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146 Bui Thi Xuan, Da Lat, Vietnam

Hearty cheap food, usual eatery style

12 Dec 2013

This is a no-frills, locals vegetarian eatery. The food was good, a few options including rice and buffet veg/tofus (a lot of mock meats), noodle soups, potato soups etc. No yoghurt around as stated before, though maybe just not available in the evening.

We ate a curry soup, one with a baguette and one with a generous plate of rice (VND 45000 total).

Staff were super friendly, and very helpful. They spoke a little English, there is no English menu, but it's not a problem because you can point at what you want to eat and they'll serve it up.

The neighbouring club opposite had a very loud DJ with some heavy beats going on in the eatery, which made a strange atmosphere!

Calle E Norte, David, Panama


05 Mar 2015

We were in David in January 2015. We found the place on lunch time but it was closed. The place was boarded up and there were no chairs, tables or anything inside. Looked kind of derelict, and like it hasn't been open for quite a while!

Beera Meiselsa 11, Krakow, Poland

Quirky place, good food

02 Mar 2014

Really friendly staff translated their new menu to English for us as they've not printed a new English one yet. Ate a rice and dried cranberry dish served inside red cabbage, whilst my partner had the pumpkin burger. Both were a good size portion for lunch. Also had a strawberry smoothie and a red lemon juice. Total cost for 2 people was 45zl (£9).

Decor was very quirky and fun, tyres for seats, crates for tables, old records for placemats etc.

ul. Krupnicza 22, Krakow, Poland

Nutritious food, super fast

02 Mar 2014

Ate a very good, quick dinner here. I ate the Bengali curry with buckwheat which came on a really large plate with a heap of shredded carrot, red cabbage/beetroot and cabbage salad. My partner had the pierogi (Polish dumplings) filled with courgette and mushroom; they were baked, tasted delicious, but unfortunately didn't come with any salads, although you do get 8 of them.

Would definitely recommend for healthy, safe, quick veggie food. It also caters for vegans and gluten free.

It feels a bit over decorated, very fancy wallpaper, fresh turquoise colours and bright whites.

62 Phan Dinh Phung, Da Lat, Vietnam

Expensive for what it is

11 Dec 2013

Prices were quite expensive for Vietnam - cheapest at 35000 VND for a plate of veg, and then progressively higher for rice and noodles. You can't really order a main dish, so for 2 people it would work out quite expensive to get 4 things for a whole meal. In a lot of Veg restaurants in Vietnam you can get a simple main of white rice + veg, or pho for around 15000 VND.

Ordered bok choy and mushrooms (good) and water spinach with ginger (turned out to also be boy choy and without much ginger). We ate a glutionous rice dumpling wrapped in a banana leaf from the take-away stand out the front too (8000 VND each) as this was much better value!

17 Huynh Thuc Khang Phuong 4, TP, Da Lat, Vietnam

Good, healthy veg food

11 Dec 2013

Good menu, although some of the translations are a bit strange. Healthy food, as well as fried foods can be ordered. Lots of veg and rice options, as well as noodles, and soups.

The restaurant was very quiet though, on approach we thought it was closed but there was one guy shuffling around inside who was reluctant (in a shy way) to take our order. Was strange but kind of nice to have a whole big restaurant all to ourselves - was peaceful for reading. Food was good and moderate price. 40,000 VND for white rice and veg dish.

20 Park St, Weymouth, England

Friendly family-run place with good food

28 Feb 2015

We stumbled across this lovely little veggie cafe by chance and were so glad we did! The place is run by a very friendly vegetarian family. There are options for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free eaters, though many of them do come with bread (GF bread available). The falafel was delicious, would highly recommend! Definitely check this spot out :)

15B Huynh Thuc Khang, Ham Tien, Mui Ne, Vietnam

Friendly people, not so great food

17 Dec 2013

A busy little place as it seems to be the only veg eatery in Mui Ne. The owner was really friendly, speaks next to no English - he just indicates 'rice' and buffet or 'noodle soup'. We both had a rice and whatever was on the buffet, but there was a lot of strange colours and flavours, some bright yellow bamboo, overcooked greens, and bright red tofu and mock-meat. Was average. I think the noodle soup or sushi would be better options. Meal was cheap, only VND 20,000 for rice and buffet selection.

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