ask for "dah" (ice). Is your food cheap? GOOD. That means you are probably dining at a local establishment and eating like locals eat. Some of the most expensive vegan Vietnamese food in Vietnam is the worst food, because you are getting ripped off as a tourist. Many of them are the highest-rated restaurants on here and tripadvisor because tourists don't bother to leave their hostel area.

Be polite: "cah mon" is more or less how to say "Thank you". To ask for a menu, put your hands together as if praying and then open like a book. To ask for a check, make a writing motion or say "tehn tien".

Eating vegan in Vietnam is a breeze. There are TONS of vegan ("chay" more or less means vegan...Vietnamese generally don't use dairy, so you won't often find it in vegetarian "chay" restaurants, though use some caution and also beware of egg.) Eating vegan in non-vegan restaurants is possible, but you run a much higher risk of exposure to fish sauce/lard used in frying.


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Mostly Veg
13 Dec 2019

Amazing mock meat!

The mock meat is better than real meat and almost looks more real. Could totally tell a non vegan that its meat and they would agree. Very tasty

Pros: Tasty., Great mock meat

Cons: None


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25 Nov 2019

Very nice hotpot

The restaurant has a decent and modern dining room in the second floor. We ordered hotpot and it was very very good and our tummys full without feeling too full. Staff is very nice. 5 Stars well deserved.

Pros: Complete vegan menu, Low - middle price range.


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23 Sep 2019

The perfect quick eat

The vegan fish is to die for


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21 May 2019

Must try fried chicken

The fried chicken was so amazing and so cheap. I had the beef a veggie dish after which wasn't the best.


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19 May 2019

Delicious food and a great price

Great service here and the food is very good would come back again, lovely staff they speak very little English but still manage to communicate with you

Pros: Great options , Amazing food


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19 May 2019

Authentic Vietnamese noodle soups

Had dinner here several times. The vegan crab noodle soup is amazingly tasty. The seaweed broth tastes good as well. Friendly staff, always tells you how to eat it in the right Vietnamese way.


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06 Mar 2019

I love this place.

The owners are really great and welcoming. True it’s a mostly Vietnamese clientele as someone mentioned but the menu lists dishes in English as well as Vietnamese. Food is great here. Try the nem thính.

Pros: Great local place, not a tourist trap


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30 Jan 2019

Tasty and off the beaten track

We had a nice time here but it's more for locals vs tourists...the dishes we had were tasty and we'll priced though the menu doesn't well reflect the actual food...service can be a little slow, so order quickly when you arrive!

Pros: large menu, good food

Cons: service tends to be slow, even for paying tue bill


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16 Oct 2018

Tasty and filling hotpot for a very good price

We had the vegan hotpot, which was very good and cost only 190k (around 7-8€). Preorder it!
There were mushrooms, tofu, loads of veggies and greens, rice noodles... all of them were good.
English menu available, even if staff didn't speak any english :/
The place in itself isn't that nice, we were the only customers, which we don't like.
The food in itself was nice but the experience wasn't the best, that's why I'll only give 4 stars.

Updated from previous review on 2018-10-16

Pros: nice and filling hotpot for a good price

Cons: staff didn't speak english, interior


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26 Aug 2018

Small portion, waited for a long time

Food was okey, but i waited almost 30min even though the restaurant wasnt full.


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13 May 2018

Creative but unfriendly

Cheap vegan food. Nice twist on the mock meat. We had Coconut ribs and chicken ginger and both were delicious. We found the staff cold and unfriendly though. The owner even took the only fan we had to give it to another arriving customer. Rude.


27 Jun 2018

So sorry for the inconvenient. We are sure it wont happen again. We hope you will give us a chance to fix our mistake and serve you a better service again.
Thank you so much !


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05 Apr 2018

Nice new place

The portions are not too big but the prices are good so order a few dishes and try more things. We had the 'fish' and 'chicken' which were both delicious.


27 Jun 2018

Thank you so much ;) Hope to see you again at Achi !


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03 Apr 2018

really nice

Yummy food and nice selection. Staff are very kind and lock your bike for you.


27 Jun 2018

Thank you for your support. Hope to see you again at Achi !


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04 Feb 2018


Dishes are good though some dish arrived a bit cold


27 Jun 2018

Thank you for your review. We hope next time we will have a chance to give you better service !


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03 Feb 2018

very fresh and tasty

We had a mushroom and vegan crab hot pot and it was delicious. Very tasty and fresh. Very nice staff.

Pros: clean place, fresh veggies

Cons: nothing


27 Jun 2018

Thank you so much for your review. We hope to see you again at our Achi Vegan House.
With love and respect !


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24 Jan 2018


A truly delicious meal from beginning to end. The space is well lit and easy to find on google maps. The owner is very sincere and courteous and using translator walked us through her favorites. We had the fried sticky rice and rolls for starters—seriously awesome! I have had many delicious spring rolls here in Vietnam but these were the best, and the fried sticky rice was sublime. The seaweed and mushroom soup was wonderful but the grapefruit salad was another amazing dish—perfect balance of flavors. Do not miss this place when in Hanoi.


27 Jun 2018

Thank you so much for your review and your support. We hope to serve you with our best dishes again. All the best


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Non Veg
27 Dec 2017

Delicious food

A great place offering a good range of dishes and the opportunity to sample different Vietnamese  Vegetarian food, some of which you'll be familiar with if you eaten vegetarian food, some not.

It's a relaxed environment and a great place to take family and business associate.

Very affordable food with delicate flavours. I would say it's simply delicious!

Pros: Cheep, Delicious, Variety Of food options


27 Jun 2018

Thank you so much sis for your support !

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