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55 E Main St, Chattanooga, USA

Always Perfect & Amazing food!

02 Oct 2008

This is by far my favorite restaurant in Chattanooga. It is Owned & operated by the nicest family & the food is 100% awesome. Plenty of choices for vegetarian and vegan in a fantastic atmosphere. My favorite dish so far is the cilantro lime tofu hash(v). Any dish with there fresh herb cream cheese involved is delicious. The coffee here is great & soymilk is available. I also highly recommend the black bean chilli. There vegan pumpkin muffins are so good. They have the most substantial wholesome biscuits. The list just goes on & on.

3719 3rd Ave S, Birmingham, USA

Good vegetarian food in Alabama!

15 Oct 2008

I like this place. I had the winky dink not dog & it was pretty awesome. It's a tofu dog topped with mustard & a very large amount pimento cheese. I'm a pimento cheese snob & I thought it was quite grand. The coffee was good. Soy milk is available. Bottletree is mostly a bar & music venue. I'd have to say its the very best food I've ever had at a bar. I also like the quirky atmosphere. I will definitely go back.

12 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga, USA

Pretty good!

12 Sep 2008

Great for vegetarians! Only ok for vegans. Not as much to choose from that doesn't include cheese. I had a black bean sloppy joe & it was very good. I also tried there fried plantains & fried sweet potatoes...not very healthy but totally delicious. They have various vegetarian pizzas, sandwiches, quesadillas, huge stuffed potatoes, & black bean & rice plates. They also have a huge selection of beers!

3559 Robie Street, Halifax, Canada

#1 Neatloaf 4 real

15 Sep 2008

The neatloaf really is one of the most delicious vegetarian dishes I've ever had anywhere! The atmosphere is a little religious/cultish & that wasn't about to stop me. I thought the service was very pleasant. The selection was ideal for a vegetarian.

5 Broadway St, Asheville, USA

Don't get your biscuits & gravy here!

15 Oct 2008

This place has really fast internet service & comfy couch seating. The ambiance is polished & nice. They have stevia, agave, rice milk, soy milk & honey all out on the bar. I really appreciate the fact that they use biodegradable corn to go utensils & have an extensive composting & recycling area BUT the food sucks. I tried & tried & tried to eat here. The worst being biscuits & gravy. The gravy is a really gross salty brown shitake gravy(almost tastes like chinese food sauce) & there faux sausage tastes like I don't even know what. Yuck. When I ordered slaw on the side it seemed like old slaw that had been in the fridge atleast overnight. I ordered egg & cheese biscuits repeatedly & every time it was something different. Like almost no cheese or sooooo dry & repeatedly over salted eggs. Some how they managed to ruined sauteed swiss chard. I never had one thing for breakfast good here so I gave up. Almost everything is organic & local. There smoothies are good. The baked goods looked good. The coffee was fine.

40 Wall St, Asheville, USA


15 Sep 2008

This is the very best vegetarian restaurant I've ever eaten at!!! I have been lucky enough to try at least half the menu & I've never been disappointed. Everything is AMAZING! They even have the most delicious cocktails...organic vodka & organic juices! They are upstairs from a micro brewery & serve green man ales awesome beer. My favorite meals are low country roll ups, Curried tempeh napoleon, & they have a great indian plate that changes everyday. Most entrees come with a mixed green salad. The dressings are all unique & yummy. The soups are wonderful. The menu is filled with exciting great dishes. Just go!

50 Broadway Ave, Asheville, USA

Go to Asheville Pizza & Brewing instead!

15 Oct 2008

. This is where the tourists eat. Locals know better. Pizza is way better at Barley's Taproom, Digable Pizza, or Asheville Pizza & brewing Company. Really expensive pizza & bad sandwhiches. Beer selection is great if you can stand the ambiance.

652 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, USA

Great vegan Mac N Cheese

14 Jan 2009

I recently ordered food to go here. When I opened my box of take out it was filled to the brim with awesome food. I had the mac N cheese, greens, sweet potatos & a salad. This place has my favorite mac N "cheese ever! The greens were iceberg or romain (I prefer mixed greens) but there severely amazing dressing made up for that. I think the food was a bargain & I will definitely be back for more!

626 Haywood Rd, Asheville, USA

Excellent breakfast!

15 Oct 2008

The food here is delicious, fresh & healthy. I highly recommend Sunny point for breakfast or lunch. The dinner menu has much less vegetarian choices. The have the best huevos tofucheros in the world. Everything here is seasoned deliciously. Lots of fresh herbs. I don't even really like grits but I always get grits at Sunny Point. There grits are soooo good! Portions are a bit huge so watch out. Usually when I leave here I'm not hungry again for the rest of the day!

570 Brevard Rd, Asheville, USA

not the best farmers market

15 Oct 2008

No organic vegetables. Not much in the way of local produce. Mostly pickled & jarred items. A good place to get local honey. Not very close to anything. One of the only places in Asheville to get boiled peanuts!

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