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1620 St. Michaels Dr, Santa Fe, USA

A Good Reason to go to Santa Fe

11 Oct 2012

One of the many reasons we like to make the drive from Taos to Santa Fe regularly is to have lunch at Annapurna's. The food is consistently good, always comforting, and always vegan (with the exception of paneer in a very few dishes). The atmosphere is relaxed, casual, and pretty, and the staff is always friendly. For vegans and vegetarians traveling in New Mexico, Annapurna's is a safe haven, not to be missed.

106 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, USA

Graham's Grille is for Vegans Too!

06 Mar 2012

Being vegan in Taos is no easy thing. Most of the time we cook at home, because New Mexico in general tends to be pretty... meaty. But there are a few bright spots for vegans and vegetarians on the Taos restaurant scene, and Graham's Grille is one of them.

While they do serve plenty of meat and dairy, many menu items are clearly marked as vegetarian (V), vegan (VGN), or gluten free (GF). Vegetarians who eat cheese have considerably more to choose from that vegans do, but the staff and kitchen are more than happy to veganize dishes where possible. Often it's as simple as leaving off the cheese, or substituting tofu for meat.

We ducked in for lunch recently, on a windy, snowy day, and were instantly cheered by the modern, inviting atmosphere, and hot pots of Mighty Leaf tea, which we poured into the most perfectly elegant handle-free cups ever, made by LunaGarcia.com.

Graham's is open seven days a week, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The lunch menu consists of Starters, Small Plates, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, New Mexican Specialties, and Burgers. We started with the Mediterranean Vegetable Saganaki ($6.50), which is a small cast iron skillet filled with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, red bell peppers, capers, kalamata olives, and spinach in a wonderful garlic-y sauce. It comes with whole wheat pita, and we had them hold the feta. It was rich and delicious, and we almost asked for more pita to sop up the sauce.

Admittedly, vegan options are not as numerous as we'd like, but both the Asian Chicken Wrap ($6.75) and the Asian Chicken Salad (small $9, large $13) were easy to veganize by subbing tofu for the chicken, so that's what we did. They're basically the same dish, but the salad gives you more veggies, while the wrap provides the comfort of a nice soft flour tortilla. Both are a crunchy blend of fresh cabbage, carrots, celery, and orange slices (real, not canned), with salty-sweet candied peanuts, tofu, and a nice teriyaki-style sauce. We liked both, but decided the salad was our favorite, simply because we prefer veggies to bread most of the time.

When you open the menu at Graham's, dessert is the first thing listed. Smart people! We splurged on a house-made mixed berry sorbet, which was the perfect finish to a delightful lunch.

Also of note: Bottles of Cholula and Pickapeppa sauces are on each table, which discerning Taoseños find very important, but we found no need for on any of the perfectly seasoned dishes we tried. The prices are very rea

1722 D Saint Michael's Dr, Santa Fe, USA

Beautifully Raw in Santa Fe

11 Oct 2012

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment. To vegans and vegetarians, it can also be the land of meat. Mama Pacha does much to bring the enchantment back to eating for those of us who are plant-based and looking for a good meal. All of the food is carefully, lovingly prepared, and it's as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to eat. Be sure to save room for dessert!

4140 State Rd 68, Taos, USA

Great New Vegan Options at Old Martina's Hall

15 Oct 2012

Martina's recently opened in a beautifully renovated historic building, which was once known as "Old Martinez Hall." Martina Gebhardt, the owner, has spared no expense in reviving this wonderful space. It's truly one of the most beautiful old adobe structures in the area. Reviews from all my friends give it a big thumbs up in all areas. Good food, good service, good prices, beer and wine, a gorgeously decadent dessert case, and a generally wonderful new place to hang out at the south end of town.

What I'm most pleased with are the clearly marked raw, vegan, and vegetarian items on the menu. This is a big step for a Taos business, and one that not many bother to take, so I plan to become a regular!

On our first visit, our server was more than happy to ferry our questions to the chef, and we were able to piece together two delightful vegan meals. The breakfast burrito was filled with potatoes, black beans, and vegetables, and smothered with a delicious green chile. The veggie burger was house-made, and served on a gluten free bun, with sautéed veggies in place of the cheese.

The following week we went for lunch, and ordered straight off the menu. We had the Walnut Pesto Organic Zucchini Spiral Salad ($8.75), and the Raw Marinated Miso Portabella Mushroom Salad ($8.75), along with a side order of black beans, potatoes, and green chile ($5.50). Again the service was attentive, and the food beautifully presented and delicious. The manager assured us that there are plans to add to the vegan menu, as well as to open for dinner and events soon.

Martina's is the perfect place to go with a mixed group of eaters. They're eager to make everyone happy, and so far, they're doing a great job. They're open for breakfast and lunch now, and will soon be open for dinner and events too. We're looking forward to more from Martina's!

703 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Taos, USA

Veg-Friendly in Taos

15 Feb 2012

Song's is one of the few veg-friendly restaurants in Taos, with an entire page of vegetarian options that can be easily veganized, such as leaving the egg out of the Pad Thai with Tofu. The veggies are always fresh and perfectly prepared, and brown rice is usually available.

For lunch the other day, we ordered the Vietnam Roll (veggies in rice paper - 2 for $3.95), Seaweed Salad from the sushi bar (my favorite), Family Tofu (veggies and tofu in a spicy garlic sauce - $5.95 on the lunch menu), Tai Tofu (a wonderful red curry - $8.50 off the dinner menu), and brown rice. Everything was delicious, and although we took some of it home with us, we also ordered the Sesame Balls (sweet red bean paste in rice flour dough, rolled in sesame seeds and lightly deep fried. 6 for $3) for dessert. A wonderful little treat to go with the rest of our jasmine tea.

Service at Song's is always friendly, if sometimes a little bit slow, and it seems the husband/wife owners are always there, and happy to accommodate my strange vegan requests. Be aware of possible language barriers with some of the servers though, and be sure to ask clearly for exactly what you want.

My only complaint would be about the restroom. The building is old, and the bathroom is in serious need of updating. The sink was clean however, and there was soap and plenty of paper towels. I suspect it's a landlord issue rather than neglect on the restaurant owners' part.

Song's is a favorite of Taos locals who are in need of something other than southwest fare. Situated in a strange, glass fronted building across the street from Albertson's, it's easy for visitors to overlook. But if you venture in, you'll find some of the best Asian food in town. It's a nice break from all the "red or green" you normally find on a trip to New Mexico.

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