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1686 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Don't remember what was ordered...

but it really doesn't matter because this place was fantastic. went with 2 others and we all ordered quite a few things off the menu, and everything was fantastic! I have only been once and been meaning to go ever since. the only thing that has put me off- very small with limited seating and there is ALWAYS a wait. Aside from that, highly recommend this place...no one will be disappointed.

1730 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Love it!

Great vegan raw food! All my non-veg friends enjoy the menu as well. Reasonable prices and decent sized portions.

2620 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, USA


went for breakfast and such great food with semi-lacking service. the server delivered our water, and after that she seemed to have forgotten about us. i think it was about almost 15 minutes (we were one of two two tops) before she came back to take our order. After that, the service was fine...and the food was excellent. i was very pleased with the big bang breakfast with tempeh, and my boyfriend found his breakfast burrito to be very good as well. this place also has a cool atmosphere. free wifi!

199 Park Pl, Richmond, USA

Pretty decent

Used to work near New World, and frequented a few times for lunch...but not that often as the wait can be fairly long (even for not having many people in the restaurant). I thought the menu was creative, with many items to choose from. The prices are okay. The ony thing I liked, they sell really good acai juice (shots, bottles etc). the bottles are pricy, as well as the shots. Just nice to see on the menu.

900 Broadway, Oakland, USA


This was my favorite place to eat lunch on fridays! I typically brought my lunch, but not on fridays. So much to choose from. Vegan tamales at one stand. there is also a vegan mediterranean stand that sells falafel sandwiches, falafel salads, hummus plates, and in the winter split pea or lentil soups. HIGHLY recommend checking out their booth. Another great stand is this indian food stand based out of Monterey, CA that sells various vegan naan wraps. I believe they offer spinach, mixed veggie, and eggplant. The price was 7.50 for a wrap which i found to be a bit pricey. But, the naan is made fresh right there, and is amazingly good. Always a long line. They also offered vegan curry bowls which i had never tried. Hmmm...what else...Great Harvest Bread company sells there (which I think is out of berkeley or emeryville) that has delicious fresh made breads. OH!! right next to the mediterannean booth and the tamale stand there are these two guys that sell afghani breads and dips. I think its called bolani bread stuffed with either pumpkin, potato or spinach. SO GOOD. Really good baklava there as well.

Regardless...fantastic farmers market!!

1301 Franklin St, Oakland, USA

No complaints

I used to work near the Golden Lotus and they have a great little lunch menu that you can chose from right there. Although the items offered do not change often, the items are very delicious. Prices are reasonable, as well as portion size. Many items to order off menu as well for dine in or pick up. Friendly staff as well. EXCELLENT CARROT CAKE!!

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA


Biggest vegan menu I have come across in a while with a wide variety of cuisine. I ordered the wasabi soba noodles cold, however i found it a bit lacking in flavor. my partner ordered the grilled portabello mushroom over creamy polenta. He has never liked "fake" cheese (he is NOT vegan or vegetarian), and didn't enjoy the polenta for it lacked in richness and butteriness. He thought everything else tasted good. I, on the other hand thought it tasted quite good, and better than my meal! His mother ordered the Lentil loaf which she enjoyed, especially the sauteed greens. For dessert- carrot cake. EVERYONE LOVED IT.

The atmosphere is very open, and semi-modern. We went in the winter and for some reason they left the back door open...very chilly.

The only major con- parking.

719 E Genesee St, Syracuse, USA

My Default...

Upon relocating to the CNY area after living in the San Francisco Bay area, I knew I would be missing one thing- the fabulous vegan restaurants. Enter- Strong Hearts. While I am used to the variety on the menus of restaurants in the Bay Area, Strong Hearts does a good job at covering the basics. I've tasted just about everything on the menu, and find everything to be satisfactory except the Egg "Trick" muffin. Lacked in flavor, and was kind of pricy for size. I didn't even finish it due to disappointment. The Soba Noodle salad is delightful, although the first time I ordered it, they forgot to include the sesame seeds. My non-veg friend loves the "chicken" ceasar, and after tasting hers I can see why, the dressing is delicious as are the strips of "chicken." If seeking a comfort food, try the Deluxe PB & J, or pancakes- taste buds will be elated, stomach will be full- so bring a gurney! The milkshakes are scrumptious, especially the pumpkin. On Fridays they serve only pizza, and it is great. Although they don't make their own dough, the pizza is still tasty. Hit the spot after a long night of drinking in Armory Square!

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