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Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers also a basic vegetarian menu, but vegans need to specify no cheese. Previously listed as 2012 Mayan Spaces and Something Else. Open Tue-Sun 1:30pm-11:00pm.

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18 Reviews

First Review by MichaelKalmanovitch


Points +56

01 Apr 2023

Did the chef loose his taste?

The burrito lacked all the spices. Had to order hot sauce for more flavor.
The Fajitas were a bit better. However, the vegetables were overcooked here as well.
Even the Piña Colada was boring.



Points +32

11 Mar 2023

Delicious food

The vegan food options are very nice! The service is amazing too.


Points +72

28 Oct 2022

Dishes that cry for seasoning

We came here following the great reviews. The service is lovely that's for sure, but the raving about the food is entirely misplaced. We had 2 watery margaritas (one normal, one mango) and couldn't taste the tequila in it at all let alone the expected punchy flavours. I double checked with the waiter it has tequila in it - and he poured a shot into our glasses without asking any questions - who cares about a balance of flavours sort of way but also showed efficiency but in a clinical way. We had enchiladas, empanadas, and panucho sin carne. All dishes were crying for the chef to taste them and season them before sending them out. Why not add lime, cilantro, salt, chilly, etc to make the dishes more than a "one of your five a days"? In the end it just felt like a boring canteen meal where you must finish just for finishing sake.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-28

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Ok decor

Cons: Flavourless, bland food , Functional service , Watery cocktails


Points +20

27 Oct 2022

Delicious Yuceteca Vegan Food

We had a vegan Yuceteca platter that came with a variety of local dishes. We loved that it was also gluten free. The food was delicious and freshly made. Our favorites were the Empenadas with Chaya and the Sikil Pak dip. It was great opportunity to try many options and flavors. We have eaten there many times and have tried lots of items. We also enjoyed the Veggie soup, very clean and full of fresh vegetables. Definitely recommend this place. Good prices and friendly service. The Mayan art and atmosphere are wonderful!!!
PS I'd give it 5 stars but Happy Cow only allows 4 stars max for restaurants that are not exclusive Veggie restaurants

Pros: Delicious fresh food, Beautiful atmosphere and art, Yuceteca food many vegan options


Points +293

11 May 2022

A couple vegan options, good service

Went here for dinner last night, got to sit in the backyard. They had a couple vegan options, I got the Greek salad which was fine, but I wouldn’t get again and the veggie fajitas which came with a baked potato, guacamole and a generous amount of cooked mixed veggies and tortillas.

The fajitas were pretty good, I was very grateful to find a place with something with vegan options close to where I was staying!

Pros: A few vegan options, Central located


Points +216

21 Dec 2021

Was so good

Vegetarian dishes if you ask possible in vegan! So delicious

Pros: So good, Fair price


Points +44

18 Oct 2021

Very good if going with non-vegan people.

I went with my sister, she is not vegan and wants to try some typical food, this was an excelent place to do that. They also have a few vegan options, so se can ate together. I tried fajitas, it were very delicious and staff was very informed about vegan things!


Points +68

09 Oct 2021

Mooi restaurant

Ik had de burritos. Goed van smaak, niks bijzonders. Restaurant ziet er mooi uit. Leuke details. Op de muur een grote bijzondere Maya schildering. De bediening sprak geen Engels, dus we zijn er niet achter gekomen wat het betekent.


Points +490

19 Mar 2019

Give it a try!

Wonderful vegetables fajitas and guacamole! Ripe and tasty fruits.
They have a selection of vegetarian dishes which can be veganised upon request.
Try their chaya lemonade (Maya's spinach)
Friendly staff and nice chiefs.
Nice wooden decoration inside. Impressive Mayan fresco, hand painted by the owner himself, in the courtyard, which is itself arranged like a trip in Yucatán.
Electro party on Saturdays
Update March 2019 : start to explore vegan kitchen using tofu etc

Pros: Great food, fair prices, Nice surroundings , 2019 : start to explore vegan cuisine


Points +13

06 Mar 2019

Delicious food, wonderful staff. I definitely recommend

As i already titled


Points +111

16 Jan 2019


Restaurant con opciones vegetarianas de comida mexicana. Precio adecuado a la calidad gastrónomica de la comida.Buen servicio y cerca del centro (plaza y terminal de buses).

Pros: Opciones vegetarianas especificadas.

Cons: No es vegan.


