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5474 Campbells Run Rd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 15205

Part of international vegan restaurant chain inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individually owned. Saturday is all-you-can-eat buffet from 12pm. SHUT DOWN JULY 30, 2017 LAST DAY.

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28 Reviews

First Review by DC Vegan

good buffet - Edit

the buffet was really good there wasn't as many options as i thought there would be but i have to say the guru curry was really good and they have good pandan which was the first time i was trying that i have to say though it is sad that this place is closing soon.

Pros: good buffet

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great stuff! - Edit

This is the second Loving Hut I've gone to (the other was Tampa FL) & they were both great! Everything's vegan so easy to choose. Tons of good nut-free choices as well for those with allergies.

Pros: nice seating- long tables & booths, good service!

Cons: closing at the end of this month!

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Not bad - Edit

I have been to several Loving Huts and this one had the largest amount of space. Also the best buffet. Food had too much oil and made me sick though.

Pros: All vegan, Buffet, Large space

Cons: Too much oil, Greasy feeling menus

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In LOVE With Loving Hut - Edit

Loving Hut Pittsburgh is one of 120 family owned all-vegan restaurants that span the United States and beyond.

The primary goal of Loving Hut is to share the vegan diet in multi-faceted forms and flavors, showing the masses that plant-based food is a deep and fulfilling culinary experience.

ecoRDN breaks down of some of the amazing foods we had during our visit to the epic Saturday Buffet!

Lucky Lemongrass: a plant-based take on the Vietnamese dish with thin coins of breaded deep-fried soy protein seasoned with lemongrass! Crispy crunchy citrusy awesome.

Lucky Lo Mein: total Umami bomb! Taste the seasoned wok. Wheat noodles and carrot simply stirred to perfection. Take a wok on the wild side.

Kung Pao Tofu: without peanuts the Kung Pao is similar to General Tso’s. Sweet and mildly spicy.

Pittsburgh Charm: sautéed pepper meaty-balls with fried onion, a warming comfort quality like vegan salisbury steak.

Crispy Tofu: holy cheese-like angelic perfection. These breaded deep fried planks took on the flavor and texture of deep fried cheese. Provolone sticks! ecoRDN racked their brains to crack the code, an herby ranch-like seasoning in the breading coupled with the softness of the tofu then deep fried turned these morsels into a golden comfort of carnival delight.

Fabulous Mongolian: a vegan take on Mongolian Steak, ecoRDN went bonkers over this selection. Sautéed strips of seitan and onion in a lush brown gravy bursting with a bouquet of 5-Spice awesomeness. The melange of star-anise, cloves, cinnamon, pepper and fennel provide a rocket of umami flavor to shoot mouths to the gastronomical moon.

Guru Curry: spicy coconut and potato green curry, mellow honest flavors. A humble, soulful curry that walks softly but packs a piquant punch.

The Creamy Broccoli made ecoRDN‘s head spin and mouth water, simply the best broccoli soup ever! A deep buttery flavor helped make this luscious, creamy soup into a perfect bowl of fresh amazing, forever. Who knew broccoli soup could be so inspiring?

Pandan cake: a brand-new treat! Pandan has its origins in Malaysia and Indonesia. Traditionally flavored with Pandanus amaryllifolius leaves which share the smooth flavor of coconut and mildly biting citrus. The chlorophyl from the leaves give the cake it’s distinctive green color traditionally, but it’s not uncommon for cake makers to use food coloring to pop the intense green tone.

Pros: All-Vegan, All-Vegan Saturday Buffet, (See 1 & 2)

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Great dinner - Edit

I had a great dinner at Loving Hut.

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delicious - Edit

The food is simply delicious, you should really try the childcare cake (of course everything is vegan), the cake was fluffy and creamy! The soy chicken was sweet and spicy, well cooked and completed with brown rice, just great. Also the crispy rolls were perfectly flavored. The personnel is really nice. My boyfriend tried the pasta and it was very good too.

