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16 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge, UK, Sowerby Bridge, England

Fantastic Unique Food

25 Nov 2011

Myself, my partner and our 4 yr old daughter were working briefly nearby, when my partner suggested we had a look in D&B. We'd picked a relatively quiet night - so didn't feel guilty about studying the menu for quite a while before ordering. We opted for 3 different dishes, myself a pasta and meatballs dish (definately the most boring sounding dish) however it was perfect, cooked just right, with an amazing sauce - rich in flavour, really well presented with meatballs. A lovely touch was the parnesano ontop. 

Before we ordered The owner/chef, took time to have a quick chat about the food, and genuinely seemed to be enthusiastic (something that if still present after several years is a really good sign I think). 

The other two dishes looked amazing, and my partner and daughter were equally impressed. Also the owner was very good about making smaller meals for my daughter - without me asking he asked us.

The restaurant was clean, both in upkeep and design, the toilets were lovely and clean, tables well presented. 

I will most definately be travelling the 60miles to go here again. 

Their current wednesday offerings (forget details) but set price for 2/3courses sounds fantastic.

There are two reviews on here that aren't very positive. Whilst we have to accept opinions, I suspect they are mistaken. Because both the waitress and owner were lovely to us without being OTT and answered all questions with depth, and enthusiasm.


413 Chillingham Road, Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

If only I lived nearby, what a great Cafe.

05 Mar 2012

After reading the previous review, I didn't know what to expect. Well I'm quite happy to say that I disagree (see end of my review)

We ordered vegan fish and chips (because it's a rarity!) and within a very reasonable time our food arrived. The battered "fish" was a fair size, but it wasnt until i cut into it that i realised it is twice as thick as the nearest thing i've had to it. Result. This meant it filled me up nicely. The home made chips were perfectly cooked, and the oil used must have been in good condition (unlike many restaurants) as they tasted just how fresh potato chips should do. The mushy peas and lemon slice rounded it off nicely.

The gentleman behind the counter was helpful, and offered my daughter a straw for her drink, explained about evening meal options (we're tempted to revisit tonight before leaving Newcastle as the evening menu is different and there's a 3 course meal offer on). And was efficient.

The fridge counter was well stocked with vegan and vegetarian cup cakes, with a variety of flavours, they even sell VeGourmet cheese. With a variety of teas, and specials there is certainly enough choice to please most people - vegetarian, vegan or otherwise.

I immediately took a trip to the toilets to wash my dirty hands, and was fearing the worst - however i was pleasantly surprised. They were clean, albeit small - But what else does one want? The soap was vegan friendly original source, sounds petty - but alot of places overlook simple things.

I can positively disagree with the review below - the toilets are well above average, hygiene is top notch, and all 3 staff we saw were humorous, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. The owner even came out to discuss menu options, and how they were flexible to people's allergens, dislikes and tastes.

50 New Wakefield Street, Manchester, England

Excellent Service, just what we were looking for!

01 May 2011

After a trip to nearby Bolton, my family were in need of some good value nourishment. Happy cow mobile came into force and suggested Mod's. Excellent pub, got a pint, ordered 3 burgers and went upstairs. Mod appeared rather promptly with 3 burgers and good helpings of wedges as ordered. Mod even took the time to talk to us and included my 4yr old daughter in conversation, which always deserves thumbs up for! (he's actually a very nice guy) - I look forward to eating there again! Burgers were tasty, simple and filled us up, exactly what we wanted :)

92a Brudenell Road, Leeds, England

Best Vegan Breakfast In Leeds!

08 Dec 2011

Peach and Pear Cafe isn't your usual "veg-friendly" cafe. The menu doesn't just include a few veg/vegan options, instead the majority of items are listed as having a vegan option.

This surprised me, as unlike the usual substitutions of meat for poor alternatives, Peach and Pear provided me with a proper vegan breakfast fryup including home made vegan sausages, superb (best i've tasted yet) scrambled tofu, beans, tomatoes, vegan bacon, toast with vegan spread, and a cup of tea for the same price as a supermarket cafe could.

A friendly chat with the owner revealed they make great effort to cook vegan items seperately from the meat they offer, and have a powerful extractor to prevent smells! I really cannot fault this cafe for going out of their way to provide quality (genuinely vegan) breakfast / cafe food and drinks.

We were so impressed, we said we'd return for tea that evening when passing by on the way home, so we got to try out other items on the menu. I had a vegan thai style burger with smoked tofu, thai sauce and the most amazing home made chips and my partner had another fry up! Again, i couldn't fault the food or service. My daughter had a smoothie, which she was thrilled with.

If you're looking for a good traditional breakfast, or cafe food with a good atmosphere, Peach and Pear is definitely the place to go.

Amazingly, they were open until 11pm serving food when we visited.

80b Newland Avenue, East Yorkshire, UK, Hull, England

Great Cafe, Friendly Staff

06 Feb 2012

Following numerous visits, I thought it only right that I finally write a review! The menu at Zoo is a varied typical cafe menu incliding a great range of coffees, teas, smoothies, soup,breakfasts, burgers, mezze, burritos. jackey potatoes etc. There is a great selection of cakes which can be had with vegan ice cream.

I had the veggie burger with onions and hummous. The hummous is delicious, tasting that good it has to be home made, the burger itself was tasty and filling.

i then had a smoothy, which was as yummy as you would expect, followed by vegan chocolate fudge cake with vegan icecream.

The prices are incredibly good eg. burger £4.50, cake £2.20 with ice cream.

The staff were accomodating, and took the time to talk us through what was vegan. When i asked for a black coffee they were also quick to offer soya milk (believe me ive been to loads of vegan friendly places and they never have it). I left (my previous visits were over a year ago due to work) thinking i will definately visit again, so a week later here i am! (well i cant remember menus normally!)

highly recommend a visit, the best vegan/veggie cafe in hull by far.

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