Unity – Not The Same, But Equal

Shaun Monson, the creative mind behind the acclaimed production “Earthlings”, brings out the much anticipated “sequel” “Unity”, a documentary about the unifying power of consciousness that exists in us all. At the core of the movie is a powerful message, namely that there is hope for man to evolve from his primal mindset to a spiritual, enlightened state of mind where he is able to understand and have empathy for all earthlings. And as we see more and more people fighting for animals, the environment, and human rights, the documentary reinforces the very promising idea that we are experiencing the beginning of a new branch of human evolution, where man awakens and is no longer ruled by the ego, power, territoriality, and material possessions, but rather by compassion and a desire to live in harmony with the planet.

Unity – Not The Same, But Equal

In this very powerful production narrated by 100 acclaimed actors, amongst them Joaquin Phoenix, Geoffrey Rush, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Pamela Anderson, and Casey Affleck, four “chapters” are covered: mind, body, heart, and soul. Through compelling imagery, and a powerful narrative we are reminded that we cannot truly evolve as long as our mind is clouded by our ego and our desire for power, or as long as we disrespect our body by eating foods that poison rather than nourish. We will also never really understand the meaning of love until we let all our actions be guided by compassion, and we will never feel spiritually enlightened until we change our perception and accept that all beings deserve moral consideration, from the animal companions we share our homes with to the fish in the sea. Many of us have forgotten that the planet does not revolve around us, and this documentary is a welcome reminder.

Unity – Not The Same, But Equal

Despite becoming somewhat poetic towards the end and slightly losing its depth, “Unity” is without doubt a powerful, thought provoking piece. Having said that, it does feel as though Monson is preaching to the converted. I don’t see my meat eating friends questioning their choices after watching this documentary. However, what I can say for myself, is that even after living vegan for the past 3 years, this movie has touched me, and it has reconfirmed my belief that the path I am following is not only the right one, but the only way forward if we wish to evolve and prosper. Perhaps that was Monson’s intention all along, not to open the eyes of those who live in denial, but to encourage those of us already on this path to stay the course, because even though it might not seem so at first, things are undoubtedly changing for the better. Well done Shaun Monson for creating yet another compelling production that will get people thinking, talking, and hopefully acting.

Watch the trailer HERE or below, and get tickets HERE.


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