Fresh Veggies Nori Rolls

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    Be sure vegetables are dried after wash. On dry flat surface, place 1 sheet of nori seaweed. In the following order, place on top of the nori seaweed, 1 sheet of lettuce, some sprouts, 2 pieces of avocado, a little bit of carrots and cucumber. Sprinkle sesame on top. Moisten along one end of the nori seaweed sheet with a bit water to help seal the roll. Roll into a roll.
    Be careful not to overstuff the nori roll or the sheet will rip.


    5 large nori seaweed sheets (for rolls), cut in half
    10 sheets of green lettuce1 cup sprouts (radish, onion, or clover)
    1 large carrot, sliced finely
    1 large cucumber, sliced finely
    2 medium ripe avocados, cut into 1 inch slices

    Serving Size

    10 rolls

    Prep Time

    25 mins

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      The Veggie Cook

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      Posted on 24 Oct 2006

      Yum, this is a fabulous recipe, and the rolls looks so beautiful. Definitely a dish to impress (yet so simple). I recommend serving the rolls with a yummy salad dressing of your choice.

      Fresh Veggies Nori Rolls

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