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507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Will go back.

09 Jul 2008

I liked Blossom, too. A good variety on the menu which would make me go back to try more. Great to have fresh juices and the juice guy was willing to go with customer requests that were not on the menu. Portions seemed a little small, and if you're looking for some simple veggies you won't get it here.

18 East 23 St, New York City, USA

My favorite, least pretentious raw food resto

09 Jul 2008

The thing I like most about bonobo's are the fresh/raw veggie entrees. Definitely one of the best tasting raw places in the city, and I like the simplicity of going without table service. I think a lot of vegetarian restaurants forget that the basis of the diet should be VEGETABLES, and instead try to make everything a non meat version of a traditional meat dish , rather than making the most out of the flavors of vegetables.

2291 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York City, USA

so-so and maybe not even that

18 Jul 2007

While it's an improvement over most fare above 125th Street, it doesn't compare well with most vegetarian places in the city. Some of the food was clearly processed and was either canned or frozen. And what did seem to be prepared in the kitchen wasn't very good. When I go out I expect the food to be at least as good as I what I could prepare myself. I asked about the dessert and was told they were vegan - I would bet my savings that the cake placed in front of me came was a Pepperidge Farm frozen cake (I've had a few of them in my time) If you want some simple vegetables you might be better off going to the soul food restaurants for some collards, cabbage or cornbread. The vegatarian refers more to the fact that they have some meat substitutes rather than a menu that shows a commitment to healthly and well-balanced meals with a vareity of vegetables, beans, etc. Sure sweet potatoes are veggie, but when you load them with sugar...A step in the right direction, but they need to go further.

18 W 45th St, New York City, USA

Delish but pricey raw foods

16 Jul 2008

So far the best I've tried so far is "salad" bar, which has a combo of raw food items and some fish and meats. Raw pizza, raw lasagna, raw taco, a raw thai wrap, etc., that are all really tasty. the vegan desserts are good. The shakes aren't bad, maybe a little too interesting. They run out of salad bar items fast, and the price is steep - $28 for lunch.

125 1/2 E 17th St, New York City, USA


18 Aug 2009

I love they're desserts, especially the non-dairy ice creams but they're prices are shockingly expensive. i'm used to paying a lot for my food, and it's not that I don't appreciate what goes into making this kind of food, but when they rang me up I thought they made a mistake and then shamefully had to take some things off the list. I think a pint of ice cream is $16. some individual small deserts are $12 and $16. As high as their prices are they really should be posted out of respect for the customer.

54 Irving Place, New York City, USA

To consider before you go...

18 Aug 2009

I think Pure Food and Wine is good and to be experienced at least once, but I think for those looking at a review deciding whether or not to go, it's not whether or not to try it ever, but you should just ask yourself what your in the mood for at that moment. It's interesting that the raw food restaurants I've been to--Bonobo's, Pure Food and Wine, Raw Soul, Blossom, among others--are all quite different. This is like high end, gourmet raw food, and I think in the same way that "regular" gourmet can be too rich and not hit the spot when you're in the mood for something simple, Pure Food and Wine might not hit the spot if you just want a salad, or some steamed cooked veggies, or some faux meat dish. My only other thing was I don't know that I felt it was worth the price. It felt like I was paying more for the atmosphere and the cache rather than for the food.

841 Broadway, New York City, USA

Let's keep little gems like this alive!

18 Aug 2009

the cafe was closed for a while, and I'm so glad it's back. It's healthy food, served and prepared with love. Simple and a great place to go if you want something low key or don't want to or can't spend the extra for wait service. the desserts are just OK to my mind - though pretty huge, but I love their smoothies, the dressings on the salads are delish. and it's a great healthy yoga atmosphere to eat in.

2053 8th Ave, New York City, USA

One of few true health food joints in Harlem

19 Feb 2008

Very good selection of foods; nothing you can't get elsewhere, but there's no comparable store in that area. Nice, friendly and helpful staff. the homemade foods are quite good and not too expensive. As with most health food stores, some itmes cost a lot more than i've seen elsewhere, and some items cost less.

28 E 13th St, New York City, USA

go back again and again

17 Dec 2008

Souen is one of my favorite restaurants. and probably my favorite macro places. Very comfortable and feel welcome there, and love that it's often busy. A New York classic. I do need to try some new dishes but some things are so delish I get them again and agin. They have such a huge selection, and it's often overwhelming to choose with all of their daily specials.

1700 S Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach, USA

Still think about it in NYC

06 Jun 2007

Went to Green Temple on a visit to CA - I actually looked it up on Happy Cow before going. Lovely spot and seemed really peaceful, food was great. If I lived there I would definitely be a regular. Big portions and one of the dressings/sauces is among the best I've ever had. Shockingly clean bathroom.

835 2nd Ave, New York City, USA

Great place near Grand Central

23 Jan 2009

This is a kind of old school place that we are unfortunatlely losing. Health food, well stocked supplements, lifestyle items, a small produce section, and a to-go lunch counter with home made soups, sandwiches, and hot food. I had a red lentil veggie soup that was simple but delicious with huge chunks of zucchini and squash. Some of the aisle foods seem a bit overpriced to me, but it's probably a combination of the rent and the fact that it's small store not buying in massive quantities.

911 8th Ave, New York City, USA

support small business

17 Dec 2008

Hi, I love Westerly - it's a great alternative to whole foods, with the same food at better prices. and it's got a wide variety of health foods from different disciplines, from raw food, to macro food, to vegan food, to food for people who juice, etc. Sometimes I think the selection of packaged food is better than Fairway - and I always find this so with the organic produce. things actually go on sale there, too. It's a small but densely packed store.

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