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Make this your first stop - Edit

Landing in Pittsburgh after 9 hours of flying, I was famished. I immediately searched for nearby vegetarian restaurants and was pleased to find the Loving Hut only minutes away. Score! Everything I had was absolutely delicious...I think my server, who was very friendly and attentive, was amazed at how much I ate. Unlike some of the other reviewers here, I'm a big fan of fake meats, so I really appreciated those options. There was only one other couple who came in while I was there, so I sure hope they're able to stay in business -- this place is a keeper. This will always be my first stop in Pittsburgh. Highly recommended!

Pros: Excellent food, Good-sized portions, Near the airport

Cons: Needs better signage

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MUST GO in Pittsburgh - Edit

I really loved this place in Pittsburgh. Huge variety of food. Check the details. If you love any kind of asian food or a burger, please visit them. It was surprising and nice to find such a warm clean place to eat in Pittsburgh! All vegan! I loved the won ton with noodles, spring rolls and pho.

Pros: all vegan, really nice people, super clean

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Great vegan gourmet food - Edit

I am not a gourmet but there are so many subtle flavors and textures in the food at this restaurant that I feel I must spread the word. I like buffets and their all-you-can-eat $15 buffet on Saturdays is remarkable. It is clean and well-maintained. I don't know how it survives in the suburbs and I wish it were in the City, but I'm pleased it's there at all and I encourage Pittsburgh vegetarians to patronize it.

Pros: Excellent food, Beautiful and clean

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My favorite! - Edit

This has to be my favorite vegan restaurant of all! The place is cute with a lot of motivational quotes on the wall and pictures of famous vegans. Everything I've ever had has been delicious and tastes authentic. They even have desserts (score!) And, to top it off, they have a buffet every Saturday, which I always leave overly-bloated but highly satisfied (a vegan's paradise!) It's so nice to go somewhere where every single menu item is vegan.

Pros: Vegan's paradise buffet, Dessert, All vegan

Cons: Somewhat pricey

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Absolutely Delicious! - Edit

I went for the Saturday buffet (not knowing that they had a Saturday buffet) and it was amazing! Food was very tasty while not being too greasy/oily. Buffet was replete with, rice, noodles, soups, a variety of delicious faux meats, differently prepared tofu, and a good selection of fruit. It's a Pittsburgh must-go and is a place that both vegans and omnivores would enjoy!

Pros: Very friendly staff, Super Clean, Delicious food and a good variety of it

Cons: Buffet a bit pricey..worth it, though

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Full vegan in Pittsburgh! - Edit

I love that there's a full vegan restaurant in Pittsburgh. The food is good, but I'd prefer more options that aren't fake meat.

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Loving Hut - Edit

Mostly Asian style food typical of any restaurant anywhere. I had the veg stir fry. It was good. Needs more fresh options and less fried food and fake meat dishes.

Pros: all vegan, good prices/value

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All Vegan! - Edit

If you like Vietnamese food then this is the place to go. They do have some other food like burgers and everything is vegan. Get that green cake. It's yum.

Pros: Large Selection, Friendly Staff, Lots Of Clean Dining Space

Cons: Maybe A Little Pricey

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Great Restaurant! - Edit

I can't believe there are no reviews for this restaurant. My 1st visit. Staff very friendly. I had Guru Curry. Just wonderful. Prices very reasonable. Will return again the next time I am in Pittsburgh.

Pros: great food, good prices, friendly staff

Cons: none

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Nice Hidden Surprise - Edit

Let me begin by saying that it is located well outside of the city of Pittsburgh. In fact, it is not far from the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Early last month, I dined with a friend of mine. We shared spring rolls, a salad, a lo mien dish and a barbecued seitan dish. For dessert, we shared a very decadent choclate cake and with specialty coffees. Our food was served hot, and it was delicious. The service was attentive and very educating.

