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1 Main St, Chester, USA

So good & so healthy

18 Aug 2013

Everything is organic, it's only food, and it's all so good and good for you! I have a frequent juicer card here, so I get a lot of juices and smoothies. I have my favorites but also branch out and try her specials at times. I've had her chocolate a few times and it's good. However, one time I had it the very day she made it, and oh my goodness, freshly made raw chocolate is out of this world!! (note: she does use honey in most of her chocolates) I've also had her vegan ice cream -- very good. The prices are high but there is a lot to consider with that. I believe in getting healthy & delicious food for my money. And if a 16oz $11 organic juice is my lunch for the day, then my mind & body have been perfectly nourished and it was worth it -- but I wouldn't do that every day, although I wish I could!

6 Main St, Chester, USA

Incredible fine dining

18 Aug 2013

I'm ecstatic that this restaurant is close by! They have everything a foodie could want: local, organic, vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free, healthy and a talented chef. I do wish the atmosphere were more laid back, but I've been there many times now and have gotten used to it. I am also a big fan of ION in Middletown, but after Six Main opened, in my opinion, ION is fast food and Six Main is fine dining. Some people prefer to eat not-so-healthy when they eat out, but as for me, I want healthy & delicious food for my money. I've ordered a wide variety from the menu since they've been open and have loved each & every dish. I love Six Main so much that I had them cater my 40th birthday party. All of my friends (vegan and not) loved the food at my party. To correct another reviewer's comments about their menu, the menu does state, "All menu items are vegan unless dairy is indicated." Some menu items are also gluten-free. I order take-out more often than I dine in. Many times while there picking up my food I've witnessed walk-in diners being shocked that the place is packed and bustling with no open tables, so make a reservation or you'll have to wait.

1 Main St, Chester, USA

Fun, funky, friendly and community-driven

18 Aug 2013

I've been a member of the co-op since it opened, and I absolutely love the fun, funky and friendly vibe at the co-op. As a local, I run into at least one friend every time I'm there & I love that. Transitioning to a co-op mindset personally took a little time for me, but it went hand-in-hand with my belief to support local businesses. I avoid big box & chain stores as much as possible. I prefer my money to be invested back into my community. The co-op carries all sorts of foods from local farmers/artisans/bakers/etc. If I need something they don't have, they will order it for me. The buying club is great for the foods I go through fast. The variety is ever-changing and includes: organic (and mostly local) produce, bulk foods, fresh breads/baked goods, sweets/snacks/bars, health & beauty, vitamins/supplements, baby & pet items, cleaning supplies, frozen foods, dairy-free milks & cheese, coffee/tea/juices, cold single-serve beverages, local eggs/milk/cheese/seafood/meats, cereal/oatmeal, nut butters, baking foods, gluten-free foods, reusable beverage & food containers, t-shirts, local artist CDs and more. They have pretend food & a shopping cart for kids to play with while you shop. It's tight inside, but a (single) jogging or umbrella stroller can navigate fine. The street parking is tough during lunch times (11:30am to about 2pm), but the public parking on Water St is roughly 2 "blocks" away. I've learned to shop outside of the lunch times, so parking doesn't take away from my overall rating. Produce that is on it's way out gets greatly discounted -- sometime you can get lucky and score big on organic fruit or veggies that you're willing to use or freeze that day :-)

940 Boston Post Rd, Old Saybrook, USA

Nice that it's there, but not my favorite place

18 Aug 2013

The first handful of times I went here, I kept trying to like the store but kept being put off by it. If you need help finding something, they can be very helpful. But otherwise, the staff is smug and very unfriendly. I do go back maybe every couple of months to check out the new vegan and gluten-free items. If I find something I really like, I'll ask my food co-op to order it for me after that. Foodworks II moved to a larger location, is very spacious & airy now, and increased their prices a lot on some items. Parking is easier. I haven't tried out their new juice bar. They carry organic seeds & started plants in the Spring.

606 Main St, Middletown, USA

Fun place, decent food

22 Aug 2013

For a few years, ION was my favorite veg/vegan restaurant. I love the laid-back and funky atmosphere, the holidays lights hung around the windows and then piled into glass jars on the windowsill, the chalkboard-top tables for my kids, the fun things to look at while dining on the deck, and all of the various artwork from local artists. I enjoyed the food for the longest time too. But then Six Main in Chester opened and I now view ION's food as veg/vegan "fast food". I still love being at ION, but I don't enjoy the food like I used to. I would consider the waitstaff to be polite, but quiet & reserved. Sometimes the service can be slow, but it has been rare in my experiences.

575 Main St, Middletown, USA

Nice selection, unhelpful & unfriendly staff

22 Aug 2013

I shopped at their current and former location just a few times when I began my slow transition from conventional grocery stores to markets such as ION. I was impressed with their selection (at both locations), had sticker shock as it was my first time in a natural foods store, and was put off by the unhelpful and unfriendly staff. They couldn't be bothered to greet me with a smile or acknowledge I was there, but they were bothered to assist me find items, and I wasn't there during busy times. Needless to say, I haven't been back in quite some time and won't return, especially now that I have natural foods stores/co-ops closer to home.

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