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Just a Pack’s Vegan Travel Tips for Paris

Vegan Travel Tips for ParisBeing vegan in Paris doesn’t sound like an easy thing. What with the legendary cheese, croissants, and steak frites. But don’t despair, there is plenty to eat in Paris on a vegan diet.  Here are Just a Pack’s tips for being vegan in Paris, France.

Luckily one of the symbols of French food, and the god of bread worldwide is the baguette. This masterpiece is crusty yet chewy, simple yet complex, and basically the stuff of dreams. When in Paris, they are available at any boulangerie you might pass on the street and there are probably thousands of them. Slice up some vine ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and red leaf lettuce and you have a sandwich for a lunch time picnic in any one of Paris’s breathtaking parks. But lunch isn’t the only meal this versatile bread can be used for. Pick one up at the local shop in the morning while it’s fresh and still warm. Pair with a pot of raspberry jam and coffee and you have a lovely petit dejeuner. In my opinion the baguette is nothing short of a man made miracle, so versatile and so delicious.

One of my favorite things about France, and many places in Europe, is that there are still stores that specialize in one thing and do it exceptionally well, including produce shops. They dot the streets of neighborhoods in Paris and have a bounty of gorgeous goodies on display. Fresh strawberries, raspberries, cherries all enticing you with their sweet aroma as you stroll by. An invitation I never deny and one my stomach is happy to accept. The possibilities for fresh and healthy meals these stores offer are endless.

Vegan Travel Tips for Paris

Tuileries Garden

In addition to the aforementioned self service meals, there are options for eating out or on the run in Paris for vegans. One that takes almost no effort to find is the falafel. Yes, I know the falafel is an old fallback, the fast food of the vegan world. Even so I had what was the best falafel of my life in Paris at Chez le Libanais. A place I found while walking down one of the many touristy streets of Paris. A sort of treasure amongst crepe shops and bad fast food establishments. In addition to the falafel on offer Chez le Libanais has a large vegetarian menu. I also have it on good authority from a local Parisian that L’as du Falafel near Hôtel de Ville is thought to have some of the best falafel in the world. No matter how many of these fritters you may have consumed in your life, you really shouldn’t pass them up while visiting Paris.

Before I became vegetarian, I loved hamburgers, so naturally one of my favorite treats is a delicious vegan hamburger. Thanks to HappyCow I discovered Hank Restaurant, a vegan burger spot with a small menu of five varieties of burgers, vegan cheese, gluten free bread. and fries. It’s an adorable little restaurant with modern decor and yummy filling burgers. A great find and just one of the many listings for delicious vegan food in Paris on HappyCow.

Being vegan in Paris isn’t quite as difficult as you might think at first. With a nice selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, DIY picnics, delectable produce, baguettes, and a little time and planning you won’t be left hungry or unsatisfied at the end of your trip.

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