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167 Cuba Street, Wellington

Great selection

08 Sep 2011

I love how vegan friendly this place is. They have so much to choose from which I love, but I've never been really wowed by the food. I'd like a bit for flavor. I'm not much for things that are deep fried as well so I don't go too often. I think the prices are a little bit steeper then they need to be. Some times I really get a craving for this place though.

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA


17 Oct 2009

Went here with a big group to benefit farm sanctuary. It was my first time. The food knocked my socks off. We had the Melbec wine which was so good. I had potato leek soup which was also delicious. Then my entree came... I had gotten hickory smoked tempeh which came with collards greens, fingerling potatoes and a "cream" sauce. It was the best meal I ever had. I was in food heaven. The desert was eh. I had a bite of all of them and the chocolate gnache was probably best. The service was really great.

Shop 9A/26 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Vegan heaven

09 Jun 2013

This place surpassed my already high expectations. We've had a couple of the burgers, tijuana hot dog, onion rings, jalopeno poppers and fries. The least impressive thing on the menu is the fries, ironically. They are fine, however, everything else is just amazing. I love the extras, like the vegan sour cream and cheese. Oh ourse it's not very healthy, but it's great to indulge. At this location, the guy at the counter was great and juggled the many orders flawlessly and we got our large order very quick.

47 7th Av S, New York City, USA

Mmm... vegan junk food

17 Oct 2009

I went with a big group here. The food was good, if you don't mind being unhealthy. Once in a while though, even vegans need some good ol' friend food. The service on the other hand wasn't too great. The guy was not friendly and when someone would ask if they could have something a certain way he'd say "no" with no explanation. Now, I've only been there once so it could just be this one waiter or maybe he was having a bad day.

22 Smith St, Collingwood

Wish I had a place like close to home

09 Jun 2013

The place has a nice, small cafe feel to it. We came for dinner and got a smoky BBQ chicken pizza (a special), quesadilla, and chips with 3 dips. The pizza was fantastic and the quesadilla had everything you would want in it. Not having normal cheese it didn't stick together as quesadillas do so it was a bit messy, but didn't matter to me as it was delicious. The chips were absolutely perfect, with the skins on and nice and crispy. The dijonase sauce was my favorite. Haven't had any since going vegan many years ago and it was just like I remember. Ended it was a vanilla and strawberry cupcake which was a nice finish.

178 Cuba Street, Wellington

My go to place

08 Sep 2011

I love this place. I'm fortunate to live just around the corner. The vegan nachos are to die for. It's the vegan mayo that makes them (which they use on a lot of other things too). The tofu gangster burger is the other thing I get from the kitchen. Ordering from the kitchen can take some time, but the portions are huge. The small nachos is plenty for two people and the large about 4. The food that's ready is really great too. The Vegan Turkish Sammie is delicious, as are tofu bunz. They usually have a good selection of deserts include vegan chocolate cake. Great selection of drinks from smoothies, to juices, to shakes and of course coffee.
If can be quite loud and difficult to have a conversation and some of the seats are awkward (people standing over you waiting online or very narrow booth seats) but the food more then makes up for it.

120 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington

Good for a quick lunch

08 Sep 2011

I liked this place as soon as I walked in the door. It's a hip little cafe. I was pleased with the selection in the case. The vegan food is clearly marked and most of it was. I got a giant samosa and salad and my partner got a stuffed potato. It was filling and tasty. The lady behind the counter was very friendly and pleasant. Prices were inexpensive.

164 Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington

Nothing special

08 Sep 2011

I was quite disappointed with this place. The back page is vegetarian, but nothing marked vegan. When I asked about starters first she said they were all ok, and then changed to "oh wait, they have eggs". She only pointed out one, the spring rolls. They were so oily I had to pad them down with my napkin which after on roll was saturated. The mains where just ok. Not much flavor, again not a great vegan selection. It was quite expensive as well.

234 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

So disappointed

09 Jun 2013

I was so looking forward to this place as Mexican food is my favorite. The first time we tried it was so packed that we had to go somewhere else. The next day we decided to go at an odd time to avoid the crowd and get a seat. We were there at 5:15 and there were still no tables. Someone got up and we were very close to the kitchen. It was really loud.
We got our margaritas first, which were great. VERY strong, which I was happy with. Then the food. They got one of the orders wrong (black bean tacos instead of tofu) but we didn't complain as we didn't want to wait longer. It was all kind of bland. I could have popped open a can of beans and tossed some toppings on at home in about 5 minutes and get a similar result. The taco meal wasn't very filling and we were left wanting more.
All and all, it was just ok.

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