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Kyiv Vegan Boom – HappyCow Hits Kiev Vegan Event in Ukraine

Kyiv Vegan Boom, Kiev Ukraine

Team HappyCow was recently in on a European vegan speaking tour, and one of the destinations was Kyiv, Ukraine – a city that is relatively new to the vegan scene, but growing. Kiev Vegan Boom!

Below is our video containing vegan insider impressions, tips and restaurant picks shot in Kiev, Ukraine on May 14th and 15, 2016 at an event HappyCow co-promoted with Rudolf Krajewski (Vegano Hooligano) and his team called Kyiv Vegan Boom.

Join HappyCow’s Ken Spector as he interviews some attendees of the event, and he speaks with Rudolf Krajewski, the founder and organizer of Kyiv Vegan Boom, and the owner of his Vegano Hooligano vegan restaurant chain.

The next Kyiv Vegan Boom will take place on September 15 and 16th at Lavra Gallery again.

For more information see: http://kyivvegan.org.ua/

Watch our video here:

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