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728 E Brady St, Milwaukee, USA

Cheap and delicious

01 Apr 2010

The lentil soup changed my life. Well, maybe that's going a little far.. but it is incredible! The Falafel balls are amazing, the hummus and babaghanouj (i know i spelled that wrong) are awesome, and sometimes the spinach pie is vegan. Get the vegetarian combo plate and if the pie isn't vegan, they'll be happy to sub some extra falafel. They also have a really affordable lunch buffet that has won awards and is well known throughout the city.

2797 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, USA

Not too bad!

01 Apr 2010

I've eaten Classic Slice a lot and they're pretty good. I do get sick of the same 3 vegan specialty pizzas though. It would be nice if they expanded that selection. They do deliver though, so that's a plus! They also have Follow Your Heart vegan cheese, but they charge extra for it and you only get a sprinkling of it over the top of the pizza.

6732 W Fairview, Milwaukee, USA

Truly comfort food

01 Apr 2010

The Pommarita is the best cocktail in the world. The Cajun fries are the most fantastic thing I've ever shoveled into my face. The sweet potato fries are the best balance of creamy and crispy, salty and sweet. The jambalaya is spicy, filling, packed with smoked tofu (is there anything better?) and is served on a platter that can feed at least 3 people. I love you, Maxie.

2491 S Superior St, Milwaukee, USA

Don't bother

01 Apr 2010

I used to eat here all the time, but everything tasted the same. Then the food made me sick. I stopped eating there and then a friend of mine told me that they got a new "head chef" aka fry cook, and that the menu was improved. I decided to give it another shot and it just made me throw up again. Everything is either deep fried or swimming in grease. Unless you like that, don't bother wasting your time or money. The drinks are good, though.

5505 Osuna Rd NE, Albuquerque, USA


10 Dec 2010

The food here is outstanding! My meat eater friends came with me on our trip out to NM and we got 4 apps and 4 entrees and everything was perfection. GET THE TEMPURA!!!

101 W Mitchell St, Milwaukee, USA


01 Apr 2010

Transfer is probably the best pizza I've ever had. Their sauce is made so fresh and you can taste it. They have so many vegan options, so many toppings (Teese, fried potatoes and avocado to name a few!) and it never disappoints! Also has a great atmosphere and excellent cocktails.

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