Vegan restaurant opened Jan 2020 in downtown Columbus. Offers breakfast foods, sandwiches, salads, and other a few items. Same Owners as Eden Burger. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by CorissaMarie


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19 Nov 2023

Best vegan breakfast I’ve had

Staff was so nice, our server was patient and sweet. What an unbelievable variety of vegan foods, and the taste! My husband is not vegan and he was amazed at how delicious everything was. I loved that I could order anything on the menu and not worry about it having an animal product. We had a the breakfast burrito, breakfast sandwich and apple caramel French toast. Everything was delicious. 10/10 recommend



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18 Nov 2023

Full Vegan Diner!

The menu and food was phenomenal. The restaurant, which is 100% vegan is also clean and the staff is friendly
and helpful. Highly recommend!


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17 Nov 2023

Absolutely delicious

Amazing vegan brunch! Tried the breakfast Crunchwrap and the seasonal pancakes. Both incredible!

Pros: Vegan brunch


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09 Nov 2023

Vegan brunch

Good solid vegan diner brunch- we loved it.

Pros: French toast, Lots of choices, Nice wait staff


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23 Oct 2023

Came here for top vegan and brunch

This place hit the spot for hangover brunch. Also the waitress was super nice and made the experience that much better. I do wish there were less pre-made vegan options, like instead of just egg use tofu scramble. I felt like I could cook some of the dishes at home.


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14 Oct 2023

Excellent Vegan Spot

Fun menu with many options. Great service, environment, & food.

Pros: Options, Environment, Friendly staff


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Mostly Veg
28 Sep 2023

Meh meal

Both chicken patty and hash browns were overcooked and kind of hard. I liked at first that the spicy sandwich had a sweet sauce too on it, but as I kept eating i realized that most bites didn't have that sauce. Also my friends said their burger patties were very thin, but they loved the fries.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-28


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27 Sep 2023

Quick and friendly service

As my photos said. My fiancé and I loved it! Very good! Little pricy but you know that going in. Would go again 100%


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19 Sep 2023

Such a happy VEGAN

I was so pleasantly pleased! Ordering from a menu and not having to make modifications is so freeing! The food was great, the atmosphere is wonderful and the staff is friendly😊

Pros: Food choices lots of options, Convenient location for me, Atmosphere

Cons: Parking options ( it’s down town)


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17 Sep 2023

Unwelcoming Experience

Sadly this is the only vegan restaurant I can find around my stay with vegan breakfast so it was either eat here or starve.

When I first came in the only table they had available to parties or 1-2, was right in front of the register and kitchen which doesn’t have an appealing scent so I didn’t want to sit there so I was going to order out instead but decided not to so I can take some time to look at other options.

The first girl gave off the attitude of “either sit there or order out” like there are no other options. Which I later saw there were seats outside (I would’ve sat out there)

When I came back inside another lady decided to speak with me since I could see through the window they were talking about what just happened on why I left.

The older lady came off as annoyed and bit hostile and began taking my order instead of asking if I wanted to eat in or take out (I wanted to eat in but I didn’t know I should just grab a seat if I wanted to).

After I ordered (before paying) I went to grab a seat and she said “uh… you need to pay 🙃” (I thought it was an order at register then grab a seat kind of thing) and I responded “I’m dining in” she then said “oh I asked if you were dining in or if it’s for take out” (she didn’t) so I responded “oh I didn’t hear that, I wanted to dine in” she respond “they’re already making it To go” shaking her head and scribbling out the “take out” written on the receipts- you can tell she was very bothered by that so I just took my order to go.

Now… I worked at a restaurant once before… and I’ve been to many before… is the food not made once the payment is received? I could be wrong so that’s why I’m asking. And she did have the order receipt in hand before passing it to the kitchen so I’m confused to how they were already making my order to go?

Since I felt pressured to taking my food to go, I’ll have this long walk back to my hotel. And by then my food my not be to the standards as I expected.

Again, if I can give it one star I would based solely on the service I received. Honestly if the food were bad but the service was amazing I’d definitely come again.
But even if the food were good I would not be coming here a second time around.

