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Vegan Deliciousness in LAX – Real Food Daily – Terminal 4

 Major congratulations to Ann Gentry & the team at Real Food Daily!

25 years of preparing delicious vegan dishes and now………


– just tweeted

We opened up the first organic, #plantbased restaurant in any airport TODAY with my Real Food Daily at Los…

RFD4Ann – ~ Check me out with our first customer, American Airlines pilot, Clark…The airline version of Mr. Kent! ~


Officially in biz at LAX American Airlines TODAY!

Cheers to our opening next time you take that ginger shot!


You best believe it! We are now serving fresh #organicjuice at RFD LAX! #realfooddaily #LAX#AmericanAirlines


Read Ann’s  2011 interview with HappyCow  –

Excerpt – 

Q) Do you have any advice for those wanting to start a vegetarian/vegan restaurant?

Ann’s response – You’d best have a strong work ethic, your communication skills need to be developed, a good sense of humor, attention to detail, patience and perseverance. You’ll need funding and location, location is everything.


Real Food Daily on HappyCow  

Santa Monica –

West Hollywood –

Pasadena –

LAX – Terminal 4 –

From their page on Facebook

Real Food Daily is Southern California’s premiere organic vegan restaurant serving a quality, authentic, creative, and nutritionally balanced menu. Since 1988, RFD has been a cherished destination where community happens around education, connection and hospitality, over delicious, accessible food that’s real.

Also, Real Food Daily is featured in
The HappyCow Cookbook:  Recipes from Top-Rated Vegan Restaurants around the World

(pre-sale now, release date May/June 2014)


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