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Av. Piura 396, Mancora, Peru

The food itself is rather good...

09 May 2011

The food itself is rather good, although very pricy. 17 soles for the menu option, which wasn't even filling.
A nonvegan hamburger costs about 10 soles. A full dish 17 to 20.

There is a very large staf 3 people present, and although I was the only customer at dinner, they still managed to provide my soop together with my main dish.

The book exchange costs 3 soles a book

Pierola 106-A, Arequipa, Peru


17 May 2011

You get a "buffet" style lunch. Meaning that I had 4 different dishes combined in one plate. Everything was very tasty. For 7 Soles you get soup (possibly non vegan, in compensation you get more of the main dish) salad, main dish (buffet; choice of 8 dishes, or combi of 8) a desert and a drink. Menu differs for all dishes all week long.

Very recomendable, I arrived at 2pm, it still was completely full with locals.

801 Pachacutec Ave, Aguas Calientes, Peru

Worst Govinda in Peru

24 May 2011

The set menu (15 soles) is 3 times more expensive than anywhere else in Peru. Unlike with the Govinda in Lima (Miraflores) tou don't get a better meal for it.
In fact the soup I got was instant soup, with bits of flour still undisolved. The main dish was decent, yet only a small serving, and I left hungry.
The plate was nicely decorated with tomatoskin in the form of a flour and 2 uneatable pieces of a leaf of some sort. I guess, because of this decoration, there was not enough room on the plate for a decent serving.

Carrera 20, no. 34-61, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Good meal

08 Apr 2011

They serve 1 single set menu; soup, main dish, dessert for 6000 pesos. May contain milk. Serving starts at 12.

They also have fast snacks: when I visited, it were slices of pizza, hamburgers (both with milk cheese) and empanadas.

They also sell a variety of meat substitutes, a soy cheese; both for about 8000 pesos a package. Soy based yogurth is also available.

Puente Bolognesi 141, La Primera Cuadra, Arequipa, Peru


18 May 2011

Serves a 4.5 soles dinner, which includes soup with good bread, a dish with rice and aubergine, and a gelatine (not vegetarian) desert. Comes with a thee. Reaonable portions.

The soup and the mail were very nicely flavored. It had a nice admosfere aswell.

The only downside is a unconsiderate waiter.

Calle 11, 8-40, San Gil, Colombia

Good breakfast

12 Apr 2011

Prices seem to have gone up to 10000 pesos a meal. They seem te be closed saturday and sunday.

For dinner you have 3 menu's to choice from, including a hamburger with fries. Al food seems to be homemade, including the ketchup.

The breakfast of scrambled tofu-eggs is very recomendable. Aswell as the soya coffee.

Junin 260 B, Trujillo, Peru

Good food

10 May 2011

Relatively polular with the locals. The decoration is cheap as in a typical comedor. It however offers good cheap vegan meals. I had a delishious vegan goulash with rice and fries and 2 complemantary sodas for 7 soles.
Even though I arrived at 8, the place was still full with locals having a drink or a small snack.

The place is located just outside the center, and actually right behind the adress provided here. It doesn't have any outside advertising and as such is imposible to find when closed. The seem to be open for lunch untill 5, and for dinner from 7 onward.

I came back for another dinner 2 days later. The friendly waitress I had the first time was nowhere to be found, and this time staf really didn't feel like cooking and only wanted to serve me the lunch menu for 5 soles.
If you have dinner here, plan on arriving late, after 8.
Updated from previous review on Sunday May 08, 2011

Carrera 7, 46-42, Bogota, Colombia


12 Apr 2011

Apears to be like a student resto.

Serves a set lunch for 7500 pesos, which includes soop, meal, drink and desert.
They also seem to serve hamburgers.

Rua Favila 11, Funchal, Portugal

Not Really A Good Vegan Option

30 May 2014

I ended up having a vegetarian pizza without cheese. They do have some vegy pastas on the menu. They did charge us 3 Euros pp for complementary olives and bread which no one asked or said yes to.

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