From what I learned, the Loving Hut is a chain restaurant and is found in many diiferent places in the US and abraod. The ambience was Zen-like and I initially thought that the owner was Buddhist, but the philosophical/religious overtones of the framed quotations on the wall was more of a fusion between Buddhism and Christianity. The "founder" is Ching Hai, a Twainese guru spritiual leader and business woman.

Pros: extensive menu, good food, inexpensive

Cons: outside of the city

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Love to Love the Loving Hut! - Edit

Really cute place with friendly staff who recommended great dishes. I had International Soup, which was really velvety and delicious. But I ate half of my sister's burger, which was out of this world....
Too bad about the out of the way location, I hope this place does well! It's the only vegan restaurant in town.

Pros: healthy, friendly place, Awesome food

Cons: remote location

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A Vegan's Dream - Edit

As everyone else has stated, this restaurant is a vegan's delight and happens to be on OUR side of town though, unfortunately, our current financial situation will not allow us to get here as often as we would like. We, too, are worried that slow business may close this place, as it is definitely off the beaten path and patronship shows this. Crossing my fingers that they will stay afloat because they're the best game in town for vegans -- and their food is great!

Small complaint: The oil used to fry my "shrimp" seemed like it may have been used a few times too many (though I finished every morsel on my plate). Also, the cheesecake was a bit TOO creamy for my preference but still tasted good.

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff

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Fantastic! Only all vegan place in Pittsburgh - Edit

We love their food and the care with which they prepare it. Never had anything that was not fantastic. Try their rasberry cheesecake. Unfortunately they are not in the city which is the only drawback and makes me a little concerened if they have enought guests out there. So let's support our only all cegan place in the Pittsburgh area!

Pros: very good food, best fake meat, wonderful deserts

Cons: location

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Loving Hut Pittsburgh - Edit

Possibly the only fully vegan restaurant in Pittsburgh, this Loving Hut (LH) does not disappoint. Although it appears to be in the middle of nowhere, it's located near a mall and the airport, so there are things to do after your meal if you so desire. I can vouch for the Pho, its great - but I can always do with less faux meats. The atmosphere is the same as all of the other LH's. I definitely recommend this LH if you're in the area.

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This is a fabulous all-vegan restaurant. It's amazing how rare it is to be able to eat everything on the menu. It was slightly overwhelming at first!

We got the fresh rolls for a starter - fabulous.
I got the orange crispy tofu and it was unbelievable. My husband got a veggie lo mein dish and it was also to die for.

Having vegan dessert options was even more of a treat, so I splurged with the cherry cheesecake and was THRILLED!

Definitely going to make a habit of supporting the Loving Hut.

Pros: All Vegan, Healthy cuisine, Inexpensive

Cons: No wine nor BYOB

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Visit Loving Hut PGH - Edit

I visit PGH on business at least once a month and was ecstatic when Loving Hut opened. Their buffet offered occasionally on Sundays can't be missed. Otherwise, everything I've tried on the menu is creative and good. The staff (seems to be a family?) are nice. This vegan oasis is only about 10 minutes from the PGH airport and near the retail area of Robinson Township. Don't miss Loving Hut!

Pros: Near to airport, Everything vegan!, Pleasant staff

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Awesome! - Edit

I was visiting Pittsburgh yesterday with my (non-veg) mother, and I found Loving Hut through this website. The food and the service were amazing! It was so great to go to a restaurant where I could eat literally anything on the menu. Even the soap in the bathroom was vegan! (something I've found doesn't always happen where I live in Raleigh, NC.)

We ordered the Crispy Rolls as a starter; they came with a thin, light, sweet sauce. I ordered the Au Lac Sweet and Sour soup, which came with soy shrimp and various other varieties of vegan protein and vegetables. I've never eaten real shrimp, so I can't compare them, but the soy shrimp were outstanding (nice texture and flavor). I had a lot of soup leftover, which I took home and had for lunch today.