It was just very uncomfortable.

Cons: Experienced bad service , Not enough small party seats


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14 Sep 2023

500 Stars

This is one of my all time favorite vegan spots! I just wish it wasn’t so expensive, but damn is it good! Feels like such a treat to go there, I tell all my vegan friends about how delicious this spot is. Service is okay, tons of options, and cute environment.


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28 Aug 2023

Fantastic vegan diner experience

The food was so flavorful and well prepared, and I really enjoyed the old-fashioned diner vibe. I was really glad to eat here after watching Top Vegan on YouTube, which is hosted by the founder and even filmed an episode there.


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09 Aug 2023


everything was great and the atmosphere was wonderful
the MILKSHAKE was especially wonderful

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-09


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07 Aug 2023

Diner dreams do come true!

I was driving through the area and couldn’t pass up an all vegan diner! The inside was very nice (if a bit generic) and service was great. My breakfast-loving omni boyfriend had an amazing French toast special, while I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a stuffed crust pizza. We also tried the potato skins and took a couple desserts to go. Everything was delicious, including the draft beer. I’ll be back and will save room for a milkshake next time!


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31 Jul 2023

Amazing Vegan Diner

One of the best burritos I’ve tried. I ordered the burrito bowl (added to option to make it a burrito). It had chorizo, veggies, rice, beans, guac, cheese, lettuce, pico, sour cream and salsa. They also grilled it to warm it up. I ordered delivery so the burrito was a little deconstructed by the time I ate it but was still delicious. I also tried the chicken pretendies with vegan ranch and honey mustard and it was the best vegan chicken I’ve ever had. I’d come here almost everyday if I could.


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12 Jul 2023

Best spuds!

My husband, daughter and I went there for dinner as we are passing through to Hocking Hills. We sat outside, which was really nice. Waitress was very nice as well. My husband got the jalapeño burger with fries and he loved it. I thought it was good too. I got the crunch wrap with the chorizo in it. It is a little spicy, but good tasting. My non-vegan daughter actually like this wrap as well. I also got the potato skins and they were seriously the best I’ve ever had! I could eat those every week, too bad we didn’t live closer! as we are passing through to Hocking Hills.

Pros: Lots of options , Convenient parking, Nice outside area


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08 Jul 2023

Square pancakes!

This place was convenient to stop into while on a road trip. The service was very fast and the food was excellent especially if you’re in the mood for breakfast options.

Pros: Good service, Strong vegan vibe


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Mostly Veg
22 Jun 2023

Nice brunch spot

We stopped here for Sunday brunch and got a burrito, crunchwrap, mimosa, and milkshake. All delicious - just wish the milkshake were a little bit bigger😉The place seemed busy but we didn't have much of a wait at all. It was fun to sit outside on a nice day and people-watch the restaurant, record shop next door, and everyone else.

Pros: Good brunch options


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22 Jun 2023

Absolutely Wonderful

On a road trip with my Omni Dad, we planned to go to the Loving Hut in Reynoldsburg on this stop. Dad decided he wanted a burger instead so I hit the app and found this place. We both had the breakfast Sammie on Texas toast and decided right then we had to come back for dinner. Great food, reasonable prices, and very nice people. Later that day we went back and I had the chicken parm and dad had the breakfast burger. I can still taste the breaded tempeh in the parm which was a perfect sandwich. Seriously considering moving to Columbus for this place. Accessible diner menu, all vegan, right downtown. There’s a record store next door too. Had to move my top 5 restaurants in the country around to accommodate this one.

Pros: Delicious food, Tempeh chicken, Breakfast all day


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01 Jun 2023

insanely good. can’t wait to go back

this place is so good!!! my bf (a meat eater) and i were passing columbus on our way to hocking hills and stopped in for brunch. we got the french toast sticks, breakfast bowl, one blueberry pancake and one lemon lavender pancake. the lemon lavender pancake was much too sweet for us both as it had lemon and lavender icing on top. i also wish the pancakes came with vegan butter. butttt everything else was so amazing that we came back for dinner on our way home from hocking hills!! we got the nashville hot pizza, the bacon grilled cheese, and a strawberry milkshake. everything was once again so delicious but the pizza really blew our minds. it was definitely the best vegan pizza i’ve ever had. my bf loved it all so much he told all of his coworkers about it the next day lol.


