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130 S Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, USA

Fabulous place to sample several dishes

31 Oct 2011

Abay was my very first official restaurant visit after becoming vegan. I was thrilled with the many vegetarian and vegan dishes, and of course those that could also be modified.

In line with traditional Ethiopian dining, most dishes are shared with your table. Even with a party of two, we were able to choose 4 different 'entrees' and have just the right portion size.

We've been back twice since and plan to make it a regular stop!

1236 Western Ave, Las Vegas, USA

Knock your socks off Vegan!

31 Oct 2011

Pura Vida was a thrilling find on our search for Vegas Vegan. We brought our non-veg parents and it was really challenging for them to adapt (welcome to our world!) but with the breakfast options, you really can't go wrong with pancakes and waffles.

We were accidentally the My Love instead of the breakfast burrito w/ tofu scramble, but I have to say the My Love was my favorite dish!

The bean dip served automatically was unbelievable.

I'm not normally a big fan of fake meats, but the breakfast sausage was pretty yummy.

The cookies to go were a nice treat later in the day!

The staff was super sweet even though many were new and made some rookie mistakes.

For me, the novelty of an all vegan restaurant and the quality and taste of the food forgives all but the very worst of mistakes. I appreciate their effort so much that I could care less if I have to ask them to reheat the coffee or start a new pot!

The only real complaint was that the menu was ultra confusing. The menu changes between weekday and weekend offerings, and the time of day options (breakfast, lunch, brunch) all change with weekday/weekend changes. I'm all about changing it up, but when all the items are shown on the same menu (but are not necessarily available), and some on the specials board that conflict with the menu rules, it got way too confusing.

All in all, many of these things are just because they're new. PLEASE visit and support them next time you're in Vegas!!

2339 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, USA

Much more enticing than the name implies!

31 Oct 2011

While this sounds like a hillbilly greasy burger joint, it's actually quite the opposite. They have a broad menu, and brunch covers everything from waffles to full entrees.

Vegan-friendly options were mainly portabello or veggie burgers and wraps, or modifying the salads. They do have a vegan roll, though when I specified my order it still came smothered with cheese and on the non-vegan roll. The second time around it was right.

It's a decent place to go esp with non-veg friends, but it's by no means a veg restaurant.

5474 Campbells Run Rd, Pittsburgh, USA


31 Oct 2011

This is a fabulous all-vegan restaurant. It's amazing how rare it is to be able to eat everything on the menu. It was slightly overwhelming at first!

We got the fresh rolls for a starter - fabulous.
I got the orange crispy tofu and it was unbelievable. My husband got a veggie lo mein dish and it was also to die for.

Having vegan dessert options was even more of a treat, so I splurged with the cherry cheesecake and was THRILLED!

Definitely going to make a habit of supporting the Loving Hut.

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