My mother ordered the Humble Burger, which was completely different from any veggie burger I've ever had. It was more like a cutlet than a burger, and it was topped with a thick, sweet barbecue sauce. She said it was the best burger she'd ever eaten. Given that she's a omnivore, this is definite high praise.

For desert, we split a piece of vegan cheesecake. It was thick and creamy without being heavy, and had a lovely consistency. My mother said that it didn't taste like dairy cheesecake, but that it was just as good or better than it nevertheless.

When we arrived around 12:30 on a Saturday, we were worried that there were no other people in the restaurant, but as we dined, more people showed up. Two different people came in for carryout during our visit, and four or five groups of people came in and sat down to eat.

For the two of us, we spent about $38 with tax and tip, which I think is very reasonable for ordering so much food. We were both very full after eating, and I would definitely go to this restaurant every week if I lived in the area. My mother said that same thing!

This is a super awesome vegan restaurant. My only problem was that the GoogleMap to the restaurant was wrong; it indicated that Loving Hut was across Steubensville Rd. Instead, it's located in the shopping center right next to the Sheetz on Campbells Run Road.

Check it out!!

Pros: amazing food, friendly staff, large portions

Cons: hard to find

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Great vegan restaurant! - Edit

This is pretty much the only vegan restaurant that I know of in the West Hills and maybe in all of Pittsburgh. It is nice because the entire menu is vegan. I eat there fairly often and have never had something I did not enjoy. The prices are great too. I have never eaten in the restaurant, only gotten take-out.

Pros: healthy cuisine, good value

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:) - Edit

This place is very, very good. I always go there.

Pros: friendly staff, good food, wide veriety

Cons: No delivery service

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Great addition to Pittsburgh Veg Restaurant Scene - Edit

My girlfriend & I were pleased to find a Loving Hut had opened up in Pittsburgh. The food is very good and the staff is friendly and helpful.

The menu is mostly Asian fusion, but with a few interesting exceptions. Loved the Golden Wontons. The desserts are really excellent, especially the cheesecake. (The German chocolate cake was also great). The prices seemed really low as well.

Location-wise, it's nowhere near Downtown/Southside/Oakland, etc, but if you're coming from the airport or live in the west, it's just about the only option in that area.

All in all, an excellent place. We'll be visiting every time we're back home.

Pros: Desserts, Food, Friendly staff

Cons: Location

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Excellent food in the West Hills - Edit

I must say, the Loving Hut is a very welcome addition to the western side of Pittsburgh for my wife and I. We have lived here for the past three and a half years with little options for veggies, especially when it came to vegan options. We would nibble on things here and there, but never a dedicated vegan restaurant to call home, until now.

We went for the first time tonight, and were both very impressed with the food. Everything we had was excellent. We had the jumbo drumsticks (made of mushrooms, soy ham and tofu), coconut tofu and the tangy orange soy chicken. The sauces were all very tasty and they know how to prepare their tofu properly. We also got the lemon grass chicken which was very very spicy. It was good, but if you are faint of heart when it comes to spicyness, be aware.

My wife and I will definitely be going back. There is a ton of other food on the menu that looks very appetizing, along with shakes and desserts worth the try.

Service was good, efficient and very friendly. Their prices are very reasonable. You get a lot of good food for a pretty low price. The only knock I'd have is location, not so much for where it is from my perspective, but where it is to generate business. If it wasn't for happy cow we wouldn't have known it was there (and we drive past there all the time). It's on a hill on a road where most people are passing by, with very little (if any) foot traffic (from Stuebensville Pike towards Settlers Ridge). It's fine for veggies who know it's there, but with a lack of other businesses in their proximity it may hurt them from a business perspective (I hope I'm wrong).

If you find yourself anywhere in the West Hills area of Pittsburgh, this place is definitely worth going to. As far as I know, it's the only vegetarian restaurant in this area, so I hope word spreads and that they can be successful.

Pros: Great food, good prices, friendly staff

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