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Watch: Ireland Vegan Scene At Dublin Vegfest 2017

Dublin Vegfest 2017

HappyCow’s Ken Spector traveled to Dublin, Ireland, checked out the vegan scene, and attended and spoke at Dublin Vegfest in Dublin, Ireland on September 23+24, 2017.

Ken interviewed two Irish vegans who discussed highlights from the event and provided exclusive insider vegan tips. Vegan celebrities such as strongman Patrik Baboumian attended and spoke at the event.

Below is our video containing interviews and highlights:

For more information see: http://dublinvegfest.com

Watch our video here:

Veg Restaurants featured in video:

Soya Vegan Butcher in Dublin, Ireland

Veganity in Dublin, Ireland

143 V in Cork, Ireland

My Goodness in Cork, Ireland

Special Thanks to the event coordinator, Pears Hussey, and to the two women Ken interviewed in the video, Dearbhla Mitchell and Tamasin MacCarthy Morrogh.

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