Points +232

12 Nov 2018


Manager explained in detail which dishes are vegan. So I had the fajitas. It was okay, not more or less. Good juices. We left the money on the table (in that thing where you put the money) and wanted to leave when he stopped us and told us that tip would be 10%! He didn’t see that under the big notes there was more (because we did leave a tip!) so I told him “there is more” and then he looked through it and said oh sorry. That’s why I would NOT go back there!

Pros: Vegan options, Good juices, Fair prices

Cons: Owner insists on tips! , Many mosquitos


Points +382

14 Oct 2018

Decent fajitas

Ordered fajitas. Good tortillas, great quacamole. The deshevelled manager understands the vagan thing. He really needs to smarten up though.
He also wrote "No Tip" on the bill. He meant tip not included. Bit cheeky really.
I wouldn't come here for a nice dinner but it was OK for a quick snack.

Pros: Good fajitas , Good vegan understanding

Cons: Bring your mosquito repellant, Asked us for a tip, Managers looked filthy


Points +322

28 Jan 2017


The manager (?)/server was very helpful and accommodating but the food was bland and disappointing. Drinks however were nice and refreshing!

Pros: helpful staff

Cons: lots of persistent mosquitoes in the garden, bland


Points +132

22 Nov 2013

Nice decor, boring food

I ate here twice, and was pretty underwhelmed by the food both times. It's a nice place to hang out, as they have a very nice courtyard and a nice book and gift store. However, the food is pretty bland (and that's saying a lot in Yucatan) and overpriced.

Pros: Bland food

Cons: Pretty place


Points +1391

18 Nov 2013

Interesting space, great food, issue resolved

So, first thing's first: just got back from here and had some delicious chorisoya tacos. The space is relaxed, central, and unique, with a chilled ambiance and independent feel; it's locally owned as well, not especially common for establishments in the center.

Regarding the previous poster: thanks for uncovering this. I had a lengthy discussion with both the manager and the owner, who was personally very surprised that this had happened and promised me that the vegetarian section of the menu would be changed immediately. After doing some research on this "Guten" stuff (which sounds suspiciously like "gluten"), I realized that it is a source of confusion for many people and other restaurants within the country. Yes, it is a processed "meat alternative" product, but it does contain meat. In any case, they are now aware of the issue and are acting to fix it.

Like Michael, I also highly recommend supporting this arty, independent place. The previous poster was right to be disappointed, but the business moved to fix it as soon as they were made fully aware, and the place deserves a second chance as a Mérida "vegetarian oasis."

Pros: Separate veg menu, Great artistic space, Veg versions of Mexican classics

Cons: Menu misunderstanding (now resolved), Doesn't open till after 1


Points +717

10 Oct 2013

Not a veg restaurant & veg items contain meat!

I went here expecting good things after the other two reviews. However, this restaurant is a regular restaurant with a separate vegetarian menu.

Furthermore, a number of veggie menu items contain "guten" which, after inspecting in a supermarket is NOT vegetarian. The main ingredients are chicken and cow meat. The staff told me this was a tofu product. I found this out afterwards (by chance walking through a supermarket and seeing it) and feel sick knowing this now.

This restaurant is basically no different to any other tourist restaurant in Merida and does not deserve to be on happycow.

I would give it zero stars.

Cons: Not vegetarian, Guten contains meat, Staff are oblivious to guten ingredients


18 Nov 2013

To be fair, it was listed as "veg-friendly," so we knew it was a mixed place. You are absolutely right about the "guten" product though, and after discussing it with the owner he was very apologetic and promised to remove it from the vegetarian menu immediately. Thanks for pointing that out!


18 Nov 2013

It was listed as a vegetarian restaurant when I did the review. I asked happycow to downgrade it which is why it's veg friendly now.

Glad they've removed Guten.


Points +71

13 Jul 2013

A Vegetarian Oasis in Merida

Came back to Merida for a working holiday and I always seem to stay in hotels close to this restaurant since i frequent many times during my stay.
I know that the refried beans won't have lard in them and if I don't want cheese they are familiar with that request. It is easier for a vegetarian restaurant to do vegan than a meat place to do vegan.
I had the Nopales Rellenos - cactus stuffed with cheese, peppers, a red sauce, and lots of taste. They provide corn tortillas so I just cut it up and rolled pieces into the tortilla and enjoyed myself with the wonderful taste.
Smoothies are very good here but $45MEX for a large one. On a hot day like today two slid down too easily.

Pros: Great food, Educational decor in the courtyard-Mayan, Reasonable price (meals $40MEX - $50Mex)

Cons: Not enough people supporting this place

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