22 Jun 2023

Funny, we were there about the same time and also went twice in the same trip.


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14 May 2023


It was my first time in a fully vegan restaurant, and while I was at first overwhelmed with having a full menu to choose from for the first time in about 6 years, I was later underwhelmed by just how mid-tier the food was. If you've used just egg, morning Star Farm's chorizo crumbles, and other popular store-bought vegan substitutes, then you've already tasted the food here.

I tried their stuffed crust pizza. The veg cheese is pretty good. Maybe violife or follow your heart? I didn't care for the breading. It falls apart easily and is very... fluffy? I prefer a dense crust and a toasted bottom to my pizzas.

Tried their americana(?) burger but with bacon. It tastes like a standard fast-food burger, and while the bacon neither mimicked the texture or much of the flavor of bacon, it had a pretty good smokey flavor, which is nice. :)

Fries were eh.

I went there the next day to give it a second shot. The French toast was really good! So was their chocolate milkshake. The chorizo in the chorizo omelet sorta overpowered the more subtle flavor of the justegg, unfortunately. It was still pretty good, though. I really liked the sauce they put on it, too. 10/10 sauce.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-14

Pros: Fully vegan menu, Staff was very kind, French toast

Cons: Expensive, The food was just ok, Busy on weekends.


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08 May 2023

Loved our breakfast

So friendly. The three of us loved our brunchy breakfast.

Pros: Creative options , Fast, Affordable


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29 Apr 2023

vegan omelet

This restaurant blew me away with their incredible omelette. The filling was so delicious and flavorful, and the texture was just right. Every bite was a delightful combination of savory and satisfying. I also loved the atmosphere of the restaurant, with its cozy and welcoming vibe. The staff were friendly and attentive, and made my dining experience extra special. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for delicious and satisfying food, regardless of dietary preferences.


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20 Apr 2023


Literally my favorite vegan spot I’ve had in the united states. Everything I’ve tried is good!!!

Pros: 100% vegan , Lots of options

Cons: Slower service because they’re busy


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12 Apr 2023

Amazing food, even better service, awesome amtosphere

I tried 4th and state for the first time the other day. I ordered takeout with friends, and tried a bit of everything. A pizza, a burger with loaded fries, some french toast, and a signature vrunchwrap. The variety here is overwhelming but in every good way. The staff was so friendly! There was a service charge on the online ordering platform and when I asked what that went towards, when they told me straight to the staff I was impressed because lots of businesses keep their service charges instead of giving it to the staff. The desserts in the case stared me down. I highly recommend the chocolate chip cookies. And then the server asked if I wanted to add a milkshake and the s’mores was delightful! Probably my favorite vegan spot in Columbus can’t wait to return.

Pros: Plenty of options, Great service, Treat employees very well


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10 Apr 2023

Hidden fees

I tried to order takeout on the phone while driving through Columbus, but an employee on the phone directed me to order on their website. After putting in all of my selections, I went to check out and was hit by a surprise 18% service fee. Since we already spent quite a bit of time picking a restaurant and choosing what we wanted to eat, we still went ahead and ordered. When picking up the food, I talked to the staff to see if the fee was a mistake, but it was not. Will not be ordering here again even though the food was good. I don’t like surprise fees at the very end of my checkout process.

Pros: Food was good!

Cons: Last minute service fee for takeout


12 Apr 2023

I recently ordered takeout and experienced this as well. But when I asked the staff what it was for when they told me it went directly back to the staff I thought it was awesome! Being in the service industry myself, we depend on tips and service charges and I think what 4th & State is doing is amazing! A lot of restaurants do this and it goes to the owners/corporate. I agree the food was amazing!


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19 Mar 2023

Columbus vegan staple

Delicious food and so many options. I don't understand how they get their vegan cheese to have such a perfectly cheesy consistency. Will definitely be going back

Pros: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner vegan options, Milkshakes!, Great service, very friendly

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